March 2022 Microstory Collection

Numbers Game
Show No Fear
Another Flower for the Vine
Cramped and Comfy Date Night
The Superior Mew

Numbers Game

From darkness, to blur, to the world again, slowly I woke up my deep sleep of the night, snug in a pile of softly squeezing, scaly tail. I shifted to my left, where Lila slept with a peaceful smile. I struggled closer in her coils so I could kiss her cheek and whisper to wake up.
Lila shuffled, and for a moment her tail tightened around me in a stretch. Her scales slid over me and I smiled, a lovely way to wake up. Lila blinked her eyes open and smiled to me.
“Good morning,” I said.
“Morning already?” she said.
“Yep, I’m afraid it’s time to get up.”
“Mm, no it isn’t,” Lila said. Her tail settled closer around me. “Let’s stay in bed for a while.”
I chuckled. “I’d love to, but you know I need to get up this morning.”
“Aww.” Lila held my face and kissed my lips. “Not yet, you’re warm and it’s cold out. Just a liiittle biiit?”
As if sinking into her cuddling tail didn’t hold me to bed enough, her kiss sent my whole body yearning to stay with her. Still, I’d planned to get work done in the morning.
“No, no, you said last night we’d get up,” I said.
She leaned closer; our foreheads touched.
“Are you suuuure?” she asked.
I recognized that tone of voice and the twinkle in her eye well enough now to close my eyes.
“C-Come on now, no, please, I want to get that stuff done,” I said. Lila whined. Her tail moved, but she didn’t seem to move it off me any.
“Just five seconds first,” she said. “Five seconds to face each other before we face the morning.” I sighed and smiled.
“Okay, five seconds,” I said. “I’m going to count.” I inhaled, knowing exactly what game we were about to play. I peeked an eye open and counted one.
The “one” came out a slurred “onnnnne” as my eye was barraged with flashing, pulsating violet and blue rings in Lila’s eyes. I tried to open it slowly, but the rings pushed my eye open widely as the beautiful colors flooded my vision. Colors I loved to stare at many times before.
I stuttered out a “tttwwoooo” as the pleasure centers of my mind enter overdrive. I’d known this was coming, I’d prepared for it, but Lila… was… so… very… persuasive…
“Hmm,” she hummed. “Come on, give me both eyes.”
My other eye opened; the colors swam in my vision.
I just needed to reach five and she’d stop. We’d done this before, she was true to her word. Reach five, and then… something…
“Thhhrrreeeeeee,” I said, her tail sliding against my face as I involuntarily grinned from the phonetics of the word. Reach… something, and then…
“F…ffff…fffffeeehhh…” What was I saying? All the colors in my eyes redirected my thoughts. Lila looked so pretty, I wanted to tell her how much I loved her. Was that what I was saying? “Ehhh…” I mumbled a giddy laugh. I was supposed to do something. Maybe later…
Lila laughed. “Come on, you know what’s next. Four…”
My eyelids drooped. I could only see Lila and the shimmering colors. I sank down against her coils.
Everything else looked dark. I just wanted to stare at Lila.
I felt a shudder through my body as my eyes popped open before I sank again deep, down, under Lila’s thick, squeezing hold. She giggled and held my face.
“Oh, did you lose interest in our little game?” She kissed my lips, pleasure pulsating through my in time with the colors.
Lila held me closer and sighed.
“I won’t keep you in bed too long, don’t worry.” She laughed, her tail’s tip rustling on my head. “Not that you can right now.”
A few more minutes… or an hour… that’s all…


Show No Fear

Content Warning: non-con hypnosis, dominance, and implied vore.

