Song of Scales and Secrets Ch. 3

This story is an adaptation of an RP with Game2345

“I’m going to start hypnotizing you now, okay?” whispered Lila into Sian’s ear.

A tingling ripple shot down Sian’s spine. The excitement of what was about to happen overpowered his fear. With everything that had happened he was sure she would perform something legit on him; anything regarding her was not only possible but probable. As they swayed and rotated in their slow dance he leaned back to look at her, his eyes twitching in concern.

“Okay . . . I’m . . .” He gasped as his darting eyes slowed and focused on Lila’s. “I’m . . . ready, I . . . I think . . .”

Her eyes impossibly changed with sparkling beauty that pulled his eyes wide-open. Her usual blue-violet eyes had, on the one hand—or eye—intensified, a deeper blue that glistened like juicy blueberries. But in the other eye the violet took over, a soft flowery lavender that looked as relaxing as a field of flowers. Her irises expanded, filling her eyes with the new colors, but two new irises appeared—also ever-expanding. The lavender appeared in one eye, while in the other a third color appeared, a pale purple not unlike lilacs that seemed to pull and beckon Sian. This pattern repeated, the dazzling rings emerging over and over.

The power of Lila’s eyes felt intense at first, smacking against Sian’s brain like waves eroding a cliff, but it oozed and eased as the calling stare settled him. Gentle, but with a magnetic power that cemented its hold on his gaze with each new ring. Sian wondered if he was locked to her eyes, if he could pull away if need be.

The wave of shocking newness passed and Sian sighed his worry out. He could start to . . . get used to it . . . He gasped in more worry as he realized how deeply her eyes spaced him out, only to exhale it out seconds later. Alongside the magnetic pull shuddered soft relaxation as if her eyes really were a field of flowers he could settle into. He understood, vaguely, how it was designed to make the locking of his gaze seem trivial, as any desire to look away faded.

A tickle played around his eyes, a soft pulse with each passing blip of color as the blurring edge of his vision rippled with the colors, focusing his gaze more on his girlfriend, not that he needed assistance on that. He was past minding that his head held glued to her gaze, he just wanted to stare, listen to her humming melody, dance away with his darling. His frame relaxed within her hold but he held his own grips. The allure felt so natural, just the usual desire to look at her but stronger, or like a desire to sleep in a soft bed and lay in comfort with no need to get up.

“Just relax,” Lila said. “You don’t have to do a thing.” She chuckled. “Unless you want to tell me how pretty my eyes are.” It was only the impression of a suggestion—no command, no outside ideas were forced into his thoughts. She merely put into his mind a soothing tingle, aided by the natural warm feelings of being near a beautiful woman and looking into her eyes.

Lila grinned as Sian’s eyes mimicked her own pulsating colors. His initial wide eyes and gaping mouth at the hypnosis was adorable, but more than that she loved the soft, dreamy smile his lips curled into as his eyes drooped. She wanted him to be happy, happy with her, to feel good with her.

“Your eyes are . . . rather stunning,” he said, slowly as if it took great effort to follow his train of thought, “but you’ve always had gorgeous eyes . . .” He giggled. “It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t leave the snake exhibit where we met without asking you out.”

Lila pondered if there was a connection, if she accidentally pulled him in when they met by releasing some rings, but she put it out of her mind. Now wasn’t the time. She resumed her melody, her soft voice mixing with the soft colors as her swaying rhythm of their slow dance rocked him into the hypnotic dream. She rose her hum into a swaying ballroom lullaby.

Come sway so closely, come sway along,

Just relax, please, listen to my song,

I’ll hold you gently, I’ll hold you strong,

In my arms, and, then, my tail so long.

You can see, in my eyes I’ll, make you feel soothed,

You can rest, in my coils, the rough edges smoothed,

And I know, it caused a scare, so strange, so new,

But just know, no matter what, I will always still, love you . . .

It’s all so perfect, she thought, and it was about to be even more perfect. Soon she would finally have her tail around her lover.

Sian was smothered with serenity and safety saturating his senses. Whatever this was, hypnosis, sorcery, it charmed him into an utter thrall of placidity. He felt as though he could melt, body and mind. Then came that twirling tune as Lila’s voice echoed into a melody, spinning him further down. He knew she was talented, but he never expected this.

