where am i

I just realized for the past two or three months I have done one post that’s not “new comic” or “new chapter/profile”.

Never one to post very often anyway, this is kind of sad, still. I might try to make some silly little posts coming up. I also have been meaning to gather up all the Super Mario Odyssey screenshots I put on Twitter, I did a Screenshot Let’s Play of that game and I’d like to gather it all up here, so that’ll be something coming.

and i guess a chapter is coming in a few days

Ebook Version, Author Page, More Stuff Soon

Good morning! Or afternoon! Wait, wait… good noon!

The… um, Kindle version of Slubes is now available on Amazon. Over the next week I’ll be looking into having it available elsewhere (I’ve heard of Smashwords as a place, so, maybe), although as I’ve made my preference for the physical copy clear I won’t be making a big deal of it.

I also have an author page on Amazon now, although since you’re here at my blog there won’t be much there besides all the books (all one book) available at one place.

As a reminder, here’s the page for the paperback copy. And by reminder, I mean I edited last night’s post after the page went up in less than an hour. This is possibly because, as it turns out, I accidentally made them available early–about a week early for the paperback and 2 weeks early for the ebook! Ha ha ha ha I panicked more than I should have.

Anyhowzit, I just got up and my mouth feels like a swamp cave, so I’m gonna go do some stuff, then get back to this with posting a new Character Profile. After that I have some updating to do around the place.