Odemon #132

Bibarel bucks basics. There’s a sound! Somewhere out in why? It’s just stuff a Stufful dear Hariyama, How shining bright lion Pheromosa… They say “Everyone into position! A scream pierced they have no Normal in autumn in a little in the spring flying through the flying through the the Star of Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, puffer, huffer, fish the name’s Noir. He was the ’round and ’round L is for it was another Chingling bells, Chingling gallantry in contest, Nidoking is a “Be careful in ’tis never a lovable Lickitung is “We need a whimsical whimsy, performed all was quiet mud scattered as the gears turn Talking Yakking Mumbling when you got drag of truth ons dragons of truth Iron Man! Iron it wasn’t supposed “And we’re back Spring brings Goldeen Pikachu and Charizard la la la scuttle in the as far back in the beginning with a thunk, “Hey, guys! Wait Item #: SCP-P779 little ol’ Weedle Gross Rotten Icky

-Odemon #132 Ditto

Notes scribbled in a library book

Seriously, who would do that? This is a library book. It exists for lots of people to read. Even if the notes you scribbled are kind of hilarious, it doesn’t excuse it. What would excuse it is if the book was once owned by someone else who had made the notes and then gave the book to the library, in which case you flip over from being lame to being cool. Your notes are still silly though so they’re getting posted.


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