October 2022 Microstory Collection is now up!

Due to the tournament I simply never had time or energy to put this up, but I finally got the October 2022 microstory collection up! Do you miss Halloween? Go back and read about witches and vampires!

Bigger Cuddle was I think my first try at a transformation story, where Erada turns her partner into a bear for big, warm, fuzzy cuddles. Of course she hypnotizes them after transforming them to be quiet and docile.
Vampire Eyes Breaking Ties was sort of a conclusion to the series of vampire dating stories with Hilja, where she helps a character from the previous story leave an abusive vampire ex who was the antagonist of the previous microstory.
Soul Editor was an idea that came to me from some artwork showing like a scientific breakdown of corruption using a whiteboard. It really got me thinking into how specific facets of a person is warped.

In a bit I’m going to put the entirety of the tournament up on a page for reading. Maybe someday I’ll have a website where it can just show a small section at a time instead of dump everything on the entire page at once…

Odemon #526

A scream pierced the silent night. The quick patter of small footsteps suggested the panic of someone fleeing. Behind came a regular set of soft thuds like hammers hitting the spongy dirt covered in dewy grass. Hammers chasing after the more light-footed presence, though not falling behind.
The light-footed Lopunny turned as she fled from the bulky monster behind her.
“Aha, my dear,” said the Gigalith, “you can’t escape me, you might think a Gigalith to be slow, but I am Draculith, and vampires are much faster!
The Lopunny skidded to a halt and held up a hand at the Gigalith, prompting Draculith to halt as well.
“Hold on a second,” she said, “why the fig are you a vampire? You’re a Gigalith! You’re a figgin rock monster!”
“Er, uh, well.” Draculith peered down. “Just look at my teeth! Just look at these proturding fangs! They are nothing clearer than vampire fangs.”
“But what do you even need blood for?”
“Have you never heard of the phrase, “you cannot get blood from a stone”?
The first rays of dawn’s light shone over the horizon.
“Aha! Got you,” the Lopunny said. “I distracted you long enough for–” She groaned as Draculith began to sparkle. “Stupid teen romance novels. I forgot vampires just sparkle now.”
“Ah, more than that, my dear.” Draculith glowed. “I’m still a Gigalith! I’m a walking solar energy producer. I absorb sunlight in these crystals, and then…” Draculith discharged a ball of light at the Lopunny, knocking her to the ground.

-Odemon #526 Gigalith