Despite his happy docility he picked up on the last line of her song. Lila said she . . . loved him. They’d never used that word for each other before. He squinted his spinning eyes as his lips parted in a light gasp.

“You . . . love me—?” He grunted as he slackened downward. So focused was he on the beautiful colors and loving words he hadn’t noticed her vast tail snaking around and sliding him into a living chair. It was so relaxing to sit on her soft tail; he was weary of standing. Now he could slouch with no risk of dropping to the floor.

He settled in, a tingling jolt shooting through him at once exciting and relaxing as Lila’s supple tail slid and squeezed around his thighs and lower back; his bottom settled against her cushiony tail, more give to it than he would have guessed given it was, perhaps literally, a ton of muscle.

As Lila hummed her tune she nodded to Sian’s question. To his surprise he nodded with her, not a conscious movement but rather his head followed her eyes of its own accord. It lasted only a moment as Lila steadied her head and Sian’s settled back into a resting position, and he shrugged it off as an effect of his intense focus.

As he sat on Lila’s coils she ran a hand through his hair and he grinned, his head atingle. “Mmmh, thank you,” he muttered. His head lolled as Lila tickled and twirled his short hair. Trimmed straight for the evening, it shifted as Lila scritched through his scalp like he was a puppy; her hypnotic eyes made him feel as loyal as one. Her fingers running through his hair was something of a hidden pleasure for him. He wondered if he might soon experience another, so hidden he didn’t even know about it. He realized how open he was to her coiling around him—an effect of her eyes, or his own secret desire?

Something didn’t seem quite right, though.

His rear settled snugly into her coiling seat, but his denim pants denied him the texture of her pleasing scales.

When Sian asked if she’d said she loved him—no, it wasn’t a question. It was a statement of fact. Lila squeezed him a little more secure in the seat; it was so nice to squeeze her tail around his firm, strong body. Admittedly awkward dancing with herself, moving her coils along with her swaying, but still fun swaying Sian around. She changed the direction she rotated more often to not pull her tail around herself.

She twisted the end of her tail in a tight gesture of joy in response to Sian’s expression of gratitude. Was the thank you for the hand through his hair or the coil seat? Coil seat, definitely coil seat. He was starting to understand and enjoy all the advantages of having a girlfriend with a long, flexible, lithe yet hefty tail.

Lila prepared to slip her way up Sian, finally wrapping around the bare skin of his abdomen as she’d wished to, when he giggled and suggested a different course.

“Would you want to . . . take my pants off?”

Lila’s hum shuffled into a giggle of her own. “Really? Yes, yes, yeeeeesss!” He was so perfectly willing, so open to having her scales around him, he wanted her around his firm, muscular legs—she squeezed her arms around his torso, more excited than possessive. She nodded, again pulling his head about; this time she rolled with it and rotated her head to sway Sian’s and sink him sleepier under the spell, though it quickly became too much for him and he asked her to stop.

She loosened the coil seat and slowed their twirling, swaying dance. Without thinking Lila slipped the end of her tail down his trousers. She blushed. Sian giggled with wide eyes. She’d slithered her tail right over his tightening crotch.

Pulling back would ruin the flow, so Lila slid her tail into his pants leg, along the goosebumped skin and electrified hair of his warm leg. She grinned and sighed, lingering down his leg, and she wondered if she subconsciously did this on purpose to feel his skin sooner. Oh, I want to squeeze and fondle and massage him in my coils so much.

When Lila had rotated her head the muscles in Sian’s neck shifted on their own to follow her sway and keep his gaze on her eyes, a desire to not interrupt the spectacle overriding his control. He found he couldn’t stop and realized this was a binding effect of the hypnosis; his eyes were transfixed forward and his head followed hers as if hooked to a string. Perhaps this meant he was past the point of resisting—if he ever had been—not that he wanted to—not ever.

