Odemon #269

Welcome to the final round of the Pro Wrestletimes Big Fight Wrestle Tournament Wrestle! In one corner, weighing in at a lot, Mr. Wrestleguy!
A big ol’ wrestleguy stood in one corner, muscles and fat all over the place, a singlet and shaggy hair over his body. He roared, shaking his head.
And his opponent, in the other corner… uh…
Some kind of moth or something. Ding!
Mr. Wrestleguy charged and slammed into Dustox. The Poison Moth Pokemon wobbled but otherwise hardly fell. It flew over Mr. Wrestleguy and a dust scattered over the arena. Mr. Wrestleguy shouted at the bug but then fell over, groaning. Dustox landed on the prone Wrestleguy and grinned.
The winner!

-Odemon #269 Dustox

Odemon #265

Wurmple, oh Wurmple,
Whatcha gonna be?
Soon you will evolve,
Then you will be free.
Well actually not yet,
First you’re in a shell.
During those three levels,
You will be in hell.
Wurmple, oh Wurmple,
Which way will you go?
Two separate evolutions,
How you choose it none know.
Will you choose the path
That lets you fly?
Or will you choose the path
That also, uh, lets you fly?
But which also has poison.
So that’s cool.
Will you choose the path
With the weird stringy mouth?
Or will you choose the path
Not really any particularly distinguishing characteristics in my mind, to be honest.
I guess kind of weird eyes.
And wings that usually look like a kite more than actual wings.

-Odemon #265 Wurmple