Wandering Fortunes Chapter 17 is up! Ride of the Domestic Device Drover (etc.)

Ride of the Domestic Device Drover, but I Guess There Are More Important Matters at Hand! Now how’s that for a title? Following on the disastrous last chapter, Alden is out to get some answers, but he’ll find a lot more than he intends! Will this spell disaster for him and his friends? I referred to the previous chapter as the one where things start to go to hex; this is the one where everything firmly and completely goes to hex. The action is rising quickly now, and the first half’s climax will be soon!

Of course, once you’re finished reading this chapter, if you want to get a jump on everyone and read chapter 18 sooner, you can donate to my Ko-Fi! As an added bonus you’ll get a copy of Slubes or Darmenzi, whichever you like–not that you need to this month, because both books are free in the Smashwords Summer Sale! Grab both, read free books, read free in-progress books on this website–I love free stuff!

December “woo I won NaNoWriMo” sale

No, really, it is just a coincidence that it’s also the same month as Shoppiday, the shoppingest day of the year.

So for December, I’ve reduced the price of Slubes. I wanted to reduce it by half, but Amazon wouldn’t really let me, so Smashwords will pick up the slack regarding that.

On Amazon.com, the book will be $5.99, a 40% reduction. £5.15 in GBP, a 21% reduction, and €5.00 in EUR, a 35% reduction. Once again, these prices are based on the lowest Amazon would let me make it. I wasn’t able to reduce it at all for the Kindle version.

It’s free on Smashwords this month, though. Usually I refer to the e-books as the cheap version because I can’t really get fancy with them, but in this case cheap means cheap as free!

This is only for December, so if you’ve considered reading my weird, little book after seeing this site, now would be the time, I guess. (Note that for Amazon, it may take 3-5 days for the price change to appear. It seems to have been instantaneous for Smashwords.)

Wait, I think I forgot something…

… Oh gourd, that’s right, I said I was going to reduce the price of Slubes if I won NaNo, which I clearly did.

I’ll get on that tonight if I don’t get it done this morning.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 1

I have Fridays off, so I was able to spend all (or most of the) day starting up NaNoWriMo.

5433 words? 2 chapters? I am exceeding my expectations. I am excited, I must say. I’ve done the work of 3 days in one. Sunday or Monday I should have a real estimate of how long this novel will be, but early signs say it’ll be longer than I expected.

100,000 words, I’m coming for you.

Also, I forgot to mention it, but if I do finish NaNo (that is, just the 50,000 words in November), I will give Slubes a price drop for December. I wanted to make it half, but that would be lower than would be allowed, so maybe 60%? And other prices for Europe because wonkiness but point is it’ll be as much on sale as I can do in December should I finish NaNo.

Th… This isn’t really something anyone besides me can affect, so it’s kind of weird, though. But whatever. I’m doing it.