Led Found by the Lamia (Pt 3)

This story is an adaptation of an RP with suppas

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Er. Hi, there. If you’re reading this, I assume you read the previous story with Mira. You also may have read the one Duth wrote detailing how they met her. Well, I’m Wally. I’m usually Duth’s narrator. I guess they’ve written some things regarding hypnosis and snakes and whatnot without me, but for some reason they wanted me to write this story on Mira. Your guess is as good as mine, to be honest.

Mira looks at Sean lying along the branch, her scarlet and indigo coils gripped all around his firm body, her scales rubbing all his warm shirtless and trouserless skin. A blissful grin plasters his face, his eyes shut in a deep sleep.

She just tricked and trapped the cute guy; coiled him, spellbound him, and made him all hers. She wanted this for a long time, someone she pulled to her by her own wiles, not someone who pushed themselves on her like all the others; no, rather someone she convinced through her methods.

But it feels hollow. Before Sean she’d made a failed attempt on some lunatic with a cloud who afterwards proceeded to, as they’d said, set up a date. They somehow got Sean to her, but did they orchestrate it all so her victory was assured? Did she really win Sean over, or was it that pest Duth? It was all a game to them, a game they rigged for her, but she didn’t want that. She wanted to win Sean herself, not have someone win him for her.

Mira sighs. There’s only one way to know for sure.

She lifts Sean with her coils, lets her lower loops fall from his legs, and she sits him on the branch against the tree trunk, his body all the while as lax as a ragdoll. The rest of her coils she slides back around and off him, but she considers going back on her plan and wrapping his warm, sturdy body fully back up. No, she has to do this. She restrains him with two loops of her tail around his abdomen and arms. After she pulls her leafy green hood over her wavy meadow-green hair she slithers around the tree behind Sean and whispers a long word to him.

I have no idea how to spell it.

That’s not important, though. What is important is what Mira knows—the word is a special incantation to reverse the hypnotic spell. With the word spoken Sean begins to stir, and she retreats behind the tree.

Her challenge will begin soon. Will Sean still love her? Will he hate her? It doesn’t matter. She’ll only love him if he gives her a good challenge. She’ll take no directions and no help; just a struggle between them of power, agility, and wits. If she can catch him knowing she did it on her own, then she will know their love is meant to be.

Meanwhile Sean sleeps peacefully, his vacant mind hollow save for the perpetual pulsating colors guiding his thoughts to love. The hypnotic colors seem to swirl in his mind forever, and yet it feels like mere seconds before they fade away. His eyelids flutter open as the blurry jungle comes back into view. He feels as if he’d been in a twister, the world spinning; he’s reluctant to keep his eyes open or head up. He had such a pleasant sleep, one so hard to get up from.

His head snaps up when he realizes he’s sitting and doesn’t have to get up. He’s in a tree. His . . . clothes are gone? There’s some sort of rope—a tail?

“What happened? What’s going on?” Nobody’s around. Sean tries to remember what happened. There were eyes, stunning and captivating eyes. Whose eyes? A lady’s. A lamia’s. He remembers now—Mira, a lamia, her eyes swirling with beautiful colors that left him feeling bliss. She hypnotized him somehow.

He shakes and clenches. He trusted her, and she took advantage of him. She took advantage of him from the moment they met. He glares at the red and blue bands of scales wrapped around him that trail behind the tree.

“I know you’re there!” he shouts. He wants to yell at her, admonish her for her tricks, make it clear he does not approve.

“Yes, I am.” Mira’s voice comes from around the tree where Sean can’t see her. She sounds impassive, as if simply conducting business. A distance in her voice makes Sean wonder if something happened to break her interest in him. “How do you feel?”

“Did—” Sean almost does ask if something happened, but he shakes his head. “That’s besides the point, Mira. You hypnotized me. I know you did.” He shifts to push her heavy tail off but it doesn’t budge.

“Yes, I did.” For a moment Mira’s voice rises and loses the indifference. “How are you going to stop me from doing it again?”

