Patreon and Ko-fi

THIS PAGE IS DEFINITELY OUTDATED. My Patreon is gonna be phased out and probably utilized by my romance/erotica works instead. The Ko-fi will still be up if you wanna donate.

There are two ways you can give to the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, and they both result in cool stuff in return!

Duth Olec’s Patreon is where you can give a monthly donation. $1, $2, $3, any $ is appreciated! If you give $1, you’ll get to see weekly updates and you’ll get a copy of a released CCC ebook, while $2 also lets you put a word on this website! $3 gets all that but you also get to read each chapter half a month earlier than anyone else (I post chapters at the start of each month, so you can see it in the middle of the previous month.) At the moment I’m working towards just $30/month–if we can get there, I’ll release a video thanking everyone and reading from some future works.

Duth Olec’s Ko-fi is where you can give a one-time donation. The website labels donations as “coffees”, with each coffee being a $3 donation. I like pizza more though so let’s call them pizza slices. Pie-sah? I dunno. Since these are one-time donations you get different things from Patreon–one coffee ($3) is a copy of an ebook plus the next unreleased CCC chapter or story sent before anyone else. With six coffees (or $18) I’ll send you a signed physical copy of a CCC book along with an exclusive bookmark! Finally, at ten coffees (or $30) (but seriously, ten coffees, who am I, Garfield?) I will also put your name in the next book! Maybe as a character! Okay probably not as a character. Unless you want that? Like Patreon, at about 30 coffees or so I will release a video thanking everyone and reading some future works (separate from the Patreon one, so we could get two videos, oh geeze that’s too many videos for me!!)

If you don’t or can’t give any money, don’t fret! Everything I post up on this website is free to read, so have a look! And let’s cripple capitalism together Did I say that?