Odemon #301

This is the story of Delcatty
In life not a single care
Naps and sleeps
And plays and eats
All that matters is grooming its hair.
This is the story of Delcatty
It rests wherever it likes
Until some dude
Shows up all rude
Delcatty’s “whatevs” and hikes.
This is still the story of Delcatty
All it wants is its fur to be groomed
Anything more
To it is a bore
Even if the whole world is doomed.
This is only the story of Delcatty
It evolved as the moon crashed
The moon stone fell
Evolved it well
Then the moon destroyed all
Civilization did fall
And everyone’s hopes were dashed
But Delcatty cared not
Not a single thought
Spared for those who’d been ashed.

-Odemon #301 Delcatty