The shortest raffle ever

I’ve started a raffle for my novel–two people can win a free copy of it when it’s released. I really should have started it a week earlier, though–it just kind of slipped my mind. Whoops.

You can enter by tweeting it on Twitter, following me on Twitter, and… apparently posting a comment on the blog. I’m not sure how it works, to be honest, so let’s just plunge ahead and see if I’ve done it right!

And if you’re wondering why you don’t an entry for liking on Facebook, I don’t like Facebook.

Click here to enter a rafflecopter and fly around and maybe get a free book!

Edit: Apparently you can enter your own raffle! While certainly silly, it does let me test it out. Apparently Rafflecopter doesn’t test for the blog comment itself, the person running the blog has to make sure they actually have posted. So, uh, just make sure I can match the comment with the entry if you do that.