About Duth Olec

HOLY FIG THIS IS LIKE 5 YEARS OLD I’VE GOT TO UPDATE IT SOMETIME, or at least change this pronouns to they/them or duth/olec

Duth Olec is a wind wizard who looks like a walrus. He is neutral, like Switzerland. Unlike Switzerland, though, he will still shoot you with a plasma cannon if the need arises. Even if you’re on the moon. Also: I am a cloud.

I’m a writer, as you may be able to tell by this website. The site is primarily used to put up in-progress versions of my novels and stories and as an information repository for them. The blog may sometimes also bring up discussion of things not directly related to my own writing.

I tend to have a lot of humor in my writing, as you may notice by this about page. Doesn’t mean there aren’t serious moments. They just get interrupted with more funny. The stuff I write tends to be somewhere in science fiction and fantasy, but that’s really just an excuse to help define the fact that it doesn’t take place on Earth and magical and crazy things that couldn’t or wouldn’t happen in our current day and age may take place. My first two novels, Slubes and Darmenzi, would probably be considered somewhat of the adventure genre. I’ve never been too good with keeping genres straight. They’re classifications someone else made, anyway.

My novels are first posted on this site in a serial format when they’re considered “in-progress”–the final, fully edited versions are later made into paperback and e-books available for sale, though the in-progress versions posted online are always free. (Doesn’t mean you can’t chip in some money at my Patreon page or Ko-fi, though, which will help me do other cool stuff.)

While writing is my main focus, I’m also a bit of an avid video gamer. Movies? Pfft. Give me something I can interact with! So, I tend to play a lot of video games. If you ever see me in a game, don’t shoot me and I’ll give you a put of gold. A shot put, specifically. Even though the metal sphere isn’t actually called a shot put, the event is. The ball is called a shot. So I’ll give you a shot of gold. Look, it won’t hurt, I promise! UNTIL I JAB YOU WITH THIS NEEDLE *gold stab*

I live in the Land of Tons of Blooming, a liberal outcrop in the state of India, NA. Because of this, the internet, and going to Indiana University, I am opposed to 90% of the things the rest of this state does, but I try not to let that get into my writing. These are supposed to be funny, gaddfern it! What am I trying to say in my writing? Nothing! I’m trying to get you to say things, and those things are audible contractions of the diaphragm. Laughter.

So yes, I’m a professional writer. And I’m very unprofessional about it.

History of Duth Olec

Before 2003 I didn’t have internet, so that time is boring. Near the end of 2004 I discovered online forums were a thing–specifically the old official Nintendo NSider forums (does anyone out there remember that place?)–and got together with a group of similar weirdos. We did “role-play” stories, some type of collaborative fiction where we each used our own characters. Those were of course related to Nintendo. It paved the way to fan-fiction, which eventually turned into “original stuff in an existing video game world” so I have since adapted some old character ideas into original work.

After many years of school I finished in mid-2008 and decided four more years of school was a good idea because I didn’t want to enter the workforce yet I guess. I went to Ivy Tech community college for two years and Indiana University for two years, got a degree in English just before the 2012 apocalypse failed to take place, and now if you ask me where my diploma is I’ll reply with a shrug and a vague gesture to my bedroom.

While I wanted to make video games when I was younger, I later realized it was the stories and characters I liked to make and so changed my focus to becoming a writer. It was 2010 that I got to work on my first novel, Slubes, based off an old idea of mine. This was finished and self-published in 2013, then unpublished a year later so I could actually get an editor to make it into a polished piece of decent okay book. That book finally got released in early 2016.

Around the time I decided to get help from an editor I also began to put the prog (or in-progress) version of my novels online for free in a serial format. To help with this I started a Patreon for people to donate to, which may someday result in expanding beyond novels. My second novel, Darmenzi, was posted as a chapter-per-month serial online in 2015-16 and was published as a completed book in early 2018. The third book, Wandering Fortunes, began its monthly serial at the start of 2017.

At some undisclosed point in the future I then updated this page.

And they say that someday I’ll be dead, but they can’t prove that!

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