The metaphorical string between their gazes was lax, though, and Sian found his head striving to keep up. He managed for a couple rolls but felt dizzy and drained as his head lolled about. As she bobbed his head around his eyelids dropped, just open enough to watch her. Even as his eyes felt weighted nothing could break the eye contact, but the struggle to keep them open just drove him deeper into exhaustion.

Sian called her name, mouth agape after every slurred word. “Please, keep your head in one spot . . . it’s making me so”—his overstimulated brain swung between the distractingly soft, electric tingle spreading through his synapses, and his attempts to converse—“tired, but . . .” He moaned in pure pleasure as her velvety scales scraped over his stomach, cool scales sliding over his warm skin. Her pliable tail squeezed around him with the softest squish, intensified by the pressure she caused among his loins.

How could he have ever thought this would be a bad thing?

Lila returned her head to a neutral position, still smiling, still flowing out those beautiful, flowery blues and violets from her eyes. “Ah, sorry, Sian, maybe a bit much.”

It wasn’t that it was uncomfortable, it felt nice to follow the swoon of his enchanting girlfriend loyally back and forth, but it made him so tired. That was the last thing he wanted right now; he was beyond enjoying this euphoria which grew with each passing moment.

That euphoria surged and Sian’s drooping eyes popped open as Lila snaked her tail down his pants, so much brasher than anything she’d ever done. His mouth curled into a grinning smirk—or a smirking grin—or maybe just a grin—as the weight of her tail dropped down his pants leg and caused pressure between his legs. She tugged on the end of his pants, first one then the other. The coil seat shifted to push his pants down off his hips.

“Well,” he murmured, “I guess . . . this is one way . . . to do it.” His lower garment slipped off, leaving him only with comparatively thin underpants and socks. His pants disappeared under the vast, shifting ripples of Lila’s tail along the floor, and she resumed their dance.

Lila sighed. “How’s that, sweetie?”

Sian giggled—even more so as Lila slid her cool scales around his warm midriff with a squeeze that electrified his nerves, his tingling legs settling against the scales of her thick coil seat. He tried to nod at her question but only managed a couple sleepy jerks downward. He hadn’t the power to control his body as she had.

There was a lascivious cavern of his mind that wished for all his coverings to be shed now. After the first taste of her tail against his heated body, it felt as addictive as the hypnosis. Lila wound her way up his torso, squeezing with, as she’d said before, a hug on top of a hug on top of another hug. Sian sat still, everything she did a deliciously sensual slice of heaven for him.

“I wish . . . you’d shown me this sooner, Lila . . .” A pause and grinning sigh interrupted every other word. “I’m sorry for”—he yawned wide, the constant stream of hypnotic colors draining his ability to function—“being so scared earlier. Please . . . your tail . . . go, ahead.”

He sat still in the coil seat awaiting his darling to take liberties with his frame and draw him into her embrace, her tight hold, like his boxer briefs’ tightening as Lila’s tail snaked around his lower body. The lascivious caverns of his mind latched onto his feeling in this area, enhancing his already goofy smile.

Lila grinned as Sian expressed his wish of knowing about this sooner, and apologized for his fear, and plead for her tail. She held her arms close with a squeal, her hands clenched under her chin. “Thank you, yes, I’ll be so gentle, we can make up for all the time we missed.”

“Yes, please,” Sian said. Lila could feel him shift closer, halted by her tail around him, but she obliged by leaning closer so she filled his vision, below him so his head tilted down.

She knew that once he’d felt the joy of her tail around him he would enjoy it. As she tightened the coil seat around his upper legs and waist she grinned—she could definitely feel a bump in his enjoyment. She pondered if she was hypnotizing him into enjoying it, inserting new thoughts and feelings into him, but she waved that consideration away. Her hypnosis only made him feel nice and sleepy. If anything it brought forth existing thoughts and desires held back by fear. I don’t actually alter any of his thoughts, right? Right!

Her tail wobbled and she slithered a thicker portion under the coil seat to prop Sian in a spring formation. She pulled her tail closer as she wound up his waist. With her hands she coaxed his arms to his sides, not one iota of resistance as she positioned him for easier coiling.

