Some Renovations Forthcoming

Man, it seems like every time my friend Phil decides to do some blog rebuilding, I totally copy him. Well, actually, usually I think I have the idea of maybe trying out doing something, but then him actually going and doing it ends up being a motivator for me to do it. So hey, thanks! We continue to motivate each other.

Actually, it wasn’t that long ago that I made some changes to the pages, like the About page and whatnot. Was it? I forget how long that was. Well, it’s occurred to me that I could use pages more often, so that’s what I’m doing. Right now the Characters page links to blog posts where I introduced them–I’m going to change it to linking to pages that… will really have the same information, maybe worded differently to be less casual? Or basically less in the style of being a blog post. This should also be easier/make more sense to update if the character returns in a later novel (Such as, um, ALL OF THEM??).

I’ll also be making pages for the other sections under the CCC heading on the menu up there. I’m not yet sure if I’ll add a different home page and have the blog in a separate heading, but I PROBABLY will?? This would presumably be easy to notice, so if it changes, you’ll probably notice.

Whoa. Two blog posts in a week. I haven’t done that since I got that one book with the wild page-turning.

Recent Readings: and by Recent, I Mean…

First, I didn’t give up on having a new post every few days–I just realized it’s a stupid thing to hold myself too. Why force myself to come up with something that wouldn’t be very good and thus worth it? So I’ll just make a post when something comes up. Did I mention I got back to revising my next book? Anyway, I wrote all this… over a month ago, I think, and was just waiting to finish the last of the books I bought a month or two ago before I posted it.

So back in the days of my youth I didn’t read very much. Then I became a writer and realized “oh ,carp, I should start reading more!” So, I did. One summer I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. I need to read them again, since I never read the one written after Douglas Adams’ death. So I won’t be saying anything on them. Instead, I’ll go back to last fall.

Bwobwobluwobwoblu time warp sounds

One Month Later: The Liebster Award, finally

Liebster. In German it means darling. Wait, no, sweetheart. Wait, I mean, what article does it start with? Die? Der? Das? Wait, wait, let me start over.

Liebster. In English it means “that’s not how you spell lobster you nimrod”. You know what, never mind. It means interview for the purposes of this seafood. Post. Blaarg.

So over a month ago my good friend Phil Schipper tagged me with this Liebster Award, wherein I discuss the number 11 a lot for some reason. Now, like the last of these tag-interview-things I did, I still dunno anybody, so if anybody wants a tag, just ask! Don’t be shy! Eat a pie!

So, to start, I’m supposed to list 11 random facts ‘bout myself.


“The Coming-Up Bigger-Than-a-Breadbox Thingamajiggy” Blog Hop

I mean The Next Big Thing. *insert harp music here* BLAARG HARP

Apparently I was tagged to do an interview thing and… then tagged to do another interview thing. I wanted to wait until I had more solid information on when Slubes could possibly come out, but because of my fear of commitment this probably won’t happen until I’d be able to have released it three days earlier. I can announce that I’ve formatted the file for the physical copy though, so things are progressing! I will once again remark that if there are still errors I will haaaate myself.

So, here’s a secret: I really like answering questions and doing stuff like this. It may go on a bit long. I was tagged by Landphil over here, and—wait. I need to tag people, don’t I? Uhh. Does that involve going out into the wild and tranquilizing something? Because I don’t even like going outside the front door. Do you know how much not-air-conditioning is out there??

Okay look I don’t even know anybody. I’m just gonna deal with this at the end because IT’S QUESTION TIME Endless Interview →