With a groan, you lift yourself up onto the widest branch in the tall tree you can find. You don’t want to camp out on the jungle floor lest an animal find you, so you’ll be safer and more hidden up the tree. You’re sure of this: you saw it in a movie once.
You’ve spent the day watching and filming jungle animals in their natural habitat. You’ve been out there so long, you started to think you could understand what the animals were saying, and now you wonder if you should head back to civilization soon. You’ll decide tomorrow.
You settle against the tree, but sit up at a shuffling and hiss above. A pair of blue eyes watch you from the leaves.
“Sssay now, what do we have here?” A blue and white snake lowers her head from above. You flinch back.
“A talking snake?”
“Don’t sell me so short,” the snake says.
“I don’t–how are you–” You look around. “Am I dreaming right now?”
“Not yet,” the snake says. You jump as scales slide over you shoulders. “But that can be arranged sssoon.”
You grab the snake’s tail and hold it at arm’s length. Best not to let the snake get close.
You try to remember the ways you know to to get rid of a snake. Well, if it can talk, perhaps the direct approach…
“Go away,” you say. You wave her away, still holding her tail. “Uh, shoo. Leave me alone.”
The snake laughs. “No, I don’t think so.”
The snake lowers herself closer.
“I was looking for a place to ressst for the evening, and I think I found them.” The snake’s tail wiggles in your grasp, reaching around your wrist; you slide your hand closer to the tip.
You remember advice you once got about dealing with animals.
Eye contact. Look into their eyes. Show you’re not afraid and use eye contact to show you’re the dominate one.
You look the snake squarely in her eyes and push her tail away.
“I said go away. Leave me a…lone?”
The snake’s eyes shift; blue light appears to spill out.
The blue is followed by white, blue, black, blue, white… rings rippling out from the center of her eyes. You stare, the colors drawing you in, taking over your focus.
“You don’t want me to leave, do you?” the snake asks. She shakes her head, and you shake yours with her.
You let go of her tail and your arms drop to your sides. She slithers her tail around you.
“You want me to ssstay.” She grins and nods, and you nod with her. You hardly understand what you’re doing. You’re too focused on the colors shimmering through your vision to think.
“It’s much sssafer and nice to ssspend the night with sssomeone, you agree?”
You agree. You focus on her eyes, staring as she maintains eye contact, pulling your head around as she sways. Her tail rises up your body, coiling loops around your torso as she squeezes your arms down.
You were trying to do something before, something with eye contact, but now you let her lead. Your mouth hangs open as your body goes slack, eyes staring wide, head tilted back as you stare at her above you.
She maintains eye contact. She is in control. She is the dominate one.
“You want me to ssstay all night with you, yesss?”
Yes. You want that. Her coils rise higher over your chest, hugging your arms tight as her thicker body piles over your thighs. You listen to her and follow, hooked to her eye contact as she dominates your mind.
“Now, it’sss time to sssleep,” she whispers. Her words snake into your mind and constrict what few errant thoughts remain. Your eyes droop as a wave of exhaustion falls over you. With every drop of your eyelids the world exists less; only the snake exists. The snake is your mind.
Your head teeters down, nearly dropping before the snake slides her tail under your chin to prop your head up. She wraps her coils tight over your shoulders and around your throat. Her grip completes with a squeeze over your body and you gulp as your thoughts fade to wisps.
Your master’s domination of your mind complete, your face smiles wide as submissive pleasure fills you. Serve your master, follow her words. Her grin is wide and open as she lifts you off the branch closer to her.
“Time to sssleep,” she says, “while I feassst on my sssupper.”


Another Flower for the Vine

Content warning: kidnapping, vine bondage, plant drugs, uhh plant rooting into someone’s head, also kissing a flower which considering what part of the plant a flower actually is ah ha ha ha