“There, that’ll feel even better.” She chuckled and slithered her soft muscular tail around his strong arms and abdomen, squishing the former to his sides. She sighed at the warmth of his skin against her lonely scales. She could feel the quiver of his strong muscles, the flow of his rushing blood—if ever anything felt too restricted or spasmed she would loosen, rub and squeeze elsewhere to balance it out. She kept Sian as safe and comfortable as a strong sleeping bag.

Sian relaxed further as Lila lowered, and he dropped his head to look at her. Much of his mind felt desperation, for her colors, for her tail—if he could move he would rotate to pull her tail around him further. She wrapped up his body and he settled into the comparatively skinny coils around his arms and lower abdomen. His eyes had sipped at the fountain of spirals for—a few minutes, a few hours, time was blurred, all he knew was as time advanced the calming haze grew. Perhaps it was her spell or her tail really did feel this good, but as it wound about him he felt more at ease, more electrified, more blissful than he ever imagined. He felt enraptured as he was encoiled. Nothing could yank him from this heaven, he could learn his house had been nuked and he’d just go on smiling.

Lila laughed as she squeezed Sian’s cheeks in her hands. The melodic charm of her giggle led him to laugh as well.

“I’m glad . . . you’re enjoying this so much,” Sian said.

“Me too,” Lila said, with the smiling gaze of one whose long yearning was finally being satisfied; “this perfect shared happiness.”

The thin end of Lila’s tail wound higher over Sian’s stomach and arms; he knew much thicker loops were to come, but he became aware of a shudder through him as her coils spun around his lower body. The coil seat gyrated against his rear and his rather thin remaining fabric, scales rubbing past his skin all over.

She slithered up his body to scrape her smooth scales over his head. As she coddled his hair he let out a low moan—his head, his eyes, his legs, his lower torso; he tried to imagine his feelings when she closed the gap and wound his upper body. He wondered if he could handle it. He wasn’t sure it mattered.

Lila wound the silky-smooth blanket of her tail further up him, not just thick but heavy as she encased his stomach and lower arms. While she weighed him down, the coil seat and her strong muscles supported Sian’s weight for him, a paradox of being weighed down yet needing less force to hold himself up. She scraped her scales and squeezed her muscles over his chest. Her tail slithered down from his hair to support his chin, squeezing and rubbing her scales against his warm, smooth cheeks. With an admiring gaze she propped her chin under her curled hands. She bunched her shoulders like a spring under pressure, grinning all the more.

She hummed. “By the way, don’t worry about talking if it wears you out too much. I don’t mind silence.”

Sian gave her a swaying grin and quipped back, “You should . . . know by now, silence isn’t one of my, my strong suits . . .” He gave a long, breathy gasp as Lila shifted her tail below to coil more loops over his legs with a heavy grasp. Lila giggled. Her soft, muscled scales squished his legs together with a thickness beyond his own waist. Her tail was so big, he didn’t need to see it, he could simply feel the thick loops, the heavy velvet encasing him.

Sian became so helpless, so wonderfully helpless as his girlfriend claimed inch by inch his physical form—his mental ability already a foregone conclusion at this point. He was so far gone, his only desire for her and to continue drinking in the spirals. That was okay, it was perfect, those pretty irises were like life-giving springs with the bliss he felt from them, with the bliss he felt from his lovely, loving lamia lover girlfriend.

His eyes brightened and he stared deeper as Lila, with a chuckle, lowered her eyeglasses an inch, allowing him to see the swirling beauty perfectly clear. As she caressed his face with her silky-scaly tail he settled into the grasp with a wobbly-wide smile, putty in her hands and coils. He sighed her name, his chin sinking against the tail cupping his chin.

“Kiss me,” Sian said, “please.” Lila beamed.

“Of course, anything for you, my sweet Sian.” Her lips brushed his, her eyes always open sending love into his. Her hands slipped over his cheeks as she slid her tail to the back of his head in a wrapping embrace—the benefits of three prehensile appendages.

Sian smirked. “Anything–mmmpph.” His quip was cut short as his girlfriend pressed her mouth into his, flowing love into both his eyes and mouth. Her tongue held his and almost wrapped around it like her tail around his body, working its way around as she explored and twined and invaded his mouth with the hot, slippery appendage.

