Odemon #34

Nidoking is a tyrant.
Biologically, they have to be this way. It’s strange. Nidoking rules the group of Nidoran family, while Nidoqueen looks after the young. While Nidorino and Nidorina hunt for food, it falls to the young female Nidoran to
To uh
Look, the only Pokemon in the female Nidoran line that can have eggs are the base form, Nidoran. Nidorina cannot. Nidoqueen cannot. From that we can only conclude that Nidoking is a figgin pedophile.
What the hex, Pokegods. The only way Nidoking can have offspring is by mating with young Nidoran.
This sounds like a saga.

-Odemon #34 Nidoking