Lamia Pathsways 5a

You don’t really remember anything about lamias, but you don’t want to be bothered tonight anyway. She leans into your face, and though her bright, soft face is pretty and her fetching smile is almost catching, you huff your frown deeper and shove her out of your personal space, her face screwed in a bewildered frown.

“Oh, go away and leave me alone,” you say. Any other night you might have been curious, but tonight you’re too upset and too busy trying to think of a way to stay in the jungle. It’s not like there’s going to be one looking you right in the face.

Down the branch Bagheera groans. “Oh, that’s just what I should do, but, I’m not.” With a tired sigh he adds, “Oh, now, please go to sleep, human.”

It seems Bagheera thought you were talking to him. You don’t want him to go away, do you? Well, maybe. If not, perhaps you should say you weren’t talking to him, lest he think you were just that upset with him.

It seems you forget about the lamia for now. But do you tell Bagheera you didn’t mean him?

-27a No
-27b Yes