Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmail accepting submissions!

So for a while now I’ve had a goal on my Patreon where I start “Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmail” which would be a comic series where people (like you!) send emails to characters in the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos and they get answered in a little comic story. For various reasons I’ve changed that to “regularly update” and am going ahead with this crazy thing. This will not be drawn by me, but by a talented artist, possibly rotated.

You can send a message to any character from the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos and I’ll choose one for each comic. (There’s a list of major characters here, but I’ll accept messages to even the most minor of characters.) You can ask a character something specific to them or a story they appeared in, something generic (like Top’s favorite brand of chips or whatever), or you don’t even have to ask a question, I dunno, do what you want, I’m not asking the questions here. Other characters may appear as well depending on the message, so feel free to ask about other characters in your email! Plus some of them don’t even have internet access, so like, I’m gonna have to reroute any emails Numer gets to Zeth and have him deliver them…

I would prefer receiving the emails at my actual email, dutholec at, for ease of keeping track, but I’ll consider ones sent in the comments or on Mastodon or Twitter or Patreon or wherever! Just format it how it would look as an actual email so it can appear as such in the comic. Also, have fun with it, because that’s my goal regardless.

Miitomo #1

I liked the answer I gave to this question way too much to not share it with the rest of the internet. Maybe I’ll have more general Miitomo answer sharing posts at some point. I’ll go ahead and add a #1 to the title just in case. Of course, if anyone wants to add me on Miitomo, just use the Miitomo email-sending thingy to request a friending.


Word, Sword
Actually a Giant Novelty Pen
It Slices! It Dices! It Pulverizes!
Dyna Blade

Do blog post titles framed as questions get more attention?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking!

Stream on June 4th: Novel Reading, Publication Celebration

Information here:

“My new novel, Slubes, comes out on June 4th. In celebration of this literary event, I’m going to have a stream launch party thingamajiggy. I’ll just do some talking, read from the book, and answer questions people pose. Although I’ll give focus on questions about my novel and writing, if you want to ask stupid questions, well, I just may answer those too.
The novel will be available on Createspace, a link to which I will add to the bottom here once it is available, and will be available on soon after, while a cheaper ebook version will also be available around the same time.
I just realized I think I forgot to mention the time of the stream. I knew I’d forget something. Well, it’ll be 18:00 Eastern Standard Time, which is 7:00 Eastern DST, 6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific, 3-8 going backwards all other times in the world. I’ll probably have another video announcing it an hour or so before it starts, something simpler than actually recording myself.
The stream will also probably be uploaded to Youtube as a video later.”

One Month Later: The Liebster Award, finally

Liebster. In German it means darling. Wait, no, sweetheart. Wait, I mean, what article does it start with? Die? Der? Das? Wait, wait, let me start over.

Liebster. In English it means “that’s not how you spell lobster you nimrod”. You know what, never mind. It means interview for the purposes of this seafood. Post. Blaarg.

So over a month ago my good friend Phil Schipper tagged me with this Liebster Award, wherein I discuss the number 11 a lot for some reason. Now, like the last of these tag-interview-things I did, I still dunno anybody, so if anybody wants a tag, just ask! Don’t be shy! Eat a pie!

So, to start, I’m supposed to list 11 random facts ‘bout myself.


Cream Paper or White Paper?

I got several books I ordered today (see Twitter for more on that fun expedition of problematic deliveries), two of which were made using Createspace. As I started reading one, something came to my attention–the color of the paper. One of them is white, which, as you may suspect, looks like white computer paper. The other is cream, which looks like white computer paper that had coffee spilled on it. I then started wondering which color I should use for my book. For comparison, I looked at one of the books I got made by a professional mass-market tradeback whatever-you-call-it, you know, with the not-being-self-published business.

Gaddfern it, it’s right in the middle! No matter how long I stare at it, the professional trade dealy paper looks right between the white and the cream! Not exactly, I suppose, but it looks light a light gray–lighter than the cream, but darker than the white. I think in the end the cream might be closer, but I still don’t know. I’ve both seen people say that the white paper is a giveaway of being self-published and say that’s not the case at all (having used white paper and no one remark on it looking self-published). I think the white paper looks fine, but the fact is I have never paid attention to the color of the paper.

I’ve read that cream paper is thicker (although I think the mask-marker papyrusback is closer to the thickness of the white, and it’s just that the paper feels rougher than the others), and though quite a few people have said white is used more for non-fiction and cream for fiction, I’ve seen people say they’ve used white just fine for fiction. I’ve also read that cream has varied quite a bit over the years, and that Createspace’s cream is a bit too yellow–which, given my simile of coffee being spilled on it… yeah. Anyone want to throw in their two cents?

Anyway, I think I’ll grab a coin and flip it to decide.

“The Coming-Up Bigger-Than-a-Breadbox Thingamajiggy” Blog Hop

I mean The Next Big Thing. *insert harp music here* BLAARG HARP

Apparently I was tagged to do an interview thing and… then tagged to do another interview thing. I wanted to wait until I had more solid information on when Slubes could possibly come out, but because of my fear of commitment this probably won’t happen until I’d be able to have released it three days earlier. I can announce that I’ve formatted the file for the physical copy though, so things are progressing! I will once again remark that if there are still errors I will haaaate myself.

So, here’s a secret: I really like answering questions and doing stuff like this. It may go on a bit long. I was tagged by Landphil over here, and—wait. I need to tag people, don’t I? Uhh. Does that involve going out into the wild and tranquilizing something? Because I don’t even like going outside the front door. Do you know how much not-air-conditioning is out there??

Okay look I don’t even know anybody. I’m just gonna deal with this at the end because IT’S QUESTION TIME Endless Interview →