Net Neutrality

Unless you’re new to the internet, you’ve probably heard about net neutrality somewhere or other. If not, this is a pretty good video to watch about it.

I use the internet about as often as I use the outside world, so this is pretty important to me. What if they changed all the carpool lanes in the world with “hey, you have money, why don’t you just go ahead past all these losers who only have one or two cars” lanes? Or shrank the size of current sidewalks to make room for new moving sidewalks only available to people who never requested these moving sidewalks but now can only get where they’re going if they pay to use these moving sidewalks?

I’ve said it before, USA: You can spy on me, kill civilians, skip due process, take bribes, lie, block every piece of meaningful legislation, and poison the atmosphere, but you mess with my internet, then I’m done. That’s one of the few things that would legitimately push me to actually move out of the country.

Don’t let net neutrality be destroyed. Do it for the kitties, if you have to.