Lamia Pathsways 8a

She may be beautiful, but you still can’t trust lamias. You cross your arms and look away. “Oh, just go away and leave me alone. I don’t trust you.”

Scales slide over your head with a soft, coaxing grip. Out of the corner of your eye you see the lamia’s tail holding your head. She pulls your sight back to her.

“Oh, that’s okay, human,” she says. You notice a strange light—a fascinating light in her eyes. Colors swirling, pulsating with a glow attracting you like a moth to a flame, magnetizing your widening eyes to her.

“I don’t need you to trust in me . . .” You really still don’t trust in her, but you can’t deny the desire to look into her beautiful eyes is starting to outweigh your reluctance. She was too close before, but now you have the growing feeling that she isn’t close enough. Your body slackens as your mouth hangs open, so relaxing to stare at her shining eyes. No, no, you don’t trust her . . . but you wish you could.

“I just need you to . . .” Need? She needs you for something? It feels nice to be needed. It feels nice to stare, the colors flowing from her eyes into the world. Pretty colors, maybe she needs you to stare . . . You like to stare . . . You lean closer, you need to know what she needs, you need to know how to please her like these beautiful colors please you. Her tail slackens around your neck and she circles it around you, wrapping you from the neck down, but you’re too intent on her eyes to care. You can’t look away, and you don’t want to look away. The lamia leans into your face and you smile as she stares closer into your eyes with her swirling globes of hypnotic color.

Lust for me.” With these words the lamia pulls you in for a deep kiss, locking your eyes closer to hers with the pulsating rings all you can see. A wobbly grin spreads over your face as your mind melts into the hypnotic colors.

You sink into her growing coils, circling thicker and heavier around you like an enfolding, cuddling, subduing bed of slithering scales caressing your chest, sliding along your back, squeezing your arms, numbing your senses to everything but her tight embrace. Her highest loop remains lax but so thick that she still squeezes around your neck, her scales nuzzling your face in a gentle caress. Your shoulders are weighed down with that thickest loop, your eyes weighed heavy, your mind weighed heavy under her spell, heavy relaxation dropping you deeper into bliss.

You no longer care if you can trust her or not. It doesn’t matter what she does to you as long as you can gaze at her, as long as you can sink into her encompassing coils, as long as she kisses and caresses and loves you. Nothing else matters but being with and loving the beautiful lamia as her love slave.

The lamia silently pulls you off the branch and to another tree where Bagheera won’t notice you. Not that he probably would, he won’t even notice you’re gone until later. He fell asleep, the lazy cat.


This timeline gets fuzzy after that, but unless that lamia just wanted you for one night you’re probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

Just kidding, you have the power to jump timelines. If you head back to where we started you can check out other branches! But, maybe you’ll want to stay at this one for a little while.