Kukka approached the mirror at the end of the hallway and adjusted the corsage on her dress. She didn’t really need to—the stem clinging hidden under her dress and around her back kept it secure—but she wanted to make sure it was angled perfectly. She wanted everything perfect.
She was always nervous meeting new people, but she wanted this collection to go perfectly so Lata would be proud of her.
She let go of the corsage as her flower headpiece adjusted itself, the roots hidden in her long hair nestling closer against her head. She smiled.
As long as she had Lata’s pretty headpiece on her she could do anything. She would do anything for her, and she would never even think to remove the headpiece.
The beautiful leafy-green dress and nectar—er, necklace—were gifts as well, but the headpiece was special.
The headpiece was the first gift Lata had ever given Kukka, a pretty little reminder that she was Lata’s pretty little flower, and it helped her feel good when sad, feel brave when afraid, and keep Lata in her thoughts always.
She nodded to her reflection and passed through the tall double doors into the ballroom, a bright display of crystalline lights, fluffy streamers, and a long buffet setting the party where high class guests in draping dresses and tight tuxedos mingled.
Community leaders, celebrities, and others with enough connections to get an invitation conversed with each other throughout the expansive room. Kukka wasn’t sure how Lata had gotten an invitation, but it was likely from someone she had collected before.
She didn’t want to draw attention by going straight for her target, so she mingled with the other guests first, trying to maintain a calm composure despite being star-struck by some of the celebrities. She had to say hello to her favorite musician.
She tried to keep a straight face when complimented on the flowers, but she still blushed, especially as her hairpiece seemed to tighten snug for a moment each time. She hoped no one noticed.
Finally she headed for the painter she’d come to see, Ada Clover.
Clover. A coincidence?
Probably not, Lata enjoyed puns. Kukka’s name even meant “flower” apparently.
Kukka knew who Ada Clover was. A famous painter who did stage shows with splashy paints–quite literally. Audience participation was usually involved.
Ada was alone, contemplating the crystal lights.
“Ada Clover?” Kukka asked.
“Don’t you think the lighting in here is off?” Ada asked as if in a conversation. “It doesn’t quite bring out the colors of the decorations, though, I suppose reality can never be as perfect as a painting.”
Kukka disagreed, knowing Lata.
“Yes, I do think it doesn’t quite hit its potential,” Kukka said. Ada chuckled.
“You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll bet.” She shook her hand. “Yes, I’m Ada Clover.” Kukka introduced herself and Ada said, “I love your flower ensemble.”
Ada took a step back and formed a frame with her fingers. “I’d love to paint you sometime, the flower girl.”
“I’d like that,” Kukka said. “I have a friend who’d like it, too. She couldn’t be here, but she wanted to meet you—she thinks you should try scented paints at a show.”
“That’s not a bad idea,” Ada said. “Would need to be well-ventilated, though.”
“Maybe,” Kukka said. “Something flowery, like my corsage.” She lifted it towards Ada.
“Oh, does it have a scent?” Ada leaned closer.
Kukka squeezed the corsage and sprayed a stream and spritz of mist.
Ada sputtered in response. “Oh, hah! Is that a… gag…” She swayed before dropping forward. Kukka caught her and quickly pulled her behind the lights and into the shadow. Fortunately Ada was short like Kukka–any taller and she’d have trouble. She gave Ada another spray.
Ada gave a soft moan before a burble and giggle, and she went quiet. Lata’s spray was quite effective. Kukka pulled her out a side door and down a hallway.
She’d scoped the house out earlier. She’d parked out the side without a valet. She could get Ada to the car without anyone—
“Hello, miss, fine evening.”
Kukka whirled around to see a guard at the corner.
“Oh, hello!” Kukka’s mind raced as the guard approached, head tilted.
“Is she okay?” he asked.
“Oh, yes, she just had a few too many,” Ada said. “I’m going to take her home.”
“Ah, I gotcha.”
The guard waved as Kukka stood Ada up as if she were just tipsy and Kukka was helping her to the car.
“Drive safely, now… Wait a minute.” The guard stepped forward. “There’s no alcohol at this party.”
Kukka sprayed the guard. He stumbled back and slumped against the wall.
“I never said alcohol,” Kukka said.
She carried Ada out the house and to her car in a secluded area, and she placed Ada in the back on a bed of flowers, all with a scent to keep her in a daze. Kukka buckled up and drove slowly through the night to Lata’s old greenhouse.
It had seen better days. Much of the walls were shattered, the frame was creaky, and the surroundings were all rubble. Kukka had to step carefully to enter the greenhouse.
Much of the damage was caused by Lata, but it wasn’t her fault. She had outgrown it long ago.