Sean flinches as she slithers past close to him, facing away. She remains silent as if waiting for Sean’s response. His glare weakens and widens in fear. How can I stop her from doing it again?

“Um.” He looks at her tail. “Listen, could you—let me go? I mean, I have a hotel to get back to and everything.”

“I’ll let you go in a moment. I just want you to know what’s going to happen,” Mira says. “I’m going to let you go. You’re going to leave.” Her voice rises for another moment. “And I’m going to chase you. I’m going to find you, get you back in my coils, and pull you back under my spell, and then I’ll know that I did this and it wasn’t all orchestrated and rigged for me.” She turns halfway to him, showing her dark olive skin under her hood, her shoulder-length hair flowing out in waves; under the hood’s shadow Sean sees the glint of one eye. He can see her slender figure in her sunny-yellow tunic, but he’s too horrified by her words to pay that much mind.

Her voice keeps rising as her frown becomes a grin. “It’s the thrill of the hunt, Sean. If you want to leave, you have to be better than me. If you want to stay, you still have to give me a good chase. No matter what you’ll have to be quick, strong, and clever.” She winks to him. “So make sure you aren’t groggy before you go.”

Sean’s heart thumps and he shakes, now not from anger but fear. How on Earth am I supposed to escape a combination of two of the most skilled hunters on Earth?

Mira hums a cheerful tune as if she hadn’t just told him she’s literally going to hunt him down to make him her trophy. She gives his face one last squeeze before sliding her tail off him and lifting herself to a higher branch.

Immediately Sean leaps off the rough tree. He bounds down creaking branches until he can safely jump to the grassy earth. He doesn’t land far from the tree, but on solid ground he can really make a run for it. Fleeing at full throttle is the only way he’s ever going to leave the jungle.

He sprints among the trees, seeking the most open path forward. He’s got to put as much distance between him and Mira as possible. From behind he hears her give a laughing shout.

“Hey, Sean! Sorry I forgot to give your shirt back!”

Oh. Right. Sean is still in his underwear, no shirt or trousers.

“I meant to, I guess I just got distracted by how hot you are!”

Even if Sean had thought about his clothes he wouldn’t have stuck around. His only intention is escaping. He doesn’t stop or look back once. As far as he’s concerned he is not going to become her mindless slave again; he doesn’t just want to leave the jungle, he needs to leave.

The canopy rustles. She must be starting her hunt. He works out a plan—avoid low-hanging trees and reach an open area where she can’t follow in the canopy. With a leap he clears a root sticking out of the ground. He stumbles on the doughy soil. A quick readjustment keeps him upright and running. Nothing sprained, and he keeps his pace.

Mira watches Sean flee. He doesn’t even respond to her taunt. The muscles of his near-nude body flex as he exerts himself way more than he needs to this early. She grins. No matter what happens she’s glad she’s doing this. It should be a good show, and he’s serious about trying; that’s what matters. Now if she can get him she’ll know it was with her own talents. If not . . .

No. There is no not. She can’t think like that. She will catch him and he will be her lover.

She slithers through the canopy. At first she keeps Sean in her sight but she soon slows down and only follows his scent. Though the aroma of her scales is still about him, he’s the only human around and it’s easy to track him. She’ll let him think he lost her then come straight for him.

She saw him glancing into the trees. Perhaps he thinks she would follow in the canopy. She lowers herself to the jungle floor; lamias (and snakes) travel faster on ground anyway, and with the whole of her tail along the ground she feels the vibrations of his pounding feet running ahead. Between that and his scent she works out his direction and possible goal. As she slinks after him, hunter that she is, she determines where he’s going . . .

As Sean runs he tries to remember the layout of the jungle. Where can he go? How can he escape? He tries to pull his memory from before he looked into Mira’s beautiful eyes and she wrapped her silken tail all— No! He shakes his head. Don’t even go there! He refuses to become her plaything. Some residue of her spell must have been left behind. He won’t fall under her power again. He wants to be free.

