Odemon #585

In the spring is fresh
Pink fur and whoa whoa whoa now, wait a sec,
Another season haiku so quick? Well heck,
Let’s not repeat, let’s get a different beat,
Let’s try something different and neat.
It’s Deerling, hear? These little fawns
Change their look as a new season dawns.
First we have Spring,
As the birds take wing,
We got pink Deerling,
On its head is flower bling.
Next we got Summer,
This heat is a bummer,
The green fur’s a newcomer,
As the bugs are all-a-hummer.
Third season’s Autumn,
Orange fur’s got ’em,
Hide in the leaves as they taught ’em,
Color unchanging on the bottom.
Fourth season’s Winter,
Like the others it’s a tinter
Of the fur that is not hinter
‘Cause now this fawn’s a brown sprinter.

-Odemon #585 Deerling

Odemon #351

Normal in autumn
A plain look, puffy and gray
Then comes the whoa whoa wait what is this
There are more syllables than normal, what the—
Okay calm down, just keep going like everything’s fine
Then comes the winter, with cloudy swirling snow and hail blizzard
The weather warms, the snow melts, the rain drops start falling
A head of water like the drops all around
Then the sun shines and heat bakes the earth
A sunny head, then returns
Plain autumn Castform

-Odemon #351 Castform