Pokemon Moon Comic 113: Sharpedo Jet

sharpedo jet was fun

Pokemon Moon Comic 107: Team Update 13

Following the short tenure of Jack the Komala we have a new Alolan Pokemon to the team, Crystal King! Everyone’s camping out tonight. Hope no ghosts show up…

(The next FOUR comics are all the Ghost Trial which would have been perfect for Halloween month but because I don’t have all of those done yet and absolutely will not by Halloween I figured best not to only half’oween it.)

Odemon #27

A family of Sandshrew trekked through the hot, dry desert. They stopped and one lay on the ground, listening.
“This spot will do. Start digging.”
The Sandshrew dug into the ground to burrow out a new home. Soon the ground rumbled and water burst up from the ground, throwing the Sandshrew into the air.
“Darnit,” said the Sandshrew who’d listened to the ground, “I could’ve sworn there was no water here. Let’s get out of here, everyone! We gotta keep looking.”

-Odemon #27 Sandshrew