Merry Clichemas! Have a Clichemas tale

I originally went shopping around the end of November. By “went shopping” I mean I ordered stuff online. There were lists for each people, and I got stuff on the list, and got them delivered, and wrapped them, and all was good.

I got my brother the movies Interstellar and The Brothers Grimsby. Turns out his girlfriend also got him those later! She didn’t know, I don’t think.

Before I’d ordered I’d shown my mom the gifts so she was aware. I got my dad The Princess Bride (the movie). You know where this is going; my mom got my dad that movie, too! An older release, actually, at an actual store nearby. Well, I told her I’d gotten him that. I thought she returned it. She didn’t. Must have slipped her mind. He got two copies!

It’s the Clichemas of duplicate gifts.

My mom got my brother’s girlfriend Secret Life of Pets, my dad got my mom Secret Life of Pets, and my mom also got my dad Secret Life of Pets.


Communication is key to any good Clichemas.

I’ll tell you what Clichemas is in a couple years.

Merry End of 2016!

It’s Christmas! Is a Post ‘Bout My Holiday Cliché? It’s Clichemas time! Oh Boy! Hooray!

Today is Christmas, or as they say in my brain, Clichemas. What is Clichemas, you ask? The most cliché day of the whole year! But I’ll tell you about that later. Much later. For now, let’s take a quick look at the results of this day.

1 - Dt5ANky

Our tree fell over. Well, our house fell over. Well, actually, I just took the picture sideways and don’t feel like righting it. I took these pictures with the 3DS, so they’re all kind of horrible quality. But that’s what Clichemas is all about! Or… so I assume. I haven’t worked out all the details yet.

So what did I get on this day? I got a mug full of antidote.

2 - ehckY8d

In more activity-related news, I got games and books. Books and games!

4 - moTCSss

And you may have noticed something in the corner of that picture. I got a Homestuck.

3 - XH2nxax

Anyway, shirts. I got another shirt about being lazy. It’s like a theme with me?

7 - qffoOCl

And finally, more Dinosaur Comics and Homestuck.

5 - i12ZnHN

The one on the left is a Hero of Time shirt… because I’m a Hero of Time. Probably?? But they were actually too small so my brother’s going to send ’em back to get bigger sizes. But, hey, you know what they say…

6 - FaWfcAv

“oh well”

And, of course, today we went off to meet with relatives and stuff. This. This is what Clichemas is truly all about: going out to meet with family whom you have no idea who they are.


Seriously. I do not actually know who this guy was. My only guess is an uncle-in-law.

Hmm. Putting his picture on the internet without his permission or knowledge may not be the best idea.

But best ideas are not what Clichemas is all about.

Now if you excuse me, I think I just heard the Christmas tree fall down in the other room.