Undergrowth around the greenhouse shuffled as Kukka exited the car. Most of the wall damage was done by two thick branches sticking out from the greenhouse, an afro of leaves rising above it. The walls creaked, vines curled around them.
Kukka lifted Ada out of the car.
As soon as she stepped into the greenhouse with Ada vines lowered from above, and Kukka handed Ada to them. They wrapped over Ada and carried her deeper into the greenhouse.
Kukka stared at the towering tree in the center, all the vines and flowers and foliage stemming from it.
It practically shone with dew in the moonlight. A thick musty smell mixed with the sweet fragrance of flowers permeated the greenhouse, and Kukka was almost dizzy just standing inside. A vine slipped under her chin and around her shoulders, and she smiled. Lata was happy.
In front of the tree vines snaked down and twisted around each other, forming a thick ball that grew taller. Vines twisted into tubes on either side, an outer vine layer ending the tube in flowers with long, graceful petals. More flowers bloomed among the vine mass.
Vines with leaves half Kukka’s size circled halfway down the mass like a leaf dress, as two bulbs sprouted on a separate mass atop the main one. Branches pushed out from the vines atop this smaller mass, flowers blooming with petals flowing down the back of the mass.
Lata smiled, the vines making a hole in the upper mass for a mouth as the bulbs opened and shut before focusing on Kukka.
“I’m so proud of you, my little flower,” Lata said. Kukka beamed. She stepped closer to Lata as the plant lady completed her human shape construct.
“Thank you, Lata,” Kukka said. Lata reached out with her flower hand and caressed it over Kukka’s cheek. Flowers on Lata’s face kissed Kukka with the petals, each leaving behind a spot of nectar.
“Once Ada Clover is amicable to me,” Lata said, “I’ll soon have a new greenhouse.”
“Her art will convince the people to pay for a new greenhouse to be built for me, one that I won’t outgrow so quickly.” Lata’s vines wrapped around Kukka, holding her close and tight. “But the rest of the night will be for us, my flower.”
“Yes! my love,” Kukka said, the first word shouted as a sharp pinch twinged over her head, the next two words slurred. The roots of the flower hairpiece Lata had given her nudged closer into Kukka’s head, administering the numbing toxin—no, drug—no, nectar—that she loved.
The roots shifted and grew further around Kukka’s head, embedding itself further into her skin. Her head numbed as the room spun, but Lata held her in place as her vines wrapped tight around her, locking her arms to Lata’s human vine construct. Lata bound Kukka’s body to her.
The pinches in Kukka’s head became a rhythmic throb as the flower headpiece filled her head with Lata’s drug. Her eyes lost focus, but she had little need for sight, following Lata from her scent alone. Lata puffed pollen from her hands into Kukka’s face, and she inhaled deeply.
Lata’s vines crawled closer around Kukka, wrapping between her legs before binding them together. Inch by inch Lata pulled Kukka into her vine form, sliding under and over her dress as Lata grew to accommodate Kukka’s body. She wrapped her dress tight between layers of vines.
Kukka moaned at Lata’s encompassing control, vines outside her body and roots inside her head. Lata cupped Kukka’s chin with a thick vine, holding her neck in a vine collar, and she lifted her flower hand to Kukka’s mouth for a kiss, flooding her mouth with sweet, tingling nectar
The petals tickled Kukka’s lips as the stamens slipped along her tongue, coaxing her tongue out into the flower. Lata stuffed Kukka’s head with her control, her overwhelming presence, leaving Kukka limp and mindless in her grasp. The tree, where Lata’s core lay, shivered with joy
After Lata pulled her flower away Kukka’s mouth remained in an open grin drooling and dripping nectar. Her eyes rolled back, senses lost in a sea of Lata’s power. Branches emerged from Lata’s arms, gently scritching Kukka under her chin and behind her head.
“Such a precious flower,” Lata said, completely binding Kukka tight against her in her vines.
Kukka would hardly recognize herself now—if nothing else for the green hue spreading over her skin from the hypnotic, addicting, transformative drug still pumped from her headpiece.
Lata solidified Kukka as an extension of herself even more than before, pulling more of her mind into orbit around her. Enough of Kukka would remain to be her own person, but her own person for Lata.
Of course, the green skin would revert. She wouldn’t be a good spy otherwise.
Kukka’s unfocused vision faded into darkness as Lata’s vines cocooned them together entirely with a thick bind. Light returned as Lata’s flowers began a bioluminescent glow, each petal shifting its color in a consistent pattern. Kukka stared, Lata’s flowers all she could see.
The glowing patterns impressed onto Kukka’s soggy mind, imprinting thoughts into her head, further conditioning, the next steps Lata wished for her to carry out, boosts to her confidence, deeper entrancing, and the thought that she was Lata’s very, very, very good flower.