He remembers a river valley and changes directions. It’s a perfect place to lose her. At the valley he runs down and dives into the cool stream. After soaking himself he jumps out and resumes his run. Dripping wet, he sprints alongside the river, hoping it leads to civilization she won’t enter.

A rolling splash hits the river behind him. Mira must be swimming down the stream after him. He kicks off the ground and scrambles up the sodden valley. At the top he turns and darts into thick foliage.

He’s surprised she isn’t throwing more taunts at him. She must be trying to be stealthier. I need to do that, too. I’m running out of steam. He hides in the jungle foliage, leaves as big as his torso veiling him. He crouches still to stay silent as sweat drips off him. If there’s ever a good place to catch his breath and lose her, this is it.

Soon the plants rustle, but it’s distant and in random directions. Yes! She lost track of him. If she moves far enough away maybe he can sneak off.

The shaking stops. Sean’s body tenses as the rustling moves straight towards him. She saw me! He jumps and runs, pounding his feet through the grassy shrubs. At least he caught his breath, but he still needs a plan. He looks at the towering trees. Mira’s on the ground now; she entered the river then searched through the foliage. Maybe I should head up. Swing through the trees like Tarzan? Could I even do that? She could be in the trees, too. She’s got a long, long, thick, long . . . er, tail. I’m faster and safer on the ground.

At least he would be if he were running. Why aren’t I running? Sean cringes as pain spreads across the front of his body. He realizes he’s lying on the ground. He tripped and fell straight down. His heart pounds at losing valuable time. He scrambles to his feet but his ankle snags on a root—or, as he turns and sees, a scaly tail.

Mira chuckled—earlier, while Sean ran alongside the river—and watches him from atop the valley.

Sean may be trying to escape, but he’s not equipped to survive out here. He’s wet, no doubt from entering the river. He must not realize a river magnifies one’s scent. She considers hanging back and following from far away, let him think he lost her, but his glistening body is too exciting to watch. She keeps track of him from over the valley, hidden among the trees.

As she follows she passes a heavy stone. She grips it in the end of her tail and feels its weight before giving a good swing and hurling the rock down the valley. With an eruptive splash it hits the river and sinks below the surface. She laughs silently as Sean jerks aside and runs up the valley. He thought she entered the water. He’ll head straight for her now.

No—not quite. He turns atop the valley. The chase continues, but she has a lock on his location. He stopped somewhere in the dense verdure, but she can scent him out. She circles the area, laying her tail across all the likeliest paths out. The end of her tail she slithers in another direction, rustling the plants to give the suggestion someone is looking through the bushes, moving towards and away from Sean so he’s never sure of his safety.

As she teases him she moves to the opposite side and removes her bow and a rope from her hood. She ties the rope to an arrow and strings it along her bow, aiming at a tree across the path.

She waits.

When background jungle noises line up she shoots the arrow and hits the tree, the twang and thwock hidden. She pulls the rope to make sure it’s secure, drops it slack on the jungle floor, and huddles against the leafy ground.

She sneaks her rustling tail straight for Sean. With a sudden whoosh he leaps out of the bushes and down the path—he fell for the trick. Mira closes her tail in on him, and she pulls the rope taut. Sean trips and hits the ground. She darts her tail and grabs his ankle, coiling up his warm leg as he pulls away and screams.

“Aw, I hope you’re not hurt from that fall.” Mira slithers to Sean from her hiding spot. Under her hood her face is downcast in concern, but she sweeps her greedy eyes over her catch. She pulls her scaly body closer to surround him. “Why don’t you let me rub your sore body so you feel better, hmmmmmm?”

“Let go of me!” Sean shouts; his face contracts and expands from anger and fear.

“Ah-ah,” Mira says with a wave of her finger. “I went through the trouble of catching you again, and it was fantastic fun, but the chase ends here.”

