Spooooky Slubes Update!

Wait, Halloween is over already. Gaddfern it. Well, the next part of Slubes is available, and it features MURDER ghosts!

Since this month is NaNoWriMo, I am continuing to edit Slubes and not participate in NaNoWriMo, but instead PerNoEdNo, or Personal Novel Editing Month. With all luck, by the end of the month I’ll be able to post some new excerpts here and show just how much improvement is made.

Now go buy some candy; it’s November 1st, so candy is all extra-cheap now.

Updates, Forthcoming Site Addition, Peer Reviews!!

What have I been doing the past month? Well, with almost 40% of my time now taken up by taking calls from people looking for health insurance…

I’ve been writing the end of the novel I started with NaNoWriMo in November. Almost 85,000 words total puts it at the longest work I’ve ever written. Now to set it aside until probably Darmenzi comes out, so let’s jump back and talk about that.

As of now I’m having Darmenzi looked over by a couple people. In some places this is referred to as “beta reading” but that sounds kinda weird. Regardless, it’s out of my hands for a month or two but hey, are any writers reading this? Got anything you want someone to look at? I’m someone! Or so I tell myself in the mirror every day. While making stupid faces at myself.

But yeah, since I have a book I need looking over, if anyone out there who might happen to read this is in the same situation, I have some time and a book. I haven’t the slightest clue if any writers pay attention to this place (or if anyone in general), but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case! Note that if anyone does take up the offer, the only genre I can fit it in is something regarding humor, adventure, and some mix of fantasy and science fiction. I’m up for just about whatever but would probably be most helpful with something regarding those, um, genres? Yeah, let’s go with that word.

Okay, one more thing, let’s jump back again to Slubes. On Friday I’ll be adding something to the site related to it. It’s not huge, and it already exists, but it’s a thing that’s not on the site yet and probably should have been but whatever, I’m getting to it…

National Novel Writing Month: Day 1

I have Fridays off, so I was able to spend all (or most of the) day starting up NaNoWriMo.

5433 words? 2 chapters? I am exceeding my expectations. I am excited, I must say. I’ve done the work of 3 days in one. Sunday or Monday I should have a real estimate of how long this novel will be, but early signs say it’ll be longer than I expected.

100,000 words, I’m coming for you.

Also, I forgot to mention it, but if I do finish NaNo (that is, just the 50,000 words in November), I will give Slubes a price drop for December. I wanted to make it half, but that would be lower than would be allowed, so maybe 60%? And other prices for Europe because wonkiness but point is it’ll be as much on sale as I can do in December should I finish NaNo.

Th… This isn’t really something anyone besides me can affect, so it’s kind of weird, though. But whatever. I’m doing it.

National Novel Writing Month is coming!

Since I’ve been pretending to be hacked by Czar Spiest this month on Twitter, I haven’t really been able to talk about the upcoming NaNoWriMo much. I considered joining discussion, but, ghooosts…

Anyway, like the last two years, I’ll be writing 50,000 words (or trying–this is the first year I have a job along with it, presumably, so I have much less time, but also I can focus all my time at home on it instead of having schoolwork and essays to do) in November. Like last year, it’ll be a novel I plan to publish later (last year was my next novel; this year will be the one after that. Because progression!)

I don’t want to reveal too much about it yet, but there’ll be some info about it on my NaNo page; it’s currently titled Wandering Fortunes and features a brand new cast of characters and setting, though it remains in the same universe as Slubes. And I don’t know if it will be done in 50,000 words–my rough estimate is 80,000, but I won’t have a good estimate until I’ve written a few chapters and can know how long they will be on average (as, unlike my first two novels, this one will have chapters).

Like last year, I’ll be posting updates on my word count on Twitter (assuming that ghost gets outta my account!), along with how many chapters I’m through and maybe the names. I may have a chart up on this site; I’m not sure yet.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to actually make a front page for this place so the blog isn’t the front, but I keep forgetting. MAYBE I’ll do it tomorrow? Sunday would basically be my last chance until December.

Anyway, to NaNo! Anyone else going for it?