Odemon #479

Gas-guzzling car: Poison type!
Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots toy: Fighting type!
Steam shovel: Ground type!
Computer: Rock type!
Beldum: Psychic type!
A cockroach with a control chip implanted in it: Bug type!
Mechagodzilla: Dragon type!
Fog machine: Dark type!
Animatronic Abraham Lincoln: Steel type!
Magic wand: Fairy type!!

-Odemon #479 Rotom

Odemon #692

Ultima Moon held up the Pokeball. “All right! I caught a Clauncher!”
“Who are you talking to?” Rotomdex asked.
“You.” She called out Clauncher. “Start recording its information.”
“Clauncher! The Water Gun Pokemon. Its claws occasionally fall off, and it keeps a low profile until they grow back. The meat of its claws is so delicious!”
“Wait, how do you know that?” Ultima asked.
Rotomdex turned around and mumbled through munches, “I dunno. Just do.”
“Wait, are you–” Ultima looked at Clauncher, who turned around and whistled, though she could clearly see Clauncher’s claws were missing.

-Odemon #692 Clauncher

Pokemon Moon Comic 21-30: Eating and Island Trial

I’m slowing down a bit because I’m busy at the day job where I would usually draw the stuff, doing the coloring and touching-up after I got home. On the bright side, I don’t have to sell anymore at the day job, since now I’m doing customer service, which is a loooot busier than sales. No one really wants to talk to sales. Actually, no one really wants to talk to customer service either.

Anyway, comics!