Lamia Pathsways 6b

This lamia is invading your personal space, and to show you’re not going to take it you push her away and tell her, “Go away and leave me alone.”

That should make her go away. Nobody wants to hang around a rude person. Unless they have a way to make you not be rude anymore . . .

Actually, the lamia comes back anyway. You need to up the charm—I mean, rudeness. You sit up and again tell her to go away. “I’m not in the mood, and I don’t trust lamias.”

“Aw, you can trust me,” the lamia says with a smirk. “I know exactly how to put you in the mood.” You find your eyes widen as a glow comes from her eyes, full color filling it followed by another, and another, beautiful light shining from her eyes. It’s hard to stop staring, but you don’t really want to anyway, it’s so pretty. “Don’t worry, I am your friend. Please, just go to sleep . . .”

You sway with the lamia as she croons to you. She’s so friendly and polite, you can’t believe how rude you were before, yet now she’s giving you such a delightful light show. Your head feels slow and heavy as if it’s being filled with something, but that’s not a problem compared to how soothed and warm the colors make you feel.

“Please,” the lamia says, “look at me . . .”

One of those words sparks a memory in you. At? Me? Look? Look. Look into her eyes, yes. No, no, there was a warning, something you forgot. Something Bagheera told you once. He told you about lamias, didn’t he? He said you shouldn’t look at them. But she asked so nicely for you to look at her. Maybe you should mention it, tell her you’re not sure.

“But . . .” Your mouth hangs agape, and it’s difficult to speak as if your mouth is full of stuffing. “But I’ve—was told not to look at a, a lamia . . .”

“Aw, you’re not going to look away, are you?” She holds your limp hands in front of you. Her head rotates and you follow with no particular effort to stop looking. “Not yet, please. Look at me for a little bit longer. Just a little peek?” She grins deeply and whispers, “Nobody has to know.”

Something doesn’t seem right about this. The lamia is still polite, and her eyes are so pretty, but Bagheera warned you about this. Maybe it’s okay, but—maybe you should find out why you shouldn’t look at a lamia. You try to turn towards Bagheera behind the lamia, but your gaze never leaves her eyes. You falter at first but then call out Bagheera’s name; before you get another word out the lamia moves to block your view of him.

“Don’t worry about him,” she says, leaning closer so she fills your sight. “Bagheera won’t notice if you stay quiet.” She nods, and you nod along. “Yes, as long as you stay silent and still he won’t catch you looking at a lamia.”

Something about that doesn’t sound right, but it’s obviously true—if you stay silent Bagheera won’t notice you’re looking at the lamia. Is that what you want? Was it a rule you’re breaking? The lamia runs her hands along the sides of your head and you shiver; it doesn’t matter if it’s a rule, you just want to follow her, and if Bagheera sees he might stop you. Best to stay quiet and enjoy the lamia’s beauty as she sways your mind and body under her power.

“Just relax,” she says, tickling her fingers through your hair. “Follow my eyes, you know you want to.” She leans closer so your foreheads nearly touch. “Just remember to stay perfectly silent and still so Bagheera doesn’t find out you’re staring deeply into a lamia’s eyes.”

Yes . . . you must stay quiet. You mustn’t make a sound or you might be caught in your little guilty pleasure gazing into this beautiful lamia’s eyes. You know you aren’t supposed to, but her eyes are so stunning, you’ve never felt such pleasure coursing through you. She laughs, and you give a faint giggle that intensifies as soft, cool scales trail around your thighs and encircle your hips.

“Stay nice and tranquil,” the lamia says, “and as long as you don’t utter a sound Bagheera will never catch you letting yourself be hypnotized, you naughty little human.”

You give a long, quivering sigh. It doesn’t really matter if you look into her eyes or not now, all you can see are her compelling, enticing colors swirling around you. The word “hypnotized” knocks on the front door of your mind, but you’re too enraptured swaying with the heavenly colors to answer. Instead her hypnotic spell puts in your mind that hypnosis merely means to fill with bliss, as that’s what she’s doing to you now. You wouldn’t speak to interrupt this for the world, particularly as the lamia takes control of your world and replaces it.

A wavy smile forms on your lips; your eyelids grow heavy, followed by the rest of your body as her hefty coils wrap around your chest. She laughs as you sink utterly into her charm, neither capable of stopping her nor comprehending of the concept, let alone desirous.

“I’ll make sure you stay utterly silent and still,” she says, her strong tail snaking over your shoulders and resting around your neck, squeezing your body and squishing your mind into her control. “As long as you never make a sound Bagheera will never notice I have you completely wrapped up, body and mind. And we don’t want that, do we?” She squeezes your cheeks in her hands and your smile stretches as widely as possible as she strokes your neck with her scaly tail.

“Yes, please stay silent, sweetie,” she says. Your sagging eyelids feel as heavy as weights but your eyes still stretch open to gaze at her and absorb as many beautiful colors as can flow into your sight. “We don’t want Bagheera to catch you under my lovely hypnotic spell, now, do we?” She giggles; you don’t make a sound, obeying her wishes to stay silent. You don’t so much as twitch, your body held tight in her thick, pliant, twisting tail muscles and your mind wrapped up in her bewitching, glamorous colors pulsating in your vision endlessly.

The outer source of the colors cease and your eyes snap shut, your mind producing no thoughts but its own internal source of swirling color bliss.

You can probably guess what happens next: you never make a sound and Bagheera never notices and the lamia, well, I’ll let you actually guess what happens next with the lamia.
But after you’re done guessing, you can check out another path if you like. Do you want to? Yes? No? Hello? Say something. Oh, right, you’re not making any sound. Well, I’ll leave the option open to you.