He’s still not willing to give up without a fight—perfect for Mira—and he scrabbles at her tail with shaking fingers. He loosens one loop but the others remain tight and climb his throbbing, firm leg. Try as he might to escape, her grip holds strong; mere human strength can’t remove her grasp now. It’s only a matter of time before she also pulls him back into her hypnotic gaze. But she’s happy to drag out the fun. She hoists her midsection up a tree to web her tail among the stiff branches; soon she’ll pull them both back into the canopy.

“I’m so glad you still want to put up a struggle,” she says, resting her chin on her fingers. “Make me work for my lover.” Sean grabs her tail, but she slips around his wrists. He yanks his hands out of her reach, leaving her freedom to wrap higher. She gives his sturdy thigh a possessive squeeze and shudders from his soft, warm skin. “I just might let you go off again sometime, actually.” She chuckles. “All that exertion really warmed you up.”

Sean looks at her panting, eyes wide as a full moon. “Look, you’ve got to think about this! Are you really okay with just plucking a guy off the jungle floor and erasing his free will?”

“Aw, you’ll still have free will,” Mira says, taunting as if he’s acting adorably silly. She leans down to him, eyes and lips raised in an engrossing smile. “Don’t think of it as erasing your free will, think of it as painting over it. I’m just adding lots of beautiful colors and smiles to it.”

She wraps Sean’s hips and waist, her thickening coils hiding his leg. With her midsection gripping a sturdy branch she lifts Sean upside-down so their faces are level. His eyes whiz about; Mira’s smile and voice soften.

“I’ve thought about this a long time, Sean. You’re just the lucky guy who stumbled upon me out here instead of throwing himself at me like those twerps at the village.” Possibly the lucky guy chosen by some lunatic in a cloud, but that doesn’t matter anymore. She places a hand on his cheek “I’ve never been more okay with anything in my life.”

Sean’s mouth drops and his pupils shrink, not from hypnosis but from fear. No doubt he has no understanding of her desires, how it can feel to have people want you in only a shallow manner, wanting only an idea of you. She could instill her true self in Sean, and she would know it was through her actions, her talents that he fell for her.

“No!” Sean shuts his eyes and looks away. “No, Mira, I’m not letting you take over my mind again!”

“Good,” Mira says. More fun that way.

Her tail secure around him, she lifts him into the tree and sits him on a branch, wrapping around his heaving chest. Mira reclines on the branch’s other end. She slips her tail over his raised arms but he tries to yank them free.

“You should calm down,” Mira says. “Take a deep breath.” Sean continues his short, panicked breaths. Mira tightens around his chest and he gasps cut-off. She smiles. “Take a deep breath while I still let you, Sean.” She loosens her tail and Sean breathes deeper. He still pulls his arms away, but Mira tugs them down until his strong arms are pinned by her stronger coils. She leaves him immobile, save his face which screws into a hardened grimace.

Through their little game of chase the day fell and sky darkened. Night will be upon them soon, and Mira’s pleased to have someone warm to snuggle with for the night.

“Are you hungry?” she asks. “Or thirsty? I can imagine all that running earlier wore you out.”

“I don’t trust you, Mira.”

Mira laughs. “Funny thing is, that’s the point. But you should still eat something. I want you to keep your strength up for the ending.”

She slides her tail over his shoulders and pats him on the cheek. He grunts and turns aside, but she pushes his head forward before slithering the end of her tail away. As she does the lower coils slide thicker around Sean.

“Let me know if it’s too tight,” says Mira. “I just want to restrain you, not hurt you.” She chuckles. “By the way, the river isn’t a great place to go when being chased. The water makes it easier to track you, actually.”

“Well, that will be handy information for when I get out of your coils,” Sean says, a smirk showing his attempt to be cocky. “You won’t be so lucky to get me back in next time.”

“Luck had nothing to do with it, babe,” Mira says. “Not this time.” Not luck, and not some gallivanting nutcase in a cloud putting her down all the time. She feels more confident than ever, but there’s one test left. If he keeps up this effort when resisting her spell and she still pulls him under, she’ll know she did it all herself. “You really had no way of making it on your own, you know. You need me to survive if you want to stay out here.”

