Odemon #430

Lanter the Chinchou sat at the edge of a pond, fishing. This was despite the fact the pond was too small to actually support any fish life, but that was what he told people he did if they asked. It sounded better than “trying to avoid interaction with other Pokemon”.
Not that anyone ever did ask.
Something black and shabby splashed into the pond. Lanter jumped back and slipped on his small feet, sliding into the pond.
Lanter saw a Murkrow flail in the lake, swearing to themself under their breath. The Murkrow splattered their way to shore, shaking water off their feathers. Lanter watched from under the pond, unnoticed, as the Murkrow glanced about as if watching for someone.
“Lookin’ for me, youse worm?”
Murkrow squawked and flapped back. “Boss Krow!”
A Honchkrow watched Murkrow from a tree branch. “You weren’t thinking of gettin’ away from me, was youse?”
Murkrow shook their head. “No, no, no, of course not, Boss Krow, I was just out, I was tryin’a get ‘dat Porygon’s head like you said–”
Boss Krow smacked Murkrow across teh face. “My intel was tellin’ me youse found ‘dat Porygon but let it go wit’out a fight. You tryin’a make me look a fool?”
“No, of course not!” Murkrow said. “I was just—You don’t understand, it–”
Boss Krow gashed Murkrow, and the bird fell to the pond. “You don’t ever tell me I don’t understand something, got it?” He pushed Murkrow’s head into the pond with a foot. The bird flailed under Boss Krow. “You’d be sleepin’ with the fishes, but this pond don’t seem big enough to support any fish. That’s what youse deserve. Sleepin’ with ‘da stagnant water.”
Murkrow stopped flailing and lay lifeless in the water. Without another glance Boss Krow walked off.
Lanter didn’t leave the pond for another whole hour just in case Boss Krow or another Murkrow came back and thought he’d seen it all. If anybody asked, he hadn’t.

-Odemon #430 Honchkrow