Lamia Pathsways 7a

Well, too bad there’s definitely nobody like that around to snuggle with you or anything!

You pull a twig off the tree and fiddle with it, something the tree doesn’t appreciate, but as it’s not a magical tree that can grow a face and spit air puffs at you no one cares. While you brood and consider your potential futures, you notice a refreshing scent in the tree. You look up at a scraping sound and turn at a lady’s voice:

“Say, now . . .” You jump—it’s not just a lady, but a lady lamia! You’ve heard tales of them but little solid or consistent, and you weren’t even sure they were real. But this lamia before you is certainly real and certainly beautiful, her long hair flowing to her tail and eyes sparkling, watching you with—what? Curiosity? Hunger? Lust? Whatever it is, she’s watching you intently, and with a deep grin that can only hint to her thoughts.

“What have we here?” she asks, slithering closer. You sweep your fascinated gaze down her body and up her tail, so thick you could sit on it, and you can only imagine how long it goes as it disappears into the canopy.

With a huff you turn away. You’re just not in the mood to chat tonight, though your eyes keep turning towards her on their own. The lamia gives a whimper as if she feels your pain but then laughs.

“Why, it’s a human.” She cups your chin in her tickling-soft hand and pulls your gaze up to look at you. Her hair scatters down her face and over her bare shoulders, and she relaxes with a dreamy gaze as she examines you. She has a pretty, inviting look with drawing eyes, but you push her hand off and look away—she’s getting invasive.

But the lamia smiles. “And such an attractive human, at that.”

At this you snap your head back to her, eyes wide. You blush, and as she gets nearer with an enticing grin you feel the blush all through your body. You stammer out, “Attractive?” Did she really think that?

Well, what about you? Do you think this lamia is attractive?


Wait. Okay that’s not going to work. Okay, on a scale of “I would be happy to gaze at the lamia for all my days” to “I would do anything to gaze at the lamia forever” how attractive is she?

-13a “I would be happy to gaze at the lamia for all my days” (unfinished)
13b “I would do anything to gaze at the lamia forever”