Pokemon Moon Comic 125: Dirty Tactics

Aether guy: Intruder spotted! Me: I'M NOT AN INTRUDER I WAS INVITED EARLIER Aether guy: *sends out Dugtrio* Me: ALSO YOUR DUGTRIO IS DIGGING THROUGH YOUR NICE CLEAN METAL FLOOR. Sandy: Well, maybe not so clean no more.

Pokemon Moon Comic 113: Sharpedo Jet

sharpedo jet was fun

Pokemon Moon Comic 107: Team Update 13

Following the short tenure of Jack the Komala we have a new Alolan Pokemon to the team, Crystal King! Everyone’s camping out tonight. Hope no ghosts show up…

(The next FOUR comics are all the Ghost Trial which would have been perfect for Halloween month but because I don’t have all of those done yet and absolutely will not by Halloween I figured best not to only half’oween it.)

Pokemon Moon Comic 103: Electric Trial 2

don’t know what i’m even doing re borders

Odemon #769

The waves slowly sloshed to the shore as a small child piled together sand into a sandcastle. Well, it was more of just a sand mound. After a few of these mounds they stuck a toy shovel in it and then waddled off looking at seashells.
“Kids these days!” The sand mound rumbled into a Sandygast. “I swear, never finishing their work, never cleaning up, it’s shameful! Why, back in my day they built sandcastles to make a sand ghost proud, and they always made sure to clean up their litter and belongings, and they had to walk fifteen miles uphill to get to the beach because they built such grand sand mounds and…”

-Odemon #769 Sandygast

Pokemon Moon Comic 97: Team Update 12

Komala and evolved Toucannon.

Pokemon Moon Comic 85: Alola! also team update 10

All my scripts were written in email and sent to myself because I’d originally been working on these during downtime at the old dayjob and so I needed to see the scripts there. Due to this I can’t actually edit the scripts, so when I realized I forgot to type down that I caught a Sandygast I just had to remember about it. Granted at this point I could put it all in a notepad since I’m doing these at home but uh.