Odemon #302

Knuckles the Echidna placed the Master Emerald on the ground. Things had been hectic ever since that hedgehog Sonic and that Dr. Eggman guy showed up on the island again. Knuckles had to make sure nobody took the emerald, it was too important.
For some reason.
A rustling caught the echidna’s attention. Someone was nearby. He raised his fists, ready to fight off whoever it was. Eggman, that big egg robo… Sonic, maybe?
Skitter, skitter…
A Sableye gripped the Master Emerald, its sharp teeth over the big green emerald, though the gem proved too hard for the Sableye to munch through.
Knuckles punched them off the island. In the confusion, Gabite stole the emerald! Oh no! What will happen next time on Odemon? Not this!

-Odemon #302 Sableye