Let’s look at some wild animals of Zhop! or, talk about our feelings

Yeah here’s a profile on the wild animals of Zhop. That’s about it!

Been feeling kind of mentally crummy this week which is why there’s been no Odemon. I’ll probably return to it next week, but it’s hard for me to now see fan works as not “free advertising for a capitalist institution”.

If only I’d done, like, Odertale instead or something. “Odewebcomics which is one of the few forms of media I don’t see terribly tainted by capitalism”.

Of course, the somewhat official loss of net neutrality on Monday didn’t help. It all kind of makes it hard to feel like there’s ANYTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO ANYMORE. Everything is bad and will get worse. You know the only thing I feel I can look forward to now?

Writing novels and stories.

Which is less sustainable without net neutrality…

Net Neutrality

You may notice a few images on my main page aren’t visible today. Yes, it’s the day of action for net neutrality. Read up on it here! Send a letter! Submit a comment! Come on!

I may not have that big a following yet, but without net neutrality it’d just be that much harder for me to get one. I’m both a consumer and creator, so I stand to lose twice. Anyway here’s a comment I sent to the FCC a couple months back:

I am affirming my support for net neutrality so that we can maintain an open and fair internet where ISPs can’t charge customers and website owners for the ability to reach a website before your battery just gives out on you. It would not be fair for ISPs to be able to restrict access to websites that don’t pay them money, that is called extortion. They would not police themselves, because they have restricted access to things competing with their own products before. As both a consumer of internet things and a creator of internet things, I both want to have access to the websites I want to visit and I want consumers to have access to my website so they can read what I write. The loss of net neutrality could figgin hurt my business model, it would be like allowing McDonald’s to figgin buy the street a bunch of local eateries are on and then make half that road inaccessible. Please keep net neutrality!

Net Neutrality

Unless you’re new to the internet, you’ve probably heard about net neutrality somewhere or other. If not, this is a pretty good video to watch about it.

I use the internet about as often as I use the outside world, so this is pretty important to me. What if they changed all the carpool lanes in the world with “hey, you have money, why don’t you just go ahead past all these losers who only have one or two cars” lanes? Or shrank the size of current sidewalks to make room for new moving sidewalks only available to people who never requested these moving sidewalks but now can only get where they’re going if they pay to use these moving sidewalks?

I’ve said it before, USA: You can spy on me, kill civilians, skip due process, take bribes, lie, block every piece of meaningful legislation, and poison the atmosphere, but you mess with my internet, then I’m done. That’s one of the few things that would legitimately push me to actually move out of the country.

Don’t let net neutrality be destroyed. Do it for the kitties, if you have to.