Time in the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos

One of the complicated things I’ve found I have to do for the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos is time. Just time in general. It doesn’t make much sense for all three main planets to have the same year and day cycle, so it could be a completely different part of the year on one planet, or day. Sure, on just one planet it can be 3:00 at one place and 19:00 on the other, but here is a situation where it can be 21:00 on one planet and the other two don’t even have this time.

To ease confusion where one planet may have more days than another, I calculated day and year length to be roughly equal among all the planets. This is also roughly equal to the length on Earth. Isn’t nature weird and not at all being manipulated by someone who can’t be bothered to deal with this sort of stuff??

The other side of time shenaginags is that I’ve never really bothered to figure out when exactly events take place. This is no problem for Slubes and Darmenzi, which only happen over a 5-day span, but the third novel will take place well over a year, so if those events have to be referenced it would pay to know exactly when things happen.

Speaking of referenced, in Darmenzi there was a scene where Numer is watching television and hears the line, “… announcement today by New Zhopolis snowble governor Christen that they would set aside a portion of the public building renovations budget to form a new district to create housing for the homeless…” A reference to the third novel, but since writing that I’ve changed the timeline so this novel happens a year earlier, so that line will no longer work. I had to change it, but first I would need to figure out what was going on in the third novel at the time to see if I could fit another future reference in.

So aside from creating an actual calendar for these planets, I need to determine exactly what days all the events take place.

Once upon a time I had the ability to be bored.

Small sample of what I’m currently working on

Crawber (2 mil (.19 mil Hackney, 1.5 mil Interp, .31 mil other), Floggle (2 mil (1.5 mil Interp, .5 mil other)), Kasdde (1 bil), Shiffle (1 bil), Slube (.4 mil (.29 mil Hackney, .8 mil Interp, .3 mil other)), Smarmel (2.5 mil (.31 mil Hackney, 1.2 mil Interp, .99 mil other)), Spiest (negligible), Stroo (2.1 mil (.21 mil Hackney, 1.5 mil Interp, .39 mil other)), Thyvae (2 mil (1.2 mil Interp, .8 mil other)), Verk’lon (1.3 bil)

Th…That’s the sample. Before I get back to Darmenzi work I’m getting some information down into my encyclopedia that I’ve really needed for a while, some of which I’ve just been trying to pretend that I can ignore it and it won’t matter.

Population size is not one of these things, although I can now report that Mintop’s total population of intelligent creatures is about 6.5 billion, a little behind Earth actually.

What I’ve really needed to make note of is length of year and day on these planets. I can now confirm Mintop has a 398-day year with a 22-hour day. Roughly. And yes, if you calculate it, it is close to the ratio of Earth year-day-hour. It’s almost like some guy in a cloud wanted to make things easy on everyone.

I still need to make an actual list of everything I need, though. I’m also figuring up the population size of some areas, I’m going to sketch out an actual map (probably), and I want to make note of more information on some organizations, such as size. According to my data, Conrad had 823 spleeches on board his scouting space station, but as of Darmenzi only 183 are left with him. Who knows where the other 640 are. Maybe they’re all stacked on top of each other in threes wearing trench coats.

I have a weird sleep schedule

Yesterday I woke up about noon o’clock or so, had to go do errands outside. About an hour before midnight I got really tired and dozed off, but I didn’t turn off my computer or use the pillows or even turn my light off, so I consider it a nap. I just woke up several hours later, so now it was the middle of the night. I’ve been up since then. I’m starting to get tired now, though, so I might have to go to bed for real soon, about 24 hours after I woke up yesterday.

Disclaimer: I am a young person. Do not try this at work.