Lamia Pathsways 8b

Okay, okay, your train of thought might not make the most sense here—she’s so beautiful you can’t think straight—but just because you can’t trust a lamia doesn’t mean you can’t spend the evening with one. She could slither close, snuggle against you, perhaps you’d wrap your arms around her, perhaps she’d wrap her tail around you . . .

You stare at her sparkling eyes, shining like a flame. You feel like a moth attracted to a flame, in fact, she’s so stunning. You lean forward, and she slithers closer, reaching out a hand to hold your chin. Your head sinks against her soft grasp. You could drop all your worries and cares just like your head, let her carry them, carry you, carry your thoughts away.

“Yes, you’re such a cute little human,” the lamia says like speaking to a pet, gazing into your eyes. You stare back and smile, a refreshing tingle in your mind like a stream of pure water. “Perfect for an enchantingly gorgeous lamia like me.”

Wait—you still can’t trust her. You need to make that clear. You lift out of her grasp and, mentally, your sudden sparkly haze.

“Hol—Hold on,” you say, wobbling—you could focus easier if the world would stop swaying, and especially if the lamia would stop swaying. “I don’t—don’t really . . . trust you.” The lamia giggles.

“Oh, that’s all right, cutie.” She slithers closer and slips her arms around you, hovering over you. You want to trust her so much as you stare into her swirling eyes. “You don’t need to trust me for us to have fun.” She leans closer, her eyes all you can see, lips inches away. You feel scales slip over your upper legs, and a weight grows around your hips as her tail circles up you, sending tingles up your spine spreading into your brain. “It doesn’t matter if you trust me, just so long as”—she raises her arms to your head and pulls you closer in a soft, loving embrace as her lips graze yours—“you love me.”

She embraces your lips in a deep kiss as the pulsating hypnotic colors overflow from her eyes to ripple through and obscure the jungle. Her tail rises, squeezing your arms against your sides and hugging your torso tight as her coils massage your back. You smile; her firm hold is so easy to sink into.

She’s right. You don’t need to trust her to spend the evening with her, or to spend the whole night, or even a month or more. You stare into her hypnotically prepossessing eyes and she breaks the kiss. As her dazzling colors soak into your mind, you find you really don’t care if you can’t trust her; you just want to stare at her, sink into her engulfing embrace, do whatever she asks, please her, follow her every word . . .

You settle deeper into her coils as her tail wraps around your shoulders, her encompassing hug intensifying. She slides the end of her tail over your face to caress you, and you sink further into her spellbinding stare, each color pulsing through your mind like a heartbeat in love. Your mind flashes back to words spoken earlier in the evening, but the lamia’s pulsating colors splash it away.

You no longer care about looking out for yourself. All you want to do is look into the lamia’s eyes and lose yourself in how wonderful she is, how enchanting and nice and loving she is, you just want to lose yourself in her hypnotic eyes. You no longer care what happens to you. The lamia’s eyes are everything, she utterly consumes your thoughts.

Her tail slinks up over your shoulders and squeezes, scales massaging your arms and neck and face, your entire body under one squeezing, scaly, subsuming massage. Your grinning eyes and mouth widen as her tail hugs tight around you, squeezing your neck close. You gulp at the pressure, a little crushing of a hug, your throat tight, but you don’t care—you couldn’t possibly care. You don’t care what the lamia might do to you, just as long as you can stare into her perfect orbs of brilliant beauty.

You don’t care what happens now. You don’t care what happens to you, all you care about is staring into the lamia’s eyes. You’ll do whatever she wishes and allow her any and every whim to feel her eyes wash over you forever.

Well, since you don’t care what happens now, there’s little sense in me summarizing the rest. But you can always check out other timelines where you do care!