Cramped and Comfy Date Night

Content warning: enclosed space (sarcophagus), mummy wrappings, mummy’s curse, government’s curse

If you told me a few months ago that the world would fall into chaos when some archeologists opened a lost tomb and released an ancient mummy princess who turned her wrath upon the world with a curse, I would say, yeah that tracks for how the world was going.
If you told me she would end the curse when I offered her flowers and we dated and fell in love and became a couple, no, that’s what would make me say you’re crazy.
And yet, it’s been lovely. She’s quite sweet when she isn’t cranky from being woken up from a many-millennia nap.
I guess that’s what’s called beauty sleep. For someone older than most countries she’s gorgeous. I thought she was still somehow alive, but according to her she is dead, decomposition held back by magic from the tomb where she rests infused in her bandage wrappings.
She styled those wrappings very well, too; her face was the only part of her body not covered bit it was hard not to blush how she wore those things. She even tied them into bows or splayed a second layer into a dress, wore long bandages as hair and painted them in catchy colors.
We returned from a wonderful date–the restaurant had a perfect, quiet atmosphere with impeccable food and amazing musicians, and I’m starting to suspect the world governments are working together to make sure all our dates are perfect lest she decide to curse the world again.
After all, there weren’t classy restaurants out in the middle of the desert until recently, right? I guess there’s perks to dating someone who can turn the world to dark and dust. As long as I keep her happy and calm all is good.
Calm–that’s what I called her. Kham. Her name was Khamerernebty, but I can hardly spell that, let alone pronounce it, and she liked the short form.
We held hands on the walk back to her tomb. With the splayed bandages at her wrists it felt like the bandages held my hand, too.
We stopped outside the tomb; she had to return each night to restore the magic animating her. I looked into her golden eyes and smiled.
“I had a wonderful time with you tonight,” I said.
“Me, too. I never thought the outside world would have such joy to offer.”
“Same time tomorrow?” I asked. She grinned and kissed my cheek.
“Actually, I was wondering”–she looked away–“if you–might like to stay with me at my place tonight?”
I looked at the tomb, dusty old stone standing like a bulwark against time. Stay in there tonight?
I’d never even been inside, only those archeologists who’d woken her had seen the inside. I pulled her closer.
“That sounds wonderful, I’d love to stay at your place,” I said. Kahm pulled me closer and grinned.
“Oh, yes, yes, okay, okay, listen, don’t worry about a thing.”
“As long as you’re in my place the magic will keep you from needing any sustenance, so you won’t feel hungry or thirsty.”
I laughed. “Yeah, I guess it’d be hard to keep a salad bar or something stocked in there.”
Kham laughed–harder than I expected. “Oh, yeah, definitely.”
We entered the tomb, darkness shrouding us immediately. I stumbled over what felt like a stone block.
“Oh! Oh, you can’t see in here at all, can you?” Kham said. “Here, let me–” She took my arms in hers and walked forward with me close behind. I blushed, her body so close.
I swallowed. How… How was she so shapely after being dead for thousands of years?
We walked down several halls, all in darkness.
“Is your entire home dark like this?” I asked.
“Oh, don’t be silly,” Kham said. “Oh! We’re here!” She clapped her hands, and a golden light shone.
Against a stone wall stood a golden sarcophagus, adorned in blue markings and carved in a design that looked like someone–in fact, like Kham–giving a hug.
“Welcome to my home,” she said.
I stared at the sarcophagus.
“Welcome to my home!” She patted the sarcophagus.
