Odemon #119

Fins flailing, water surging behind him, Seaking charged into the rock at the edge of the lake, drilling a hole into it with his long horn.
“There! Done.” Seaking swam to the surface. “I made a hole for us to hide the egg in until it’s ready to hatch.
Wailord peered at the hole, no wider than one of her fins. “That’s great, sweetie, but…” She looked to the side. “Do you think the egg will fit?”
Seaking looked at the egg. It was about as big as Seaking.
“Hmm, it might be a tight fit.”

-Odemon #119 Seaking

Odemon #440

With a thunk, metal bars blocked the shop’s exit. There was no way to leave.
“Hey, what’s with the lockdown?” Sonic the Hedgehog asked.
“Sonic, you can’t just take my merchandise, even if you are a hero,” the shopkeep said. “That golden egg is very rare, you’ll have to purchase it.”
“Hey, what do I look like, I’m made of money?”
“Don’t you go around collecting rings?”
“No money, no egg.”
“Oh, fine.” Sonic tossed the egg back on the pedestal, and the metal bars retracted. Sonic ran out of the store to go save the world or something.
A Happiny skipped into the shop, so short the shopkeep didn’t even noticed. It dropped the gold egg into its pouch, placed its white stone on the pedestal, and then left the shop as if this were a perfectly normal and not at all illegal thing to do.

-Odemon #440 #Happiny

Pokemon Moon Comic 67: Team Update 10 (plus bonus image)

As hinted at last time, Mimikyu has been added to the party, slick, along with Mareanie. This is a bittersweet point–Sludgy-Mouth is gone, who ended up being ridiculously fun to draw in the comic, but she is gone now. On the other hand, now we have Slick. MIMIKYU JOKES FOREVER.

I also have a bonus image. I’ve been drawing these in MS Paint but I’m going to move to Gimp entirely so I can use layers, but because of that it would be easier to start drawing it with smooth edges instead of the pixelly ones I’ve been doing. I made a test drawing with both styles and I still don’t know ahh

And yes this is an Inkling from Splatoon with a Mareanie hairstyle. You can change your hairstyle in Spla2n and I really want a Mareanie hairstyle available.

Pokemon Moon Comic 66: Wonderful Trade


It’s a true story, too. I had been trying to get a Mareanie, but Corsola is rare and even when I found one it was a pain to make it call for help so when I finally got a Mareanie but its nature was bad I figured I would just make some Mareanie eggs, that’d be easier! Fortunately I got a female. But I didn’t have a male of the right egg group! I could’ve just gotten a male Wingull or something, but I figured Wonder Trading to get what I needed would be more interesting. Since I almost practically skipped gen 6 I never got to try it much.

By the time I was done, not only did I get this Chinese Mimikyu, but I also got a Litten, a Rowlett, AND a Popplio! (The last of which ended up being the Mareanie’s father.)