It wasn’t like he’d expected her to turn his proposal down; they’d spent many nights locking lips together. Yet something about how she jumped into his request with an open tail fed a nugget of pride that he had not yet succumbed to her hypnotic power. Still a sliver of control left, considering he was at her mercy, though it be plentiful. She treated him like a king, after all.

Yet it was so intoxicating her silencing him in such a fashion. He wanted the kiss to go on forever; his eyes widened and allowed in more colorful rings to brighten his vision. As air grew thin he pulled back, only to sink against the squishy collar against his neck. Lila pulled away and Sian gave a carnal gasp.

“Oh, wow . . . that was the best kiss . . .” He moaned as her coils wrapped further up his body.

Of course, if I may interject, though Lila acquiesced to his request readily, it was one she was all for anyway. And that nugget of resistant pride—well, she gave him what he wanted, so he still had control: a performance a lesser lamia, so to speak, might use to assert further power. “Anything for you”? Yes, the power to choose, but only ever choosing what the lover wants you to.

But not Lila! She meant it truthfully. If Sian wanted her to back off, she would. At least, that’s what she told herself. But this far in, Sian was likely mentally incapable of asking her to cease.

Sian sank, pampered and coaxed deeper into Lila’s lovingly attentive grasp as she wrapped her tail higher, sliding her scales over his warm chest and strong forearms, muscles squishing between his shoulder blades. Her tail slithered an intricate path below, but she soon held most of his chest and back in coils, only his shoulders poking out. The end of her tail she settled over his slacking shoulders, which she tucked into her uppermost loop. She relaxed the end of her tail against the nape of his neck like a scarf.

His tense from, electrified by her greedy, feasting kiss, settled subdued by the rising tide of her cocoon. It was so wonderfully obvious this new form of her could manipulate his feelings and sensations with a simple twist of her tail, rising in passion only to plow back down with her tail’s heavy caress. It led the prideful nugget in his mind wanting to abandon the pride and abandon himself to her.

Lila looked at Sian with bright eyes from over her glasses before she adjusted them back up. She hovered over Sian as she weaved her spell and her hands over him, obliging him to loll his head back against her tail like a pillow, his mind and body sinking into her power—but lightly, slowly, allowing him to remain awake for every second of every coil winding up him and know how safe and lovely it was.

Small pants escaped Sian’s lips while he recovered from her kiss. As Lila guided him to crane his head up and follow her blooming eyes a new thought squeezed in among the comfort and arousal—he was tired. Oh God, was he exhausted. His mouth hung open, and as the tide of her tail rose he moaned again—or yawned, perhaps both. As tired as he was all the other thoughts squeezed his exhaustion into further pleasure.

Her body twisted sliding around him, flowing over his still frame like water, loop after loop corkscrewing up, all the while the coil seat spun below him. It was hard to understand a lot, but her tail’s dexterity was hardest of all, her ability to do all this while twirling the end of her tail like she would a hand.

“Can we do this . . . every night? I feel like . . . this might be better than”—Sian blushed—“sex.” Lila tickled the front of his upturned neck with her scales, one loop away from holding his neck, and he shivered.

“I would love that,” Lila said. She chuckled. “And I wholeheartedly agree. My tail all over your body, your dreamy face looking into my eyes . .. What further pleasures could we ask for? Well”—she narrowed her eyes and raised her eyebrows—“there are some deeper hypnotic spells with other pleasures I could show you. But tonight I just wanted to help you relax . . .”

“There’s . . . more?” whispered Sian. Lila smirked. Sian’s grin had already physically reached full capacity. His tingling body twitched at the thought of even further pleasure than he felt right now. He was utterly in love with his lamia girlfriend as she daintily closed her tail around his throat like a hugging pillow, loose enough to not choke him but close enough that he swallowed against her strong muscles. He moaned at the scaly squishing tail winding around his neck. He felt a twinge of regret that the sliding coiling was coming to an end, though he knew he would succumb to the yawning chasm of sleep any moment now.

“There can be so much more,” Lila said.