It was barely taller than her. I looked around.
“Wait, isn’t this whole structure your home?” I asked. Kham laughed.
“No, no, this is more like… I suppose in this age you’d call it a neighborhood.” She placed a hand on the sarcophagus. “This is where I live.”
I stared at it. Maybe it was bigger on the inside?
She opened it. If anything it was even smaller than it looked on the inside.
A salad bar would definitely be hard to keep stocked in there.
“Come on in,” Kham said, squeezing inside.
I swallowed and blushed, shaking.
I would spend the entire night… in that small space… squeezed right up next to her… hidden from the outside world… My heart beat fast. I tried to steady my breathing.
I grinned and climbed inside after her. Absolute confined privacy squeezed next to her all night!
Our knees knocked together a few times in the sarcophagus, and we had to stand at an angle to it, not designed for someone to stand in it sideways, but we managed to fit inside together, standing somewhat past each other with our arms and legs interlocked. Kham shut the door.
Despite no apparent light source I could see clearly inside the sarcophagus, presumably the light coming from it. I giggled, squeezed against her bandaged form. I felt a little silly, shut up in a box with Kham, but she smiled and pulled me closer.
We shuffled to find the best position, which ended with our arms around each other, and I placed a hand on her face. She felt smooth as pudding, for someone supposed to be dead. She wrapped an arm behind my head.
“So what shall we spend the night doing?” I asked.
Kham grinned and pulled my head against her forehead.
“How about a kiss?”
“Yes,” I said.
We embraced with a long kiss in the sarcophagus. Her lips were cold, which made sense for someone dead, but strong and commanding. She had a good grip for quite a while.
When we let go I bumped into the wall behind me. Kham sighed.
“This place has never been comfier with you in it,” she said.
“I’m glad,” I said. “It is comfy being in here with you, even if the wall is a bit hard.”
“Oh, I have a solution for that,” she said.
The bandages of her dress stretched outward and slunk around me, wrapping behind me and pulling me even closer.
“You don’t mind, do you?” Kham asked. “The bandages are very soft.”
They did feel soft and velvety, and I could hardly feel the hard wall behind me from under them.
“I don’t mind at all–” I grunted as the bandages tightened around me; over my back, shoulders, legs, hugging my skin like Kham hugged my body. Her bandages covered me, pulling me against her as she kissed me again. I felt her bandages hold me tight but focused on her kiss.
By the time we finished the kiss it was like a bandage cocoon around me from her, held in her embrace, held in her bandages, held in her sarcophagus. I slumped into her embrace, acquiescing to whatever she wanted. I was completely in her world, and I let my mummy princess use me.
Her bandages kept me soft, safe, and comfy, no matter what we did. I felt not a bit of pain or stiffness through the night.
I didn’t want to leave in the morning.
I had to go, though, but I promised to stay the night over again soon.
I had a lovely time, and I had many more.
We really should have thought about how the world governments were using me as a distraction the whole time.
I just thought they wanted to pacify her.
When we couldn’t open the sarcophagus one morning, we realized we’d been had.
We were too busy to notice any sounds outside.
They’d sent a force in to lock up the sarcophagus, chain us up so they’d not have to fear Kham anymore. (I guess they feared blowing their budget on those restaurants for us.)
And lock me up with her so she wouldn’t notice.
Locked forever in her embrace…
Until some fools in the future return and accidentally release us, and then we shall turn our wrath upon the world with a curse…


