Pokemon Moon Comic 106: Combala

whoa what i’m doing this again?? A GREAT COMIC TO START THIS BACK AGAIN HUH?? I’ve actually had this comic forrrrrr FIVE MONTHS!? Gourd. I’d meant to actually post it a few months ago I guess but things prevented me from doing so and then I just kept not doing it, every time I remembered I was busy and then I forgot later. I actually do have a couple more done but I’m going to continue the monthly posting I’d intended on doing until I finish. And I do, in fact, intend on finishing. Just maybe not until gen 9 comes out…

Odemon #775

Joltik ran down the sidewalk. “Come on, guys, hurry up!”
Garbodor followed Joltik, trailing garbage behind. “Right behind you, Joltik!”
Shelmet hopped along after. “Oh, dear.” He hopped around the garbage. “Fellas! Oh, Garbodor, could you keep yourself a little bit better together?”
Joltik stopped outside a playground. “There he–” Garbodor stepped on him.
“I’m here, Joltik!” Garbodor looked around.
Shelmet hopped next to him, panting. “I do wish you would wait for me to catch up.” He looked around. “Garbodor, where’s Joltik?” They heard muffled yelling and Garbodor lifted his foot. Joltik was stuck on the bottom.
“Oh, there you are, Joltik!” Garbodor pulled him off.
“Why don’t you watch where you’re–” Joltik shouted but then covered his mouth. He shushed them and pointed to the playground.
“Hey, it’s Komala!” Garbodor said. In the middle of the playground sat Komala, hugging his log as always.
“That’s right,” Joltik said, “and have I got a primo scam planned today. Just follow my lead, boys.”
Joltik walked up to Komala and stretched his legs. “Boy, I sure am rested! Aren’t you guys?”
“Oh, uh, yes, indeedy,” Shelmet said, “I certainly do feel revitalized and invigorated.”
“I’m fresh,” Garbodor said.
“Oh, hey Komala,” Joltik said. “Didn’t see you there.”
“What’s up, Joltik?” Komala asked. “You guys have been getting great rest, too?”
“That’s right,” Joltik said. “Ever since we found the Magical Snorlax Bed we’ve been getting the best night’s sleep ever.”
“Really? Cool!” Komala said. “I love getting a good night’s sleep. A good day’s sleep, too.”
“Indeed, a restful night’s sleep is important to mainting a healthy lifestyle,” Shelmet said.
“Beds are tasty,” Garbodor said.
“As it turns out, we happen to have a map leading to the Magical Snorlax Bed,” Joltik said, holding up a piece of paper. “It’s how we found it.”
“Neato! Could I visit the bed, Joltik?” Komala asked.
“Sure thing, just a quarter and I’ll let you have the map,” Joltik said.
“Sure thing– What?” Komala squeezed his log. “What’s that, Log? Really?” He looked at Joltik. “Wow, Log said he’d give you a whole dollar if you lead us to the bed.”
“A whole dollar?” Joltik shouted. “Sure thing! Hang on and we’ll be back!” Joltik grabbed Shelmet and Garbodor somehow. “Let’s go!”
“But Joltik–” Shelmet’s plea fell on deaf ears.

-Odemon #775 Komala