“But I don’t want to stay out here,” Sean shouts. “I want to go home!”

Mira grins. “Back to that boring old routine without a wonderful, loving lamia to pamper you? Going back to your dull, old life devoid of magic?”

Sean stops mid-word. That seemed to give him pause. He looks down and scoffs. “Yes. I do. So let me go!”

“Mm. Nah.” Mira laughs. “I’ll convince you this is better before long.” She returns her tail with a small fruit. “Here, fruit.” She nudges Sean’s mouth with it. “Open your mouth and I’ll pop it in. Might as well not starve, right?”

Sean tightens his mouth and eyes and mutters, “Might as well try to feed me a drugged or mind-controlling fruit, right?”

Mira gasps. “Why, Sean, I would never do that.” She grins. “I would never rely on a fruit to do something I can do myself. Come on, you’re no good to me or yourself if you starve.”

Sean sighs. He opens his mouth a little. Mira pops the fruit in and he chews and swallows.

“I can get you another if you’re still hungry.”

Sean’s face hardens and reddens. He turns away but groans and mutters, “Yes, please . . .”

Mira tilts her head. “Aw, you’re not embarrassed, are you? Come on, many powerful people love to have gorgeous women feed them fruit.” She chuckles. “Of course, it might be more enjoyable if you let yourself look at the gorgeous woman.”

Sean grumbles, but he eats the second fruit. Mira stretches and sits up.

“All right. Now, how to get you to open your eyes?” She slides close and stares directly at his face for any signs of weakness. She smirks. What could be going on in that head of his? Can’t move, can’t escape, no way out. I’d almost feel bad for him if I wasn’t going to give him such joy. She beams. She wants to squeeze his sulking face, tousle his tangled hair, kiss his pouting lips deeply, but she holds back to examine him. Patience is a virtue. She once waited hours for a prey; she can wait even longer for a lover.

Sean grumbles in Mira’s coils. I can’t believe I got caught. Okay, so I can believe it. She’s a hunter, she no doubt knows the jungle like the back of her tail—er, hand. Definitely hand. He keeps his eyes firmly shut, but his thoughts drift to her coils. She wrapped a higher portion of her tail than last time and the loops around his upper body are thick as his waist, soft and heavy like a comforting, snuggling blanket. Maybe—Maybe if she didn’t repeatedly trick him and try to erase his mind he would like being hugged by her tail, but as things stand he wants out.

He nudges and prods the big scaly cocoon; as much as she’s looking for a weakness in him, he’s looking for a weakness in her grasp. The coils twitch little nudges back; they’re not harsh like she wants him to stop but affectionate squeezes as if she likes his squirming. He inwardly groans. He needs a way out.

“You know,” Sean says, “you may as well give up.” Maybe he can convince her it’s futile. “If I’m not going to open my eyes then you can’t hypnotize me again.”

“Then we’ll find out who can focus longer,” Mira says. Sean can’t see, but she sounds closer. “How long until you doze off? And when you wake up, will you remember to not open your eyes?” She chuckles as Sean tenses, knowing how correct she is. “But that would be boring. You’d be so groggy you’d have more trouble resisting.”

He feels her strong yet smooth hands slide over his face. “You really are a cutie, Sean. I’d think you’d already be in a relationship, but you never made that part of your argument.” He pulls away, but her tail pushes his head forward.

“You know sweet-talking will get you absolutely nowhere,” he says. “If that’s your best plan to get me to open my eyes then I honestly don’t know what I was worrying about.” He gives a lopsided grin. “This should be a total breeze!” He can’t put confidence into the grin, though.

Mira laughs; Sean can feel her soft breath on his face. “No, that’s not my best plan at all. I just wanted you to know you’re appreciated. My best plan, well . . .” She whispers into his ear, “It’s all the other ways I can hypnotize you.”

Sean shivers. “Other ways?” He gasps as her tail slides over his head and she rubs her scales over him. It’s hard not to admit it feels like a spa visit after all that running he did.

