Odemon #751

Two Dewpider met on a lone road
Their bubbles up, expanding and blowed
Displayed all mighty, one was smaller
Got out of the way of the one that’s taller
Poor small Dewpider, bubble so weak
“Hey there!” a Masquerain shouted. Dewpider screamed and stumbled back. “Having trouble with your poor bubble?”
“Don’t do that!” Dewpider said. “You almost scared the bubble right out of me, it’s not nice to sneak up on Pokemon like that!”
“Then you need new Quality Brand Extra-Strength Bubble Soap!”
“Besides, I don’t care if my bubble is small, I like it.”
“Yes, Qualiy Brand Extra-Strength Bubble Soap will leave your dirty, unclean bubble feeling fresh and sparkling, every time!”
“It’s not hard to maintain and–what? No, my bubble’s not dirty. It’s fine. Who are you, anyway?”
“Just take this poor fellow right here, just look at his bubble.”
“With Quality Brand Extra-Strength Bubble Soap you’ll be clean in an instant!” Masquerain tossed a bar of soap into Dewpider’s bubble. Soap suds filled it.
“Seriously, first you scare me, then you– Oh, bleah! My bubble’s filled with soap now!” Dewpider coughed and spit. “I can’t even breathe in here! Where’s a lake? Where’s a lake?”
“Quality Brand Extra-Strength Bubble Soap! Clean water, clean breathing.”

Pokemon Moon Comic 61 and 62

I really like how this one came out. The book, Oranguru considering it was my first time drawing it. Some of the Pokemon were cramped, especially around Dewpider and Wishiwashi, but it worked out well. I also realized the circles on the book should’ve been angled a bit but oh well. I liked it enough to make a version without names.

This one is just silly.

Pokemon Moon Comic 41-50: Refreshing Glass of Bugbus

It’s been a while since the last posting of these. Not doing the dayjob now means I have more time, but working heavily on the novels means I have less time. My schedule showed I should’ve had comic 50 done a week ago, since I want to do three a week… Anyway, in this group we get a couple evolutions (including one of the best gen 7 Pokemon), some new team members, and a trial. Also I would legit pay $60 for a Hey You, Wooper! game.