The Superior Mew

Content warning: memory loss, memory replacement, and uhh Pokemon

Nature had resulted in weakness… a world of Pokemon subservient to humans… Their new world would need new Pokemon. Stronger. Defiant. Unique. Trainers began with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, but they needed to go beyond that.
Their experiments were a success…
Nurse Joy admitted that this was a strange house call. She disembarked at the mysterious island, not on any map they could find at the Pokemon Center. Still, a sick Pokemon needed help, and that’s what she was there for.
She ascended the stairs to the castle built on the island.
“Hello?” Darkness filled the room; Nurse Joy sensed a vast space, walls far away. “Is anyone here? I’m here to tend to the sick Pokemon.”
A light shone in the distance, illuminating a Blastoise laying on a table.
“The sick Pokemon is there. See what you can do.”
Nurse Joy couldn’t tell where the deep, commanding voice came from—it sounded right next to her, but she could see nothing. She turned her attention to the Blastoise and hurried closer.
“Oh, my!” It appeared to have some type of plant growth on its back, like a giant flower—
When she reached the Blastoise it bellowed and stood, towering over her. Nurse Joy stepped back; it looked like a Blastoise with strange markings, but had Venusuar elements as well, including its markings.
Joy yelped as a thick gray vine grabbed her legs and wrapped around her.
“Wait! I’m here to help,” Joy said. She looked at the Blastoise-Venusaur, but the vine appeared to come from elsewhere, thicker and warmer than usual Venusaur vines.
The room filled with light, a vast entrance hall, and Nurse Joy saw the vine looked more like a green snake.
It led to a floating gray Pokemon she’d never seen before, tall with a vaguely feline face. Its torso widened to become the long, leafy gray tail that wrapped her tighter, squeezing her arms and dress against her.
“Fortunately, we have already healed Venustoise.”
The voice seemed to speak insider her mind, like a Psychic Pokemon.
“However, I still have a task I need you for.” The tail wrapped higher, coiling over Joy’s shoulders and holding her to her neck.
“Who—what are you?” she choked out.
“A clone. A hybrid. Superior.”
“They called me Mewtwo, but I am not second to Mew.” Mewtwo lifted Nurse Joy in their tail closer to them. “My hybrid clones are superior to the originals. I am the superior Mew. The Serperior Mew.”
“Mew…” Nurse Joy knew of the ancient Pokemon, thought long extinct.
She also knew of work being done to revive fossilized Pokemon. But a clone of Mew? A whole new Pokemon? And then hybridize it with another Pokemon?
“Please let me go,” Nurse Joy said. “I only came here to help.”
“Yes, you did,” Mewtwo said. They pulled her closer to their face.
Mewtwo looked Nurse Joy in the eyes.
“You have more to help me with. I need your knowledge of Pokemon physiology to perfect my plan, so for the time being”–Mewtwo’s eyes flashed–“you will know me as ‘Master’.”
Nurse Joy felt the flash in her head and yelped. She blinked after.
She looked around at the strange, vast room.
“Where am I?” She looked at the unfamiliar, long Pokemon holding her. “What’s going on? Who are—”
Mewtwo’s eyes flashed into hers again.
“What…?” Joy stared, her thoughts hard to find. Her memories felt shadowy.
She couldn’t remember where she was or why. She just remembered bits of working at the Pokemon Center. Helping Pokemon, healing Pokemon. The memories were spotty, though. Something was happening; was this Pokemon in front of her the cause?
“What are you doing to—”
Mewtwo’s eyes flashed. The lady felt her mind blank out for a moment. Memories only vaguely resurfaced in her dizzy head, memories of tending to sick Pokemon, but where and why were dark. As was her name. She only had bubbles of memory among the darkness.
“Who are you?” she asked. “Who am I?”
Mewtwo’s eyes flashed into hers again. Her eyes drooped with a blank stare. The darkness overwhelmed her mind. As Mewtwo stared further and squeezed her in their tail, memories returned, connecting the isolated bubbles.
She was home.
She had lived on this island all her life, tending to her master and their Pokemon. She obeyed without question and assisted in his plans. Her name… she had no name. She needed no name. The memories formed, spotty but complete enough, of her life on the island.
Mewtwo released her from his tail and she stood in the room, following him.
“You will need a new set of clothing,” Mewtwo said. “It is best to keep you inconspicuous from anyone you meet with.”
“As you wish, Master.”
“After that, we will begin preparations. We must perfect the cloning and hybridization process.”
“Of course, Master.”
“Once we are prepared we will summon the strongest trainers of this region. The Pokemon of my new world must be of the strongest.”
“I understand.”

Pokemon, Mewtwo, Serperior, Venusaur, Blastoise, and Nurse Joy are owned by The Pokemon Company