Focus! I can’t let myself relax into her tail. She literally just said she has other ways of hypnotizing me! Am I really going to let myself relax at a small massage? That’s just step one to sinking into her hypnotic eyes. That felt nice, too . . . which means it’s bad!

Still, Sean can’t stop her and she works her scales around his head, massaging his sides, upper neck, forehead, temples, and then her tail covers his eyes, softly looping around his head. Her heavy coils shift, massaging him from shoulders to back to legs. Sean tries to ignore it but his muscles relax into her squishing scales.

With Mira silent it’s impossible to tell where her face is, but as she rubs her tail over Sean’s eyes he figures it doesn’t matter. With the tail blocking his vision and massaging him his eyelid muscles relax.

Mira moves her tail up towards his forehead. She squeezes close, and Sean’s eyelids lift open. Under her hood her dark, smiling face greets him with swirling, sparkling, dizzying reds, blues, and greens flowing from her eyes.

Panic fills Sean, which initially opens his eyes wider; the dark nighttime jungle becomes blurry and his panic mutes. Memories of the wonderful bliss brought forth by the colors flutter through his head and a desire to open his eyes to the light falls over him.

I–I can’t fall now! He clenches to shut his eyelids. Mira’s tail holds them up but he pulls them shut before the rippling colors change his vision of reality again.

He remains dazed and his head feels far away as if dissociating. Confusion sets in and he can’t tell if he actually looked into her eyes or just dozed off from the massage. He feels Mira’s tail trace a circle on his upper cheek. His eye twitches.

“Now, now, Sean,” she says as if he were a child, “don’t be rude. It’s considered polite to look a lady in the eye when she’s speaking to you.”

Sean recognizes an echoing quality to her voice—unless he made up that memory. Her voice sounds more real than the jungle, which had grown quiet, her voice filling the silence like a gas. Her words have the same quality as his thoughts. She did this before, putting thoughts into his head, but he can’t differentiate them. Maybe he is being rude. Maybe he should look. He’ll just open a single eye to show he’s paying attention to her. To do otherwise would be rude.

He peeks open his left eye and a flood of rippling fiery red, soothing blue, and encompassing green surge into his mind, flowing over his sight and tingling him like static. Though the colors are dark and blurry Mira’s eyes shine from under her hood like pulsating suns striking hypnotic rays, visible and compelling even with his eye barely peeking open. Bad idea! He clenches his eyelid but it doesn’t close; a desire to open wider to see the colors flows into him as if each ring expanding from her eyes pushes out against his eyelid.

Mira’s grin softens to a smirk and she moves to Sean’s left, both her hypnotic eyes focused on his single open eye.

“That’s it, look widely,” she says. “Let me see the white of your eye, Sean.”

Mira’s swirling, pulsing gaze pushes Sean’s eye wide-open, and she becomes clear in his sight as the jungle blurs indistinguishable. Sean attempts to grasp his tumbling thoughts but they slip away. He tries to ignore the new thoughts of cozy adoration and pleasurable relaxation but they push to the forefront of his mind. He has enough sense to focus on keeping one eye closed, but the other feels stuck open.

“Please, Mira,” he says with heavy breaths. “No, don’t . . .”

“Aw, come on, Sean,” she says as if inviting him to come play. “You know you’ve wanted to look since I pulled you up here. It feels soooo gooood, doesn’t it?” She beams. When she draws out her words his sight blurs. “But it’s been so much fun getting here, I have a suggestion if you want to try and resist.” She laughs. “If it becomes too much for your eye to take, you could always just close it.” Sean’s eye twitches. It doesn’t want to budge. “You could always close your eye”—she taps his other eye with her tail—“and open your other eye instead.”

His right eye shudders. It wants to open, but he knows if he looks it’s all over. He may no longer have a proper grasp of what that means, but it has to be bad. Maybe.

