New! Wandering Fortunes Chapter 20: To the Ends of Zhop

Here we are, chapter 20 of Wandering Fortunes, the longest chapter in the novel so far and the end of part 1! Alden and his friends have to flee Zhop from the Zhopian Guard. They get what family they can and make a great escape–or at least an adequate escape–well, I certainly hope it’s adequate. With the way things look, they might need a leg up–but the Zhopian Guard might even shoot that leg off! The jerks. I don’t even know if they’ll make it…

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Odemon #151

In the beginning, Arceus created the heavens and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Hooves of Arceus moved upon the face of the waters.
And Arceus said,
“Hey Arceus.”
“What?” Arceus turned around. Floating in the formless void was Mew, watching Arceus.
“Sup? Doing a little art project?” Mew asked.
“What are you doing here?” Arceus said. “I have yet to even create life, let alone a world for them to inhabit, let alone light to shine on them!”
Mew paddled its feet through the air as if swimming. “Yeah, but I’m the ancestor of all Pokemon, y’know? And you’re a Pokemon, so that means I’m your dad.”
“What? No, that is not possible!” Arceus yelled.
“You know it to be true, son!”
“Oh, fig this!” A Bronzor appeared, somehow. “That sucks! I’m going to write this part out of our Arceus religion!”
“OH YEAH WELL I’M MAKING MY OWN RELIGION” Mew screamed. “I’m calling it ‘Nya ^_^’ and it’ll have all the Holidays!”
And that’s how the two main religions of the Pokemon world were born.

-Odemon #151 Mew

New short story! A holiday classic! Holy text of the Archussip religion! What?

A brand-new short story has gone up for the holiday season! In chapter 7 of Wandering Fortunes, the religion of Archussip was mentioned and talked about. This is the holy text of that religion. It is a moral-addled story of why you should obey the invisible pony sky god, Gourd, and why They are so great and why science is so bad? And also, Hollywood?

I wouldn’t call it a mess, per se… I’d call it a religious text. Archussipism is a religion rivaling that of, say, Scientology, or Mormonism, or… Catholicism.

feel free to tell me what you think!!

Now up, Wandering Fortunes chapter 7: The Obsidian City

Chapter 7 of Wandering Fortunes is now up. The Obsidian City, New Zhopolis, finally appears! Big city! Tall buildings! Dim lights!  Innumerable residents! Numerable but still a pretty high number of species! Subways, districts, roads, vehicles, orators, scam artists, grumps, racism, and jerks, jerks, jerks!

Wait, somewhere along the line that took a turn for the worse. Will the big city turn out to be all that it promises to be? Or will it turn out to be more than that and it turned out we just didn’t hear its promises right the first time?

As always, I post these chapters early for $3+ patrons on Patreon, so this chapter has been available for a couple weeks now and patrons will be able to see more of Alden and his friends’ adventures in The Big City in just a couple weeks. Even if you give just one dollar though you still get to see things early, as I post weekly updates that include a snippet of work much further ahead. You can take a look at a bit of chapter ten already!