New! Wandering Fortunes Chapter 26: Sea Spectrum

The newest Wandering Fortunes chapter is up! We’re all on a boat! Boat adventures! We’re going fishing, and it’s going to be great, and we’re definitely not going to get eaten by a sea monster!

Also, Ropak struggles with guilt.

This month has been weird. There hasn’t been a new Odemon (and this chapter is a day late) because my laptop has been sent for repairs. I hope to have it this week but Best Buy actually has it repaired right now and it’s just apparently taking them a whole week to run diagnostics and sheesh.

Also I’d mentioned a comic for June but that’s late too, but it’s going to release this weekend.

Odemon #11

“Be careful in these waters.”
“I didn’t think there was anything more dangerous than Seaking in here.”
“Well, they say there’s a terrible shark prowling these waters.
“No kidding? A Sharpedo?”
“Worse. They call it the Metapod Shark.”
“… Okay, you’re just messing with me aren’t–”
The boat burst apart in two and collapsed as a green object shot up through it like a missile. It was…
Metapod Shark!
Cutting through the waters, shell as hard as steel,
Bashing, crashing, smashing stuff, no one knows its deal!
Metapod Shark!
Some say the creation of some mad scientist or such,
A Metapod mixed with a shark who loves to smash so much!
Others say the shark’s a ghost of a Metapod once drowned,
It dropped into the ocean and haunts ’til its body’s found!
Over time these rumors spread and mixed and matched you see,
Now many say that Metapod Shark’s spirit is not free,
The scientist drowned Metapod in an attempt to make a shark,
Now it’s here but haunting and its body’s lost in dark.
Though others say the Metapod Shark has a simpler origin,
One day someone just turned Metapod so its nose was now a fin!
Metapod Shark!
Surfing the water, carving through boats,
Feared by all, some patrol moats!
Metapod Shark!
Chases fish, grows a beard,
By everyone it’s loved and feared!
Metapod Shark!
Plays tennis on weekends, munches on pears,
Supports its local library, cannot use chairs!
Metapod Shark!
Many people think that it’s a big load,
And honestly, what the hex was this ode??

-Odemon #11 Metapod

Creator Highlight: James Stuart

I’ve just changed the title for this to creator, because I figured, hey, if I’m doing more than just story-authors, why not do comics, too? I read a lot of comics, it turns out. So why not take a look at a comic? Why not took a lake– Sorry, what? I mean, why not take a look at a comic by an Australian pal of mine, James, called Sam the Dawg.

I mean, sure, he has a wonky update schedule where he doesn’t always update, but he’s been updating again, so why not get it noticed so that he can be totally embarrassed if he falls behind again? Yes, I am sometimes evil. I mean helpful.

Anyway! Sam the Dawg is a comic mostly about a dog named Sam. It doesn’t have a particularly established canon really, he generally appears to have an owner who at least has the same name as James. It’s a pretty clever and cute comic that generally seems to be about whatever he comes up with (there have been a few without Sam in the past, as well). James also works on other art and projects (and university) which is why the comic doesn’t always have updates but anyway before I lose track of what I’m saying I’ma just post some comics!

In fact, he updated with one just today. It has pirates!

Like all good webcomics, there are also sometimes video game references.

So I was scrolling through looking for something both good and that wouldn’t need other comics to understand and somehow traveled three years into the past. His art style has changed over time. I remember when he decided to start drawing Sam with a mouth that didn’t look just pasted on!

A lot of 2014 and 2015 had comics related to one another. There was an ongoing story involving a shovel, as well as the start of a short-lived series called Maximum Punch.

And then there’s this classic one that’s just silly.

And here’s a couple fun ones about Animal Crossing.

Anyway, there’s some highlights. I recommend checking out more! Comics from before 2013 have a lot more simplistic style than the later ones, although I wouldn’t say they were worse (note: I only wouldn’t say that because I’d have go look back through and compare them, and I’ve taken too long on this post as it is, as I do with every blog post, so I’m gonna end it soon).

One last thing I’ll note is that he’s also done some animation work. This one is pretty neat!

Oh yeah, and James was the guy who drew the art for the Nobody Ever Visits the Magma Monster shirt for the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos that’s available, and no I didn’t just highlight James so I could mention that.