Pokemon Moon Comic 81: Grand Trial 2

I don’t know if the AI at this point of the game was just dumb or wasn’t program to consider Mimikyu’s ability since you normally can’t get it until the next island but this happened without me even trying to.

Pokemon Moon Comic 68: Splash

I used Z-Splash on Slick through the playthrough and it turns out that’s really strong. Probably not useful for competitive stuff but in-game Mimikyu kinda kills everything.

This is the first comic I made in Gimp! I can do things like rotate the picture now. But mostly just use multiple layers.

Pokemon Moon Comic 51-60: Travels of Akala Island

I finished comic 60 a while ago but totally forgot to put these up here! I should look into having a separate page for these I can just update with new comics but oh well. In this comic, stuff happens. Then the last comic was ridiculous to make. Longest one so far.

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