Pokemon Moon Comic 124: Return Option

*at Aether Paradise* Aether lady: Seems like things are getting pretty crazy around here. Do you want to go back to Malie? Me: You're just trying to get me to leave so I don't save Lillie! *shoves her into the water and runs away* nehhhhhh

Pokemon Moon Comic 115: Sandy Brow

bugbus just wants to look nice

Pokemon Moon Comic 114: Sounds Mean

ace trainer saying that and i’m like “you’re talking about MY pokemon”

Pokemon Moon Comic 108-111: Ghost Trial!

SIX MONTHS LATE, IT’S THE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, by which I mean the the Ghost Trial.

Pokemon Moon Comic 107: Team Update 13

Following the short tenure of Jack the Komala we have a new Alolan Pokemon to the team, Crystal King! Everyone’s camping out tonight. Hope no ghosts show up…

(The next FOUR comics are all the Ghost Trial which would have been perfect for Halloween month but because I don’t have all of those done yet and absolutely will not by Halloween I figured best not to only half’oween it.)

Pokemon Moon Comic 105: Stat Boost

this is exactly how it happened in-game


Pokemon Moon Comic 104: Show Your Moves

everyone’s favorite sun/moon character finally appears, captain falcon

Pokemon Moon Comic 103: Electric Trial 2

don’t know what i’m even doing re borders

Pokemon Moon Comic 102: Electric Trial 1

all video game quizzes that don’t rhyme are disappointing to me

Pokemon Moon comic 100: Story

Wait, what? I used to do a Pokemon comic??