Odemon #481

Warm and still, the lake swished calmly in the breeze. At least, at first glance the lake appeared still, but little eddies and streames flowed through the water as if the lake were alive, always feeling things.
At the edge some trees rustled, and a Magnemite emerged.
“I FOUND IT,” the Magnemite intoned. “LAKE VERITY.” It floated over the water and to the island at the center, on which stood a cave. It wasn’t much bigger than one of the houses in the nearby town, but within lived the Pokemon the Magnemite wanted to meet.
“MESPRIT,” the Magnemite stated. The lake guardian of emotion, Mesprit, emerged from the darkness.
“Hello!” Mesprit shook the Magnemite’s magnet. “Isn’t this a lovely day? I was thinking of watching a sad movie later, would you like to join me?”
“MESPRIT,” spoke the Magnemite. It gestured to itself with its magnets. “AS YOU CAN SEE, I AM A ROBOT. I AM WITHOUT EMOTION. I AM HOLLOW.” Its magnets drooped. “PLEASE GRANT ME THE WONDER OF EMOTION SO THAT I MAY LOVE.”
“Silly robot,” Mesprit said. “You already have what you need to feel emotions, in here.” They placed a finger on the Magnemite.
Mesprit sighed. “Well, if you really want a heart, you’ll have to bring me the Wicked Mismagius of the West’s broom.”
“Here, try this.” Mesprit gave Magnemite a Magnet. It stuck to its metal body.
“THANK YOU, LEGENDARY MESPRIT. I HAVE FOUND MY SOUL MATE.” It left the cave with the Magnet, humming a happy tune.

-Odemon #481 Mesprit

Odemon #5

Charmeleon slouched to the cave exit. “I’m going out.”
His mother Charizard looked out from the kitchen. “When are you going to be back?”
“I dunno.”
“Be back before dinner!”
“I’m gonna grab a bite to eat with the guys.”
“Young man!” Charizard said. “I have slaved over a stove powered by my own tail for this dinner, and you will be home for it!”
“You’re not the boss of me!” Charmeleon ran out.
Charizard shook her head. Ever since her son evolved he’d rebelled… but then, she was much the same way at his age…
That night, Charmeleon got with others of his kind and picked fights. He won every fight, because he wouldn’t give up the last fight. By the end of it, he collapsed…
Evolution can be hard to come to terms with…
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Wartortle asked. “I didn’t start picking fights with everything when I evolved.”
“You dealt with your changes a different way,” Ivysaur said. She patted Wartortle’s furry tail. “You became a furry.”

-Odemon #5

Odemon #780

Two mothers sat at a table chatting.
“My child hasn’t been doing well in school,” one said. “I’m going to work with the teacher to get them to pay attention more.”
“He’s a good teacher,” the other said. “I’m sure he can work something out.” She glanced around. “Where is your kid right now, anyway?”
“Oh, they’re outside playing.”
“Isn’t that dangerous? There’s a lot of wild Pokemon out there.”
“The local Drampa is playing with them. It’ll keep them safe.”
Drampa burned the house down.
The mother grabbed her child. “Were you bullying kids again?”
“No!” the child cried.
“Then why did Drampa burn our house down?”
“I dunno!”
“Drampa only burns down houses if the kid is bullying its friend!”
“They started it!”
“Then Drampa would’ve burned their house down!”

-Odemon #780 Drampa

Odemon #637

Long ago an ancient land,
Budding with future promise,
Temples built upon the sand
To hold a Pokemon, this:
An embodiment of the sun with wings,
With flaming embers all over it flings,
Burning away all things.
Once entombed, twin heroes ruled
With a dragon of absolute power,
The region they planned, designed, and tooled,
And led from the top of a tower.
But the truth of the matter, ideals were not met,
The twins disagreed, their people did fret;
To war they would go, for the stage was set.
In anger the dragon split into two,
Truth or ideals, and a third that was cold,
Emtpiness fallen, freezing energy grew,
And spread o’er the land and did damage untold.
The war was a stalemate, destruction did reign,
The dragons did sleep; for humans, disdain,
Until truth or ideals could be attained.
The frozen dragon iced over the land;
The people sought a savior in the sun,
Released the moth from the temple of sand
To force back the dragon until it was done.
But the moth of the sun was full of a rage,
Trapped so long, sent the world into blaze,
Across the land the fire did spread,
Forests burned down and Pokemon fled,
To the rescue the Swords of Justice sped.
Defending Pokemon from the raging sun,
And angry humans now on the run,
The Swords called help from natural forces,
And the guardian in clouds sent out stormy sources.
Directing the wind and the rain to cool land,
The sun cooled off and returned to the sand,
And peace, until humans once more expand…

-Odemon #637 Volcarona

Odemon #868

You start with a Gastly, particles that float,
It finds a Vanillite, with its icy coat,
The Gastly approaches, and then licks up its treat,
Enough ice cream and before long this Gastly’s smelling sweet.
Now this Gastly, particles so sweet,
Starts to get heavy, with its many treats,
Freezing Gastly, condensing coat that gleams,
Now this gastly is a floating blob of cream!
It’s the Milcery cycle!
Solid, liquid, gas!
From a Ghost to a Fairy!
Solid, liquid, gas!
When your gas gets sweet
With a creamy treat,
No need to apply any heat,
Just feed your Gastly ’til it’s cold
And then you will have creamy gold!

-Odemon #969 Milcery

Odemon #651

Hard-bodied Quilladin, peaceful and kind,
Won’t start a fight; never inclinded.
May charge into and give each other a beating,
But pay that no mind, it’s just the Quilladin greeting.

-Odemon #651 Quilladin

Odemon #548

Petilil settled in the soft, grassy field for a nap.
She screamed as a screeching Araquanid leapt at her. In a matter of moments Petilil’s leaves were plucked and Araquanid scuttled away.
In a cave, Araquanid filled a bowl with water and placed the leaves in it.
“Come on, boil the water!” he told a Centiskorch. “We need this to help Nincada get better!”
“I’m telling you, this isn’t going to work,” Centiskorch said, “but fine, I’ll do it.” She wrapped herself around the bowl and boiled the leaves.
“Drink this,” Araquanid said, passing the bowl to a Nincada. “It’ll relieve your weariness.”
Nincada took a sip and sputtered and coughed and gagged and screamed.
“That’s terrible! I think I’m choking!”
“What?” Araquanid asked. “I don’t understand. Local research said Petilil leaves cure weariness.”
“By what, killing me?” Nincada choked out.
“Yeah,” Centiskorch said, “but where I’m from, local research determined boiled Petilil leaves work as a bug repellent! But nooo, you didn’t listen!”

-Odemon #548 Petilil

Odemon #37

Red slowly combed and brushed his Vulpix’s tail, working the conditioner and other products into her fur. No matter what he did, the hair split. He groaned.
“This isn’t working! She still has split ends!”
Leaf pulled up the Pokedex. “It says that as Vulpix grow their tails split into more tails.”
Red looked between Leaf and Vulpix several times. “No, that can’t be it. Maybe some hair gel would work.”

-Odemon #37 Vulpix