My first novel is now available for purchase!

My first novel, Slubes, is now available on the Createspace store!

I will make another post later today (Tuesday) after the ebook version is available on Amazon, and once more after the paperback is available on Amazon (which should be 2-5 days or something). (Edit: Apparently it’s already up!

This is it, folks! I have crossed the threshold! I’ve jumped the gorge and am on the other side! I get to tell people that I wrote a novel, and that it has been published, no matter how self that may be!

It’s getting late–although not as late as late was last night, I have to say–and I want to be up at a decent time tomorrow–unlike today–so this is about all I will say on it now, but don’t forget I do still have a raffle going, so a couple free copies are still up for grabs! Later I will have a new character profile, and tonight at 18 Eastern Standard time I will have a stream where I’ll read from and talk of the novel.

The shortest raffle ever

I’ve started a raffle for my novel–two people can win a free copy of it when it’s released. I really should have started it a week earlier, though–it just kind of slipped my mind. Whoops.

You can enter by tweeting it on Twitter, following me on Twitter, and… apparently posting a comment on the blog. I’m not sure how it works, to be honest, so let’s just plunge ahead and see if I’ve done it right!

And if you’re wondering why you don’t an entry for liking on Facebook, I don’t like Facebook.

Click here to enter a rafflecopter and fly around and maybe get a free book!

Edit: Apparently you can enter your own raffle! While certainly silly, it does let me test it out. Apparently Rafflecopter doesn’t test for the blog comment itself, the person running the blog has to make sure they actually have posted. So, uh, just make sure I can match the comment with the entry if you do that.

Oh I forgot to mention this article I wrote

On Obscure Authors Alliance, I posted this up a few hours ago:

After this I’m probably going to note new posts I make there on Twitter instead, though you can see that on this blog on the side anyway.

By the way, I noticed that you can restrict comments that feature a certain word and have them placed in a moderation queue. That gave me a really stupid idea: have a contest where a random word is chosen, and if that word is said and the comment is put in a queue, the person who made it gets a prize! I don’t have any prizes but if I ever do that contest is stupid enough to be something I’d do! (Not that it’d be stupid enough to work, but…)