New! Wandering Fortunes Chapter 26: Sea Spectrum

The newest Wandering Fortunes chapter is up! We’re all on a boat! Boat adventures! We’re going fishing, and it’s going to be great, and we’re definitely not going to get eaten by a sea monster!

Also, Ropak struggles with guilt.

This month has been weird. There hasn’t been a new Odemon (and this chapter is a day late) because my laptop has been sent for repairs. I hope to have it this week but Best Buy actually has it repaired right now and it’s just apparently taking them a whole week to run diagnostics and sheesh.

Also I’d mentioned a comic for June but that’s late too, but it’s going to release this weekend.

Odemon #75

King Sisyphus was once a great and terrible king. He was immensely clever, too clever by half or even nine-tenths. His trickery earned him ire from the gods, and upon his death he was sentenced to roll a huge rock up a steep hill.
It wouldn’t have been so bad if the rock would SHUT UP.
“Hey, beautiful day for a stroll, ain’t it?” Graveler said as Sisyphus pushed her up a hill. “The sun is shining, birds are tweeting, and the rocks are tasty.” Graveler grabbed a rock and tossed it in her mouth. “These things really are delicious, you know,” she said, crunching on the rock as pebbles hit Sisypuhs like spittle. “Hey, by the way, what’s the deal with that rumor about you being the dad of Odysseus instead of Laërtes? Any truth to that? No? Not gonna respond? That’s okay. I’m not even sure who the dad of my kid is. You always worry it turns out to be a Ditto.”
So they went up the steep hill, Graveler nabbing rocks and munching on them as Sisyphus pushed her up the hill. Finally the top was within sight.
“Hey, looks like there ain’t no more rocks up there,” Graveler said. “Time to go back.” She rolled away from Sisyphus, winking to him as she tumbled down. “See you at the bottom!”

-Odemon #75 Graveler