“More . ..” The concept was almost overwhelming at this point, but he was wide open to it. Sian had to pause to make an attempt at some substitute for thinking after every word. “Sign me”—he yawned, he was so tired now—“up, darling. But how could you . . .” His voice failed him as Lila convolved around him with the entirety of her tail. The coiling wasn’t over, yet—she was wrapping thicker loops up him. Oh God, all her cool, soft scales that coated the forgiving muscle gyrating around him felt utterly melting, electrifying, dominating. Sian gave a feeble mewl as Lila dwarfed his body in coils, no way for him to combat anything she was doing.

No desire to combat anything she was doing.

“Later,” Lila said to his unfinished question. “Such joys can be later. Right now, sleep.”

Palpitations jostled her body as she held Sian fully in her tail. Every inch of skin, every muscle, his tingling hairs, his ragged breaths, the warmth flowing through him as his blood pumped through his body under her; she loved every inch of him, their bodies’ rhythms falling into the same pace.

She slithered her thicker tail up him further. Having coils merely as thick as his waist wasn’t enough, and she still had some tail on the floor that could join in on the joy. She slithered around him, brushing her scales over his skin. It proved difficult to slither the thickest portions along the path she’d made, but soon everything below Sian’s chest was wrapped in tail as broad as his shoulders.

When one of his muscles twitched, she relaxed a bit; if she felt circulation somewhere slow down, she loosened and rubbed elsewhere to aid the flow. His chest rose against her tail; she squeezed in and out until his breathing matched her own, always giving him enough space to breathe freely. Well, mostly. A little tighter hug never hurt anyone. But everywhere his body moved, externally and internally, she adjusted to keep him safe and sound.

Lila patted his head with the end of her tail, and he giggled. She gave him a soft, elevated smile.

“Anything uncomfortable or needs adjusting, dear Sian?” She knew her coils were adjusted perfectly to hold his body in comfort, his muscles relaxed and blood flow smooth, but it was nice to let him know she was thinking of his comfort.

Sian remained still. He had no reason to move. He sat in the perfect bed, his lamia girlfriend’s tail mattress, covers, and pillow all in one. It took him a moment to register that she’d asked a question, but the answer was obvious.

“Perhaps we can . . . go lay down, Lila . . . ’m so tired . . . sleep . . .” His eyelids bounced up and down, torn between the desire to sleep and the desire to look at Lila.

“Of course,” Lila said, tilting her coils and Sian back, “you must be so sleepy by now.” She made Sian’s choice between desires for him as she drifted a hand down his forehead to coax his eyes shut.

“Yes, tired . . .” He was so pleased to be so tired, in a level of relaxation beyond any he’d ever experienced, his mind drifting off for the night. He settled into her coils, the last thing in his vision her swirling eyes of beauty and smiling face that echoed in his head. “Sleepy . . . sleep.” Like giving himself his own hypnotic command, Sian’s frame relaxed as he slipped from consciousness into the welcoming coils of slumber, the pulsing blues and violets swimming through his head with smothering calm and pleasure.

“Yes, sleep sleepily.” Lila laughed.

She pulled Sian with her coils to the couch. She looked between him and the sofa. The floor was cold, but he was warm, and her tail warmed up around him. He and her tail were fine on the floor. She leaned him alongside the couch and twisted her tail under his head for a pillow as thick as his head.

With a yawn Lila slid onto the couch and removed her glasses, but she kept her eyes upon Sian. She squeezed his cheeks in her hands; he was just so cute asleep in her coils, an adorable-cute-squeezy-handsome-face-sleepy-cutie-darling-precious-hunky

She leaned down and kissed his warm cheek, kissed his other cheek, and brushed her lips over his smile. She ran a hand through his hair one last time before settling on the couch, though she still watched him, squeezing every now and then.

In a way she was jealous of her own tail, getting to hold Sian so snugly. As much as she enjoyed having her tail enclosed on all sides of him, she’d like to wrap them together sometime. That was for later, though. All the work she did pampering Sian tonight left her tired, too. She pulled a blanket off the couch top and tossed it over her. Though most of her tail was uncovered she slept warmer that night than most others, and she dozed off transfixed by Sian’s sleeping, smiling face until she dreamed of them dancing, airborne, free.

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