Song of Scales and Secrets Ch. 2

This story is an adaptation of an RP with Game2345

Sian stood in the middle of Lila’s living room, watching her sit on a chair of her own coils, the loops thicker than the couch he had been sitting on—and, he had to admit, softer-looking, too. Her warm, genuine smile put his mind at ease; to see her relax also relaxed him. He effectively smothered the urge to flee. Admittedly, partly because she could easily ensnare him within her tail if he made a clumsy escape attempt, but he did realize he still cared for her. He was nervous and fidgeting, frightened and shrinking, but if she was cognitively the same Lila—what change had really occurred?

Silence settled in before he blurted, “I sort of feel foolish now. This whole night I thought all of this was leading up to us . . .” He turned away, mentally kicking himself for bringing it up. “Well, I guess I shouldn’t concern myself with that anymore.” The kicking increased, trying to kick-start his thoughts to form a halfway-decent recovery. “Not that that was all I was thinking about doing tonight.” Let’s not cause my—the ginormous serpent lady to go from sad to pissed off.

Instead, Lila laughed. “Yeah, I guess my plan wasn’t something you’d have ever foreseen. I mean, truth be told I was hoping for something too, but—well, I don’t want to get ahead of myself again.” She traced a finger along her tail. “Actually, the legs disguise is pretty uncomfortable at times.”

As Sian listened he found himself staring at her finger running along her shimmering scales. For some unknown, ungodly reason something welled in him—it was rather sensual, even seductive, how she traced her digit over her thick tail. He had no earthly idea why; maybe it was the wine.

“Yeah, I don’t even know how that’s physically possible, to contain so much mass like that and then simply be able to elongate it. Uh—!” He stepped back and looked at her face, the possible faux pas knocking on his head. “Not that I mean you’re now big, or fat or something, I—”

Lila waved him silent. “Don’t worry about it, big size is nothing to be ashamed of.” She grinned. “Big tails are considered a boon to lamias, usually.”

Sian sighed. Conversation was normalizing, at least to an extent.

“Anyway,” Lila said, “the uncomfortable legs were the main reason I . . . well, never wanted to go too far with anything.”

The primal part of Sian’s brain twitched as she seemed to let the idea of something more hang in the air. Before he could clamp down on the filter of his normal mindset he blurted, “Well—I guess it can’t hurt to ask. How did you see this evening going?”

He tried to soften his face and show a willingness to hear her out. Had her hope been a night of him spent wrapped in that tail? He wasn’t sure he could bring himself to do that—he was certain her sheer weight alone would compress anything she coiled around.

Lila remained seated, wanting to give Sian an advantage to keep him at ease, but she leaned forward. Is he interested? Or just being polite? She found she couldn’t bottle her hopes up.

“For starters, I’d just like to hold you close,” Lila said. “My tail gets cold easily. Even that brief moment rubbing your warm back was so nice.” She’d read fellow lamias online say it was related to a poorer ability to regulate body temperature than humans, leaving them more susceptible to the surrounding temperature—which often meant cold floors.

“Beyond that it would have been what you’d be okay with. Maybe I’d just massage your shoulders, or you could lie on my tail like a mattress. Of course, my dream was”—she smiled and held her face, looking away—“holding your whole body in my coils. Feeling all your warm skin against my tail, holding your broad shoulders, rubbing your hard back and firm chest, squeezing your strong arms and soft belly, sliding around yourrr . . .” Her eyes widened as she realized she was about to mention something private out loud, and she covered her face. “I mean—” She squeaked. “Sorry! I’m sorry, I just, I got distracted, I—you’re just so—” She peeked out through her fingers; Sian stared as if transfixed. With a whimpering whine she murmured, “You’re just so hot. Have I ever told you directly? You’re really hot.”

She jerked her hands away. “But I don’t mean that’s all I like about you! You’re kind and patient and thoughtful and, and, and I’m just so happy that you’re still here!” She covered her face again with her shaking hands.

Well then. She’d meant to follow that with an offer of showing him something else she could do, stealthily bring the hypnosis in, but instead . . . well, that happened. She rather spilled her guts out. If her tail didn’t scare Sian off, that might have.

