Odemon #194

Woop, woop, woopah! Woop, woop, woopah! Upa, upa, upa! WOOPER, the WOOT Pokemon. This Pokemon is adorable and anyone who sees it has to hug it. It is covered with a poisonous membrane that causes paralyzing pain when hugged. This is how Wooper hunts. Therefore Wooper is the new master race. TAKE THAT, STUNKY -Odemon #194 Wooper

Pokemon Moon Comic 41-50: Refreshing Glass of Bugbus

It’s been a while since the last posting of these. Not doing the dayjob now means I have more time, but working heavily on the novels means I have less time. My schedule showed I should’ve had comic 50 done a week ago, since I want to do three a week… Anyway, in this group we get a couple evolutions (including one of the best gen 7 Pokemon), some new team members, and a trial. Also I would legit pay $60 for a Hey You, Wooper! game.