“That sounds so easy, doesn’t it?” Mira says. “If you close one eye and open the other, you can keep looking at the pretty colors without your eye being overwhelmed.” She grins. “Just close your left eye, and open your right. So simple. Just”—she taps his right eye, and it peeps open—“open your right eye”—his eye pops open wide as the flashing reds, blues, and greens surge into it—“and then keep your left eye open, too.”

The striking colors ripple at the edge of Sean’s sight and his jaw slackens, his body relaxing and settling as his thoughts drain like water through a colander. He can’t remember why he kept his eye shut. The dazzling colors feel so thrilling yet relaxing to look at. His eyes open wider.

“There you go,” says Mira, massaging his head with her tail. “It’s respectful to look into a lovely lady’s beautiful eyes. It feels good to be polite, doesn’t it?” She leans closer until their faces brush, the rings flowing through Sean’s sight like a whirlpool. “It feels good to be subservient, doesn’t it?”

Her words echo in his head, squirming into his thoughts as her hypnosis takes root, weaving a web through his numbing mind. She seems more real than the world he once knew, the dizzying rings flowing over the old world as it dissolves into the bright, intense hypnotic colors, as does Sean’s thoughts dissolve into more radiant rings, the captivating colors melting his resistance. Her spell soaks into his mind as if she’s pickling his brain in hypnotic light. Still he tries to fight with what little will he can muster, but his look of fear sinking into a tired gaze of confusion shows his losing fight.

Mira grins at Sean’s sleepy-dizzy face as she pulls him bit-by-bit further and deeper into her hypnotic love. It was a long day, but it would end with a splendid lover. She starts to constrict her tail around him, but this time she remembers herself and loosens it, staying only tight enough to hold him close. She has thicker coils around Sean this time, so she wants to be certain not to hurt him. She went through all this trouble, after all—twice, now.

She does want to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze him with joy, though. She’s so close to having him, and she did it all by herself. She’s in total control. Her confidence has returned.

“Come on, cutie,” Mira says, reverting back to loving nicknames for him; when she wanted him to resist with all his will she reminded him of his name, but now that she knows she’ll take him by her own power she’s ready to break him. “We both know this is what we wanted from the beginning.” She lifts his chin with a couple fingers and pushes his mouth shut. “Well, not you, but I’m pulling you around to my side. We see eye-to-eye now, don’t we?” She lets his mouth drop back.

“I need an adoring, devoted partner to love, and you need a guide, a guardian who’ll keep you close. You never would have survived out here alone. You need me.” She whispers, “You desperately need and want me. You can’t live without me.” She laughs. “And you gave me such a fun challenge, I think it’s time to reward you.” Mira lifts her hood.

Mira was already so close to Sean that he could easily see her under her hood, only her warm face and hypnotic colors clear in his vision, but now without the shadow of her hood she appears brighter, far more vivid than anything from the false old world that drops from Sean’s mind faster with each ring. With her dazzling eyes her beauty intensifies: her supple lips, smooth dark olive skin, wavy green hair; her hypnotic spell pulls Sean’s mind back to the true reality that Mira is the most gorgeous woman in the world and that it would be folly to not let himself be swept away by her.

All the while her coils massage him, pulling him to sink in deeper like a soft bed and heavy blanket, and she hums a swirling melody to him, bringing everything he can see, feel, and hear to her and only her. The last of whatever resistance remained in Sean dissolves away. The rings bore into his mushy mind, pushing into his very core, and his eyelids droop from the heavy waves of restful pleasure that pulse through his body with each new ring of color. She lifts his mouth shut again and leans her whole body closer.

“And your reward for giving me such a good hunt . . .” She embraces him in deep, long kiss, cradling his head in her sliding arms and running her fingers through his hair. Her soft lips grasp his own as her warm breath mixes with his shuddered gasps. She practically wraps her tongue around Sean’s as she has her snake body wrapped around his. With her tail around his body and her lips over his she squeezes any possible remaining resisting thought out of him and replaces it with hypnotic love for her. She is, to his hypnotized mind, the perfect lover, able to fulfill for him his every desire. He’ll never want or need anyone else.