When she peeked out again Sian still had his wide-eyed stare, but it was offset with the twitching of a smile. Maybe he found her panic funny. Or maybe he was flattered. He might’ve had a bit of a blush, though he looked downright pale compared to her crimson embarrassment. Sian swallowed.

“Well, I won’t lie, it’s been a bit of a challenge to stay—but thank you. I mean—” He blinked and looked down, his eyes searching. He looked back. “I’ve always found you stunning, Lila. I guess I can say that even now.” Was that a statement or a question? “Not that you aren’t beautiful anymore since you changed, it’s just . . . different, you know?” He peered up and seemed to ruminate over his next words.

“So . . . The whole putting your tail on me seems to . . .” He shook his head as if giving up on tact. “You seem very turned on by the thought of it. Is that a lamia thing or a you thing? Are lamia’s tails extra sensitive or something?”

Lila lowered her hands and chuckled weakly. “I mean, it’s not a universal thing.” She brushed her hair from in front of her face. “I’ve talked to some who are into different things. I think it’s common, but some don’t care about it, others only like it for the warmth—it varies.”

She shrugged. “Buuut, yyyyes, I suppose that’s something that really gets me, um . . .” She waved her hands, looking for a word. “You know. What you said.” She looked at her tail. “Maybe my scales are more sensitive than usual. Maybe they aren’t. At least, compared to the rest of my skin they’re not really more sensitive, just, a different sensitive. Like how your skin and fingernails feel things differently.

“Oh!” Before Sian responded Lila sat up as she remembered what she was going to say. “There was some other things I had thought of doing tonight, too.” She rubbed her cheek. “A special talent, as you remarked earlier this evening.” A time that felt so long ago now. “I could show you it, if you aren’t too spent from all this.” She rose her palms—and the end of her tail, as if it were a hand too. “I promise it’s not as jarring a change as my tail, and I promise I won’t touch you unless you give permission.”

While completely truthful, she did twist her meaning a little. With the promise of not touching him he might assume another physical transformation, so even if he had an inkling of hypnosis it might lead him to a different expectation. Yet it remained true that she would not touch him unless he gave permission. That said, if the hypnosis softened him, opened him up, maybe he would become more receptive and willing . . .?

At the same time, things were going so well that to do this now could ruin their chances if he’s hostile to the hypnosis after waking up. Yet if he was averse to it now, perhaps nothing would change his mind. It was best to let him know of it sooner rather than later.

Sian watched Lila, his eyes locked with hers. After their gazes swam together he crouched to her level and smiled. She returned the smile as he took her hands into his. Sian sighed as if trying to expel his fear.

“You—You can touch me,” he said. “I just hope you know your own strength.”

Lila grinned and squeezed his hands. “Really? I mean, really? Like, you’re okay with it, you mean, but—” She waved her tail around him, unsure where to start. “Is there anywhere you’d feel safest, like, I could just hold your arm, or if you’re okay I could show you how great a shoulder rub could be from a big, scaly tail, and we could—”

As she rambled Sian said, “Um, Lila? Lila, this ability you mentioned?” He clutched her hands a bit tighter. “You’re going to hip—I mean, what is it? What do I have to do?”

Lila’s ponderous gushing ceased with a blank expression. “Wait.” She looked below where her skin became scales. “What about my hip?”

As Lila had gone on about Sian and her tail he saw a level of want in her eyes that was new to him—and growing by the second. Hearing her speak of them, her longing from her voice—it welled something in him. He didn’t know what he did or didn’t want anymore. The back of his mind told him to be careful with the big snake lady, some ancient instinct of mouse ancestors telling him to beware of the snake, but the modern human part of his head questioned that. If she intended to kill or dominate him she could have done so at any time. Instead she guided him along at his pace.

He’d smiled at that thought, humbled at the lengths she went for him. He should reciprocate somehow. Her mention of a special ability gave him the chance to try. Something about her gaze seemed to hold him. She was part serpent, creatures known for charming their victims. The thought of some hypnotic ability crossed his mind, but he didn’t believe such a thing was possible.

