Ode to a Lamia

Nothing at all I would rather see
Than your eyes so bright and cheering to me
Is there a better sight? No, never
Seen through your glasses and over them low
With a glance that says you already know
How could you not? So bright and clever
But hold and wait, let me speak of love
Of what I admire utmost and above
For your beauty is paralleled by absolute none
Your sweet little smile such radiance bright
Making you happy, a wonderful sight
There’s nothing that I would rather have done
Like waterfalls your hair flows down
To the hips of your tail falling from your crown
Blue as the sea, spreading like spray
Scattering strands in a beautiful way
On top, cute strays; below, swishing dreams
On the sides twin tails flowing down like streams
Alongside your arms, otherwise bare
With skin so smooth and rosy and fair
Lower your skin fades from a blushing hue
To a soft and gleaming beautiful blue
A tail to hug and firmly squeeze
Rolling waves of scales like the ocean
Winding and twisting like a river in motion
Swirling so soft like a gentle breeze
The end of your tail cool on my warm skin
It can’t help but climb and rest on my chin
Squishy and firm, you have my head rise
Return me to seeing your face I adore
Nothing else I do want to see more
Than the beau




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