Odemon #130

The battle raged on for forty days and thirteen nights. (How’s that for an opener?) (Also THEY HAD TO SLEEP SOMETIME, that’s why it’s only thirteen nights!) Human against human, Pokemon against Pokemon. Spears clashed, swords slashed, Pokemon smashed. Camerupt charged into Venusaur, Pignite slammed into Umbreon, Masquerain buzzed at Grumpig. Goomy and Kricketot and other small Pokemon fled from the carnage.
Then a mountain broke. Shattered in two, a great fierce beast emerged from it. Gyarados had arrived, destruction incarnate. The soldiers and Pokemon turned to see what was now their ultimate fate. The Gyarados’ mouth flashed. The Hyper Beam was here.
And with that…
Well, the ground was scorched a little bit.
A combatant, once a professor, informed everyone that Gyarados in fact has rather low special attack, and since Hyper Beam is a special move, it’s kind of weak.
Gyarados fell to the ground, exhausted from the attack.
Everyone looked at each other and decided to kill the Gyarados while it was recharging before it could really attack.
And that’s why Gyarados is known as the calmer of war.

-Odemon #130 Gyarados