He had it on the mind and it slipped out. She misinterpreted it. He could play it off as a slip of speech, but she might key in on dishonesty. It wouldn’t help them, and she didn’t deserve it. She’d been upfront with him. He should return the honesty.

“Your hips are fine, just as curvy as ever.” He looked over her body, growing from petite human to thick tail. “Probably even more so now.” He shook his head from staring; this was no time to ogle her. She laughed with a downward twitch of her head.

“Why, thank you,” she said, facing him with a beaming smile.

“Yeah, but what I’d been thinking of—I was going to say, are you going to hypnotize me or something?” He cringed from the serpent prejudice that was laced with, but Lila—her smile froze. She forced a hesitant chuckle.

“Oh, well, I was”—she looked down—“I, yes, that was”—she looked at Sian—“that was what I had in mind, actually.” She looked away but glanced to him, her soft grin wobbly and uncertain.

Sian blinked a few times. It had been a far-fetched guess layered in years of cheeky pop culture that led to that remark. He hadn’t expected it—nor did he believe such voodoo was possible.

Lila seemed to believe in it as she leaned closer. “But does that mean you’d be okay with—or, at least, willing to try it?” Sian blinked; it took him a moment to process the possibility. He smirked and tilted his head.

“I suppose so.” Not that he believed it was real. “But . . .” He sighed and looked at her—all along her. “I can’t say I’m okay with you wrapping around me, but . . . maybe with experience I will be.” He stared into her eyes. “I won’t know until I let you. So you can coil me wherever you want right now.”

Lila grinned and held his hands to her chest. “Really? Thank you, thank you, thank you—oh! I have an idea.” She rose from her coil seat and lifted Sian’s hand; he stood after her. “I know you’re still kind of drunk, but don’t worry, I’ll lead.” She tugged Sian to the center of the room as she straightened her broad tail among the spacious floor.

Sian wondered how he arrived at such a point. To where he was fixed to be hypnotized (Yeah, right.) and wrapped up by his now serpent woman girlfriend. It was something out of a B movie script. He followed with no resistance, her increasing excitement distracting him from his initial fear. He was less interested in what would happen than interested in how interested she was. She always had an infectious personality.

His head bobbed as she pulled him. He heard her scales rustle over the carpet as her tail slithered through the room like a stream. It was too late to let any reservations stop him.

“You might not guess it, since we have no feet,” Lila said, her smile widening—she seemed to bounce her tail over the living room in excitement—“but there’s a pretty extensive history of lamia dancing.”

“Dancing?” Sian’s face contorted into a smirking grin. “Not that I don’t think you can’t dance, babe, but . . .” Oh no, the wine was driving him back down the road of stupid things said while intoxicated. “I mean, come on, this isn’t the movies, it’s not like you can wave your body side-to-side and suddenly have me struck.”

Before he could say more Lila pulled him close, sliding one hand up to his shoulder and slipping the other around his back under his arm.

“No, no, just a little slow dancing. Just to calm the mood a little, maybe?” She held with a gentle touch as if holding a fragile object. Perhaps she worried their relationship was that fragile object.

Sian realized he was swaying with Lila. He had not expected this type of dancing, but then, not much of this night had been what he expected. It was relaxing, yet awkward. The cadence of dancing with a human was simple as there were feet to match, step-by-step unison with a partner. With Lila he found himself trying to match her steps but finding none, just the subtle yet strong swoon of her broad scaly body, a single curling mass swaying and slipping back and forth. Her sliding tail moved silkier than a dance in her human form, and he felt inept in comparison as his feet stumbled to find where to go. But their closeness as she hugged him felt comforting—not possessive, but loving. It was a very human-feeling hug.

Her scent swirled around him as they swayed, Sian’s swaying from the wine shifting to match the rhythm of their sweeping dance. In a way he felt more awake, more in control—or at least like Lila had more control, being the one who led their dance, and despite his clumsy feet he entered her rhythm. Her tail’s base scraped by his pants several times, the thickness always surprising him—but not in a bad way.

