Odemon #61

Belly swirl
However do you eat?
Your belly’s wide
Your mouth, it hides
Somehow you must cheat.
Do you just pop open the front of your belly like a door?
Twist it, pull it off, and then shovel in bugs or more?
Or maybe you remove your gloves, your arm ends open like pipes?
Stuff some fish and shove it in? … Cripes.

-Odemon #61 Poliwhirl

Odemon #62

“And we’re back with the 2018 Pokemolympics. To recap, we’ve just seen the intercontinental Rock-Punching event, and competition has been fierce.”
“A surprise taking of Gold by Poliwhirl, beating out Torracat, who took Silver, and Granbull, who took Crystal. Most experts agreed that Torracat had this in the bag, but Poliwhirl showed a surprise–”
“Hold on, we’ve just gotten word that Poliwhirl has actually been disqualified from the event due to the discovery that she had used a performance-enhancing evolutionary stone. The use of this Water Stone evolved her into a Poliwrath, which would have put her in a higher bracket.”
“That definitely was an accurate use of accurate Olympic terms.”
“Yes, they were.”
“Well, poor Poliw…rath, I guess now!”

-Odemon #62 Poliwrath

Pokemon Moon Comic 51-60: Travels of Akala Island

I finished comic 60 a while ago but totally forgot to put these up here! I should look into having a separate page for these I can just update with new comics but oh well. In this comic, stuff happens. Then the last comic was ridiculous to make. Longest one so far.

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