The colorful rings continue through his head even as he loses Mira’s gaze in his drooping eyes. Their pleasure continues without her source. All his thoughts blank out in favor of the colors, the reality of the colors; Mira is his truth, and he needs no other.

Mira pulls away from the kiss and sees Sean’s broad smile, staring blankly with red, blue, green rings spinning in his eyes. He’s one with the hypnotic colors again, settled in her coils relaxed and limp. She looks upon her twice-caught lover with a proud beam before she pumps her fists up and laughs. She finally caught someone, not given to her or pushed on her, but taken and persuaded with her own abilities.

She settles in next to him, her arm resting on the top coil around his head, and she whispers to him to sleep, sending his eyes drifting shut with a resting smile. It got late chasing and coiling and hypnotizing him, and she’s ready for a nice, warm sleep around him. She briefly considers what if someone will miss him—if not anyone he came with, someone who works at the hotel he said he stayed at—but she’ll deal with that in the morning.

When that morning comes and she awakes and stretches, she slides her tail off Sean, pulling it back until the end rests over his abdomen, leaving his upper body free. She smirks, wondering if he ever expected her next move. She shakes him in her tail and whispers to him to wake up.

Though she wakes Sean, she doesn’t use the phrase that removes all traces of her hypnosis. Her spell remains in his mind, coating it like a layer of colorful slime. He’ll be in control of himself, in all manner and appearance not hypnotized, but now he’ll love Mira. He will again be Sean, but instead of being frightened of or irate with her, he’ll be enamored.

He’ll even remember her hypnotic ability, but he won’t be concerned. He’ll see nothing untoward about it; her spell will simply make her hypnotic ability another part of her he loves. Should the thought ever come into his mind that she hypnotized him to be like this, likely he will wave it away—what does it matter? He loves her. How is immaterial.

As Sean drifts awake he shifts in the supple, squeezing coils, his dreams of Mira and her dazzling spirals floating off as his color-bound sight gives way back to the jungle. A few lasting rings disappear as he opens his eyes. When he sees Mira he smiles.

“Good morning, Mira,” he says, his tone vibrant in contrast to the last time they spoke. He looks upon her with a loving glaze over his eyes, as if he could stare at her forever. With her soft tail wrapped tight around him he relaxes. He holds the end of her scaly tail in a hand and up to his cheek. Mira grins at this loving gesture.

What does he remember, exactly? Meeting a strange but cute lady in the jungle. Discovering her long, thick tail. Maybe some fear, confusion, but curiosity of course. She was nice. Her pretty tail felt so nice. This beautiful lady was so loving and caring to him. They got to know each other, became friendly, and fell in love. Something like that, anyway. It’s all something of a whirlwind of love to Sean, but it’s the love part that makes him unconcerned about not remembering everything. She made him feel so good it’s only natural he’ll be muddled when under her soft snuggling.

They cuddle for a bit before leaving the tree and setting out to get things in order. From Sean’s details Mira helps him find his hotel, and there he puts in some calls back home. He’ll be staying in India. He apologizes for the sudden quitting of his job, but to return now is simply out of the question. Having bailed on them for the vacation in the first place it’s practically mutual. He sends for a few of his possessions, gives some away to confused friends, and the rest he has sold.

Mira and Sean stay close in the jungle. She often drapes some part of her tail over him when together, not always holding him in her coils. There’s no need to feed him or carry him everywhere, he won’t leave. She always keeps him in her sight, though, protecting him from the dangers of the jungle. She sometimes sends him alone into the human villages; she never liked going to those much anyway. Sometimes she goes with him, and eventually rumors spread.

Not very far, though. It turns out a human going to live with a lamia in the jungle either willingly or hypnotized happens a lot around there. Go figure.

As for me? Well, I’ve chronicled just about everything I was charged to, I think. Perhaps someday, when Mira is really bored, she’ll completely release Sean from her hypnosis and go on another hunt for him. That’s not a story for me to tell, though from what I’ve seen I don’t think I need to. We all know how that will end . . .

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