As Lila hugged Sian in their burgeoning dance she felt his bodily rhythms: his heartbeat, breathing, the twitching of his muscles. She left space between her slithering tail on the floor and Sian to avoid frightening him, but the base of her tail scraped his legs a few times. He jumped and apologized.

“It’s fine.” Lila smiled. “I’m not actually sure if lamias and humans ever dance like this.” She knew that lamias would slow dance together, their tails twisting together as they did, but she’d heard nothing about lamias and humans dancing.

Well, she was going to do it! And then she would tell her lamia acquaintances online and ask if such a thing ever happened!

“This is, again . . . different.” Sian’s eyes locked with hers, faces inches apart, and he briefly smiled. “Not a bad different, though.” His hanging arms gingerly slipped over her, his right around her upper back and the left sliding under her garment to clasp her waist—right where her skin became scales. Lila beamed, feeling his warm, caressing hand. Sian’s eyes lit up. “That’s amazing, Lila. It’s impossible—but amazing.” Lila’s smile widened. It was like they had to learn each other all over again, but they were progressing wonderfully. She rested her head on his shoulder. Sian took a deep breath.

“Sometimes something has to be impossible to be truly amazing,” Lila said.

“I guess that makes sense.” Lila heard a smile in Sian’s voice.

As they swayed she rotated them in place and pulled her tail in a circle. She formed a loop around them on the floor, followed by another outside it, far enough away that Sian wouldn’t trip over her tail. Already the loops were as wide as the couch.

Sian’s arm shifted. Lila’s eyes widened as his hand slid down—so bold!—until it clasped pure scales, right at the seat of Lila’s tail. She blushed and beamed. Sian reared his head back to look at her and grinned at her smile. Earlier he could touch her scales for only a moment. She held him a little tighter.

Did I really bring him over to my side of things already? Wait. Is this seduction? Did I seduce him? No, no, it’s more accurate to say I charmed him. She’d calmed her nerves and charmed him to calm his nerves. Soon she would charm him further.

Sian found it took Lila little effort to guide him in the direction she wanted. It wasn’t that her upper body was stronger—he was probably stronger on that front. No, rather it was that she was anchored by sheer, rippling muscle that could manipulate him any way she saw fit. But, as had always been her custom, she only gave gentle guidance instead of commanding pulls.

As Lila placed her head back on his shoulder he lost himself in her scent. It smelled stronger than normal but just as sweet. He looked at the ever-growing pattern of scales surrounding them like ripples in a pond.

“I’m going to have to start hitting the gym a bit more, ain’t I;” he gave a half-grin, trying to build his courage; “but maybe it doesn’t matter, huh?”

Lila laughed. “Aw, it’s fine, you don’t have to buff up for me.”

“Heh. Yeah. You have a lot of tail, haha.” He joked to ease his nervousness, thought it helped little.

“Hmm.” Lila chuckled. “Thank you, I do have quite a lot.”

Sian looked at the thickness of her bands, a shiver jolting through him at the thought of being immersed in them, squished between looping, twisting scale-covered muscles as thick as himself. He felt fear, but with wide eyes realized he felt excitement. Was he getting psyched up for it? The gentle coaxing of his girlfriend could be luring him forward, far more than a forceful approach would have.

It popped into Sian’s head how odd it was they danced with no music, but Lila began to hum near his ear to the timing of their movements. Her light tune grew as the scales around them did, something of a ballroom ballad, but underneath like a lullaby. Her hum sank into Sian’s mind, and his body relaxed to her soft voice, his smile growing wider.

He wondered if this was all by design, if this was her spell. It didn’t feel overly strong, it felt . . . soft. Gentle yet something he could follow anywhere—just like she’d always been.

Her tail circled until the room was wall-to-wall with glimmering scales, ripples centered by Lila and Sian swaying and spinning. Sian could only imagine how the beautiful rippling loops looked from above, but to him it looked as if the floor were growing and rising, sliding around them like a living creature—a living creature soon to be around him. He shivered then shivered again as Lila placed her lips to his ear and stopped her hum just long enough to whisper.

“I’m going to start hypnotizing you now, okay?”

Chapter 3

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