April Fool’s!

I mean obviously it was April Fool’s day, I wasn’t really going to start writing horror, I’d done this before, but still, it was interesting writing in the horror genre for this story!

A bit of backstory on it: I’d originally thought of the idea of having a Slenderman-type character be elected president back when I’d watched Marble Hornets (years ago before it’d been even close to finishing) because the idea of a tall, thin, gaunt fellow in a suit just kind of… made me think of Abraham Lincoln? The honesty part reflects that. But when I started researching Slenderman I discovered that the original mythos for it suggested that Slenderman captured large groups of children, forcing towns to give them up, and I went

wait a minute

There was something in the news not too long ago about children being forcibly removed from their families, WASN’T THERE???

So it ended up having more related to current events than I’d originally planned. But when pieces fall into place I’m not gonna take them out.

Anyway, the main character is trans.

Odemon #805

President Lusamine scrolled through the document on her computer for the new proposal, jotting down notes as she did. She was almost finished reading it, and then she could consult her notes later. She had an engagement to spend time with her children, and she wasn’t going to let anything get in the way.
The phone on her desk beeped. Lusamine’s secretary informed her that she had an incoming call from the President of the Unova Region.
Lusamine groaned and leaned back. That was the last person she wanted to have call her. She told the secretary to patch the President through, she put a smile on her face, and she picked up the phone.
“Hello, Mr. President?”
“Lucy, baby! Long time no talking to you! I haven’t seen you since I visited your little Pokemon greenhouse project over on the islands while on the campaign trail!”
“The Aether Foundation, yes,” Lusamine said. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see you more at that time.” That wasn’t completely a lie because she was sorry about what was happening at the time.
“Ah, that’s okay, I know foundations can take a lot of time! I got one too, you know! It’s a huge one, almost as big as all those people who voted for me! I was huge on the campaign trail, you know, I’ll bet my visit even boosted your foundation’s numbers!”
“Well, I–wouldn’t be surprised. To what do I owe the pleasure of your call today, Mr. President?” She tried not to gag.
“Always to business, huh? That’s what I like about you, Lucy! That, and your hair! And those shoes you always wear–I always say, you get confidence from shoes like that, as a woman, as a guy of course I couldn’t wear–!”
“Mr. President?”
“Right, right! So, I dunno if you heard, back on the campaign trail, I may have mentioned once or twice this little thing about a huge wall!”
“You mean the wall between Unova and Orre?”
“The wall IN Unova and Orre! It’ll be in both countries, it’ll be huge and fantastic, it’ll be a huge tourism boost for both of us, and lemme tell you, that desert Orre could use the boost! We’d be doing them a favor by building this wall!”
“The wall that you said Orre would pay for.”
“It’d be an investment!”
“The wall that you also said your taxpayers would pay for.”
“Kalos refused to chip in! Look, my point is, I’m trying to find a way to make this thing cheaper! I figure, if there’s a Pokemon that can do that, Lucy’s got it! She’s got all the Pokemon, from Abra to Trumbeak! That’s a fantastic name, by the way, I gotta give a hand to whoever named that one!”
“Mr. President, if you think I’m going to let you exploit a beautiful, innocent Pokemon in order to create a horrific structure like that, I’m afraid I must tell you you’re wrong.”
“Sheesh, don’t be such an ice queen, Lucy, it’s not a good look for you! I was gonna do something for you in return, after all, ’cause it turns out there’s some tabloids that have been muttering about spilling the beans on a little story about you!”
Lusamine froze. “What story?”
“Oh, I dunno, something that happened in the past, but it’s pretty embarrassing!”
She silently cursed. How did he find out about the Nihilego fiasco? “If you let that out, I could be ruined.”
“Hey, I said it’s not me, it’s the tabloids! Although I might as well have told them, I mean, I hardly think it’s anything to be shamed of, they were all fun times we had!”
“Wait, what?”
“You remember! When you were first starting and I helped fund your project and we spent all that time together!”
Lusamine’s eyes widened. Oh Pokegods, she’d forgotten about that. “If you tell them that you could be ruined, too,” she whispered.
“Stop blaming me! I’m trying to stop them, here! But it’s not like it’s a big deal, my fans love it when I do this stuff!”
Lusamine held her forehead. He was probably right. “Fine. If you promise not to call me again, I do have a Pokemon that might work.”

-Odemon #805 Stakataka

Political “I told you so”

The US presidential race this year features number of key players: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Donald Trump, and some guy, Larry Jonathan I think? Clinton got the Democrat’s nominee. Sanders supports were sad. Stein supporters expected it.  Trump supporters… I don’t even know.

Let’s say Trump wins this November and becomes president. Clinton supporters will look at the Sanders supporters who didn’t then bend over for Hillary and say “I told you so.” Sanders supporters will look at the Clinton supporters and say, citing the idea that Sanders was a stronger opponent against Trump, “I told you so.” Who will be right?

Um, well, Donald Trump will be right, because he’s on the Republican side. But who will be left? Well, not the people who will go live in some other country. But who will be wrong? EVERYBODY.

Though I’ve read that more Sanders supporters have gone to Clinton than Clinton supporters did for Obama in 2008 anyway, which is kind of hilarious? I didn’t follow the 2008 election too closely because I was still young, what were their main policy differences? Although I’m not even sure that mattered.

Political Oligopoly yaaay

So there’s this: Wall Street donors seek to block Warren VP pick (via Politico). Basically Wall Street people saying they’ll stop donating to Hillary Clinton if she chooses Senator Elizabeth Warren as her vice president running mate.

I’m not entirely keen on the idea of Warren as a VP actually (she can probably do more good in the Senate), but based on this having her as Clinton’s VP might actually get me to vote for Clinton! Hey, if money is speech, so is no money.

After I thought of this I imagined a theoretical conversation where someone asks if that means I might not vote for Clinton to stop Trump. My answer was yes, because voting for the sake of not-the-other removes all possible leverage from my vote. It means money is more of speech than voting is.

Then I realized that the two-party system is an oligopoly. Obviously not a monopoly because there are two parties, but it’s one party away from a monopoly, and if you don’t like one of the two, you’re out of luck. A quote from the Politico article:

But more moderate Democrats in the financial services industry argue that Sanders voters will come on board anyway


Image says, well, most of it


The rest of the message is “for Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic Party’s nominee.”

It wasn’t actually crowded at all, which I hope means that everyone headed early in the morning to vote, and NOT that they’ll all have to head in the last hour or half hour in a giant mass of people, or that just no one cared.