If you follow me on Twitter or Mastodon you may have noticed I started writing a Waluigi story a few weeks ago. His disclusion from Smash Bros. is a disillusion on my part. I mean, I can identify with the guy. Not the mean, nasty parts–well, not all of them–but his self-pitying feeling that everyone does better than him. If he can just find something to give him an edge, that one thing to give him a boost (which for him is usually cheating), he can show the world that he’s the greatest and then lord it over everyone who said he’d never make it!

Of course, I’d never do that, noooo.

Anyway, if you follow anything Nintendo you’ve probably heard of the memes, the rotten memes, the harassing, but maybe you’ve also heard of the more artistic, good stuff. This is none of that. This is more of a look at Waluigi. I was talking with a friend about him the other day and thought the resulting discussion was interesting.

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Odemon #93

Mario charged into battle across Final Destination, ready to deliver a kick to his opponent. Halfway across the stage, he tripped.
Aha! The perfect opportunity! Sonic the Hedgehog blasted across the stage at his opponent and also tripped.
Mario got up, ready to take the initiative again, and he tripped.
Sonic the Hedgehog tripped.
“Mamma-mia, even-a-Brawl didn’t have this much tripping. What’s-a-going on?”
A frightful laughe echoed through the stage. “HAUNTER HAUNTER HAUNTER” A Haunter floated up from below.
If you trip and fall for no apparent reason, it may be a Haunter.

-Odemon #93 Haunter