Let’s look at some wild animals of Zhop! or, talk about our feelings

Yeah here’s a profile on the wild animals of Zhop. That’s about it!

Been feeling kind of mentally crummy this week which is why there’s been no Odemon. I’ll probably return to it next week, but it’s hard for me to now see fan works as not “free advertising for a capitalist institution”.

If only I’d done, like, Odertale instead or something. “Odewebcomics which is one of the few forms of media I don’t see terribly tainted by capitalism”.

Of course, the somewhat official loss of net neutrality on Monday didn’t help. It all kind of makes it hard to feel like there’s ANYTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO ANYMORE. Everything is bad and will get worse. You know the only thing I feel I can look forward to now?

Writing novels and stories.

Which is less sustainable without net neutrality…

Smashwords Interview

Some three years after the feature was introduced, I made an interview for myself on Smashwords. Because I like talking about myself, but I really like responding about myself, which for the most part is what I did. Only a few questions I typed in myself since they were specifically related to the Duth Olec persona or I thought it would be useful. Eleven questions right now, I dunno what the limit is but I’ll probably just add another each month or a few when an event takes place.


See the interview copy and pasted on the blog here!

Suddenly update!

I have been super busy the last couple months, but all through the busy I’ve been editing Slubes, making for double busy. The first busy is starting to wind down, though, and I’m about 80% through with this edit of Slubes, after which I do one final read-through and then boom it’s time to get cracking on putting it through the process of making it a book. This I hope to work on in January and February, so I might have an announcement come then.

Speaking of those two months, my dayjobwork will continue until at least the end of January most likely. At that point I’m going to try and actually be “furloughed” aka “we don’t have enough work for you” aka “i wanna vacation”. At that point I can try to be more active around here! Who knows what the future could bring. Chocolate-covered celery? Maybe!

2013 Retrospective: Continue With the Cliche Posts!

Like having a post for Christmas is probably cliche, having one looking back on the previous year is probably even moreso. And yet, I have to do it, because 2013 was probably the biggest year for me… ever??

Read all about it, if you will!

150 Encyclopedia Entries; Also, What’s Going on with Me

I’ve talked quite a bit on Obscure Authors Alliance about writing an encyclopedia for a novel’s universe.

My encyclopedia has now reached 150 entries for species, characters, organiztaions, and locations. From the uniquely-shelled arkents to the pragmatic wrallots; from the unfortunately-named Aĉçöís̈ɲđị0 to the giant, yet not massive, Zykardo; 150 entries is a lot. There’s almost 232 words per average here: 34,782 total. And I tend to just work on this during my free time.

Anyway, aside from that, I’ve been working on the personal summary for my 3rd novel (I know, hardly anything said on my 2nd and I’m mentioning my 3rd! But it really is 2 or 3 months before I should have started on it–I just got excited by a friend releasing his novel, so now every few days I work a bit on the summary). I’m also considering starting on some revision for a short story I finished writing a month or two ago.

I know, I know. “What about the 2nd novel??” you ask. Well, frankly, I don’t know who this “you” is. Or are. I’m not sure, I went from using you as a pronoun to a regular noun so it went from 2nd person to 3rd person. Regardless, I’m on the verge of starting the big revision project for that, and yet I pause–I really want to actually get a paying job so I have some money before I get back to heavy writing work. Mostly because I don’t want to break apart writing work with the stress from actually looking for a job.

I currently have about $50 to my name and in about a month I have twice that due in student loans. I don’t think noveling will pay that off just yet. Remind me why taking out a grillion dollars of student loan money was worth a college degree?? Look, all I’m saying is, maybe I should have waited for Obama’s America to reach the colleges and make all colleging free forever.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me. My plan is to start revising the next novel next month–I want at least 3 months to work on that before NaNoWriMo comes up.

Also, I may or may not start trying to have a new blog post every few days on whatever the hex I can come up with to say, and once a day on Twitter. Will I make this goal? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I can try!