October 2019 Microstory Collection


Word of the day 10/12: enthralled

i am CURRENTLY somewhat enthralled thinkin’ about my fictional crush.

Word of the day 10/13: ensnared

It doesn’t matter if you find yourself ensnared by bright, rippling eyes or strong, rippling coils–one will follow the other.

Word of the day 10/14: silken

She sank into a sea of soft, silken coils with no escape–and soon no thoughts to.

Word of the day 10/15: swimming

His head began swimming, the world wavering around him like water; at its center rippled two glimmering pools of color beckoning his mind to dive in.

Word of the day 10/16: wrap

They wrapped their tails around my arms, rubbing their scales around my muscles before sliding around my chest and back and wrapping my upper body tight.

Word of the day 10/17: Squint??

She leaned forward and squinted as the snake backed away. His eyes were pretty–she wanted to look closer.
“Sorry, did you want to look closer?”
The snake grew nearer and she sat up to follow, her eyes widening to take in the beautiful colors.

Word of the day 10/18: squeeze

She squeezed her cool tail around my heating cheeks, pushing my lips out, which she squeezed her own into with a kiss.

Word of the day 10/19: song

Come sway so closely, come sway along
Just relax, please, listen to my song
I’ll hold you gently, I’ll hold you strong
In my arms, and, then, my tail so long
You can see, in my eyes I’ll, make you feel soothed
You can rest, in my coils, the rough edges smoothed
And I know, it caused a scare, so strange, so new
But just know, no matter what, I will always still, love you…

Word of the day 10/20: ring

I look into her glowing eyes and see colors pulling me in, rings of colors beckoning me closer. She speaks of safety, peace, submission, and love, and her words ring in my head–ring true.

Word of the day 10/22: forget

Wait, what? No, I didn’t forget to post a word of the day yesterday! Now, when you wake up, you’ll forget that I forgot.

Word of the day 10/23: slink

His tail slinks circles around you, slipping higher as you sink into the soft, squeezing spirals of scales.

Word of the day 10/24: dazzle

a brilliant shine from my eyes dazzles you, dizzies you, like a rainbow of shifting jewels condensed in two bright orbs.

Word of the Day 10/25: squish

not until she twirled a few loops around him and the lowest coil became a good squishing thickness did she squeeze and let her scales rub around his warm legs

Word of the day 10/26: calm

“Now, now, there’s no need to struggle. My soft coils should be calming. Come on, look into my eyes and tell me my caressing coils aren’t calming… deep into my eyes, you’ll be so calm…”

Word of the day 10/27: [snake] tail

Her blanket-soft tail squished around my leg, her cool scales felt soothing, and I could well imagine the hefty weight of her mid-tail sliding over me.

Word of the day 10/29: drain

He crumpled against their sliding, scaly tail as the lamia’s hypnotic eyes filled him with a draining sensation, draining his energy and will, his spirit, draining his mind…

Word of the day 10/30: massage

The massage was a slow process as their tail slipped up around her legs and waist. The scales massaged her skin bit-by-bit higher.
She didn’t mind the wait, though. While the lamia’s tail slowly massaged her body their eyes massaged her mind into bliss.

Word of the day 10/31: illusion

When the colors first appeared in the lamia’s eyes you thought it might have been an illusion. But the longer you look at this pulsing colors the more you realize… it was the world outside his eyes that had been the illusion all along.

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